Everyday Encounters: A HotMovies Review

Everyday Encounters from Erika Lust Films and director Alan Burdowsky is a VOD exclusive on HotMovies! Everyday Encounters is a series that focuses on the erotism of everyday life, such as grocery delivery and used furniture shopping. The movie stars Katana, Jane Jones, and Sylvan. Director Alan Burdowsky and his sexy cast show the audience how to spot the erotic in the daily mundane. Let’s take a closer look at all three chapters of Everyday Encounters


Day One: Carrot – Katana & Sylvan

An ordinary day in an empty kitchen, we can hear soft moans coming from a bedroom where a woman is oh-so-close to orgasm. The doorbell ringsā€”interrupting. Katana struts out in a sleek robe and goes to answer the door. Sylvan, a grocery delivery boy, is standing outside holding a box of fresh vegetables in a very cute and fitting farmer’s getup. Katana giggles at this, and Sylvan shrugs it off as it’s just his uniform. He looks into Katana’s eyes. Katana has already cancelled her subscription, but she invites the nervous delivery boy into her kitchen.


Katana pulls out a large, orange carrot and glides it along Sylvan’s chest. She looks really hungry. Sylvan pulls her in for a kiss causing Katana to drop her robe and show us her body. Sylvan slides his hand down to her pussy to feel how wet she is. He goes down on her, while fingering her mound and lips. Katana’s nipples swell while Sylvan is just mesmerized by her body.

Sylvan peels the clothes off of his body as Katana wields the carrot. He lies against the kitchen table as he shuts his eyes and lets a beautiful woman probe his ass until she’s ready for his hard cock. His drool pools all over the kitchen table as Katana penetrates him. After Sylvan has swallowed most of the carrot, he stands and takes Katana over the kitchen table and pumps into her steadily. He pulls out and covers her hip in his semen. Katana is now done with the grocer as the phone rings. She’s excited to meet up with some friends and orders Sylvan to get his clothes on and to get out.

Day Two: Shoes – Jane Jones & Katana

The next day Katana is in the shower before a meeting with a woman looking to buy a used mirror. Jane Jones arrives in time for Katana to hop out of the shower and into a tiny robe. Katana shows the prospective buyer the mirror, but instead Jane seems to be eyeing Katana’s shoe closet. Katana encourages the timid woman to try on a pair to see how they feel on her legs. Jane slips the heels on and Katana watches her, looking starved. Jane Jones has gorgeous legs, and Katana lets her know.


Katana helps Jane remove the heels, and eyes her milky thighs as she slips them off. Jane spreads open and Katana goes in for a kiss. Jane pulls out her breasts and Katana helps her release her pussy. Katana fingers Jane’s lips and covers her in wet, soft kisses. Jane lies back on Katana’s bed so Katana can climb on top of her. Jane gets her legs pried open even more so Katana can embrace and trib Jane tightly. The women get into a sixty-nine, with Katana’s lips getting deep into Jane’s pussy. Jane takes in a frantic breath as she is close to orgasm. Jane then takes charge and climbs behind Katana to skate her fingertips up and inside Katana. Katana cums on Jane’s thirsty fingers. Then Jane gets on her back so Katana can penetrate her with a toy, pushing Jane to squirt all over the bed. The doorbell rings. While Katana goes to the door, Jane quickly gets dressed and retreats from the stained bed. When Katana gets back, those shoes are long gone.

Day Three: Apple – Katana, w/ Jane Jones & Sylvan

Katana and Sylvan are getting dressed after another intense play session, but there is tension as Sylvan is dissatisfied with the simple nature of their sexual arrangement. Katana is cool, calm, and unfazed. Sylvan whispers that he can’t keep doing this just for sex, and that he wants to leave for good. But he can’t, because Katana handcuffs him and doesn’t want him going anywhere.

“I really gotta go…”


Katana says no. Sylvan is regretting ever meeting her. Regretting housing that carrot in his asshole from a woman unapologetically in-charge, and now maybe a little out of control. He wants to leave. But Katana is on her knees and his uncut erection is front and center in her face. The doorbell rings. It’s Jane. And Katana wants to know where her shoes are. She throws Jane a half-eaten apple, and goes back inside. Jane takes a big bite, and rings the doorbell again.

Sylvan watches, bound and anxious, as Katana brings this strange women into the kitchen. His prick swells up a bit more as he watches the two women kiss, and then grope and slowly undress each other. Sylvan is soon surrounded on both sides by the women. Jane gently strokes his big cock before taking it deep inside her mouth. Katana fingers her lips as she watches Jane swallow Sylvan. Katana finally releases Sylvan from his handcuffs and Jane quickly hops on him to ride his erection. Sylvan then gets to penetrate Katana from behind while Katana gets her face between Jane’s legs to taste that freshly fucked pussy. Sylvan pounds an orgasm out of Katana before pulling out and peeling the condom from his prick. He jerks a load of semen onto Katana’s perfect ass. The threesome takes a respite as the girls and Sylvan relax and catch a much-needed breath. Jane wonders out loud: when will they meet again?

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