Porn Star Zodiac: 10 Trending Leos in 2021

As of July 23rd, it’s officially Leo Season! Leos are known for being confident, outspoken, attention-grabbing, ambitious, and loyal people—so it’s no surprise some of our favorite performers are born under this orbit. Check out this list of trending Leo porn stars and see if you can spot some of their fiery traits in their performances and personalities… and if you’re a fan, don’t forget to wish them a happy birthday!

1. Alina Ali

Alina Ali

Born: July 28th

Upon joining the industry in 2019, natural beauty Alina Ali realized she’d come upon the perfect career choice for a brazen fire sign such as herself, saying, “What I enjoy the most about porn is having a space to express my sexuality openly in an open and creative environment.” Leos are more than comfortable being the center of attention, so it’s no surprise to see Alina shining in every scene of hers. Just watch how she revels in her role as a hotwife in Deeper‘s latest, Cuckold’s Plight 3.

2. Paige Owens

Paige Owens

Born: August 1st

Paige Owens says she was the quiet, nice girl growing up—interestingly antithetical traits for a Leo to possess—but the fire inside her couldn’t be contained for long. After dating a Catholic guy who shamed her for her kinkier sexual interests, she knew there was another side of herself worth exploring, so she found her way to webcamming and stripping. Once she got in touch with her exhibitionist side, there was simply no stopping her, resulting in mind-blowing scenes like hers in Double Penetration Fixation 2. You can only fight your natural instincts for so long, and we should all be thankful Paige found the courage to be her true self!

3. Dante Colle

Dante Colle

Born: August 2nd

Speaking of being your true self: Dante Colle is the living embodiment of just that. While most performers that “cross over” from doing gay porn to boy/girl change their performing names to hide their past, Dante is unabashedly doing it all under a singular name. It probably wasn’t his intention to pioneer bisexual male acceptance in the “straight” side of the industry, but he’s no stranger to confidently leading the pack—growing up, Dante was the first and only male cheerleader at his high school too! This bold and brave Leo can be found in so many sexy scenes, not least of which includes The Devil At My Door from MissaX.

4. Gabbie Carter

Gabbie Carter

Born: August 4th

Gabbie Carter’s career success came as something of a surprise to her, although it certainly shouldn’t have. Exercising that classic fire-sign exhibitionist streak, Gabbie took to posting nude photos of herself on Reddit for fun after she turned 18. When people began inquiring about buying her panties, she merely acquiesced, figuring she was tapping into some temporary niche. Thoughts of porn flashed in her mind, and her curiosity caused her to reach out to an agent to shoot her first scene, thinking her XXX foray would probably end there. After her first scene, however, her agent was stunned with the amount of bookings that flooded in for Gabbie and before she knew it, she was a bonafide star. Gabbie’s a favorite of Vixen Media Group (they own Blacked, Tushy, and Vixen studios), so high-end Gabbie Carter scenes like hers in Vibes are fortunately plentiful!

5. Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls

Born: August 4th

There must be something about being born on August 4th that makes jaw-dropping beauties with perfect, all-natural tits. Sharing her big day with Gabbie is another meteoric industry talent you’ve surely heard of: Autumn Falls. Autumn knew she was destined for adult-industry greatness since she started satiating her love of attention through webcamming when she was 18. Her natural beauty and incredible curves were easily parlayed into professional porn, where she consistently dazzled in her first year enough to earn the coveted “Best New Starlet” award from XBIZ. Now, at the top of her game, this lionness of a performer can be found in some of HotMovies’ highest-rated scenes, like her unforgettable POV performance in GirlCum V1.

6. Dana Wolf

Dana Wolf

Born: August 6th

Like many of her fellow exhibitionist Leos on this list, Dana Wolf found her passion for performing through webcamming—though her love of public sex is well-documented. She’s on record admitting to having sex everywhere from Target dressing rooms, movie theaters, to even airplane bathrooms! Good thing she followed her own advice: “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited about what could go right.” It’s no wonder we’re seeing more and more of Dana Wolf lately; scenes like hers in Tushy Raw V15 leave nothing to the imagination!

7. Aila Donovan

Aila Donovan for

Born: August 9th

Aila Donovan got her start in the adult industry just last year, but she’s making waves with her post-lockdown performances and gearing up for awards season with her upcoming feature, Toxic. HotMovies’ Don Juan DeMarko interviewed Aila recently, where she’s quoted giving one of her quintessentially Leo philosophies: “If you are not in the middle of an adventure, what the hell are you doing?” Can’t wait for Toxic to come to HM August 18th? You can check out this brash beauty in another stellar performance in Catfished 3 from Sweet Sinner!

8. Kit Mercer

Kit Mercer

Born: August 15th

Sexy, tight-bodied Kit Mercer began popping up in scenes around 2019, and says her motivation for joining the industry was the simple fact that she loves having sex. Sure enough, this Leo’s energy and enthusiasm for all things carnal translates onscreen with vigor. Look no further than her naughty, POV tryst in Penthouse‘s My Best Friend’s Mom Swallows!

9. Naomi Swann

Naomi Swann for Deeper

Born: August 18th

Nearing the end of Leo season is editorial-level beauty Naomi Swann. Much like her fellow Leos, Naomi’s always led an active life, dancing competitively and rollerblading for fun. She didn’t necessarily plan on finding herself working in porn—rather, the opportunity presented itself when she learned from a restaurant coworker about the fetish scene. Motivated, competent, and unspeakably pretty as she is, Naomi did a bit of research and began making foot-fetish clips that amassed her a surprisingly avid following. She’s since diversified her repetoire, as seen in performances like her top-rated scene in Anal Savages 6.

10. Aspen Brooks

Aspen Brooks

Born: August 19th

Rounding out our list as a Leo-cusp is Swiss siren Aspen Brooks. This lionness always knew who she was and what she wanted from life, transitioning at a young age and embracing her beautiful femininity that’s now part and parcel with her brand. She became interested in porn through following porn stars on Twitter, and when they noticed her natural beauty, reached out to her about filming a scene. Willing to take some risks to find success, Aspen shot her first scene with TransSensual on a whim. Now she has many top-rated scenes with them, like hers in TS Hot Wives.

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