Editor's Picks: July 30th, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: Black Is Better 14

Hey, pervy porn pals! This week’s spank-bank addition comes to you from Babes, a smokin’-hot interracial romp bursting with BBCs and the girls who love them! Black Is Better 14 features five lovely ladies bursting with excitement at the thought of a big hard cock in all of their hot, wet holes. Joseline Kelly, Kimber Woods, Ella Hughes, and Giselle Palmer are all spectacular and more than worthy of note, but it’s Adriana Chechik who steals the show. This petite brunette anal queen is a true fucking delight to watch! The loose storyline is that she’s dancing at a bachelor party and things take a turn toward sexytown real quick! Two of the guys go out for a smoke when she drops to her knees to pull the bachelor’s dick out of his pants. Lucky stud Ricky Johnson may be getting married soon, but he’s all about this stripper blowjob! And who is that in the corner, jerking his dick and waiting to join the action? Why it’s Nat Turnher, thick-ass dick in-hand and ready to get busy! It’s one hell of a scene and I really couldn’t take my eyes of this stunning, cock-hungry Adriana. So let’s dig into it, shall we?

Adriana Chechik does double penetration

Adriana dances a little, gets the boys warmed up, and then pulls Ricky’s dick out of his pants. Two studs leave, and Adriana is left with Ricky and Nat to contend with. Covered in spit from Adriana’s hot mouth, Ricky’s BBC slides into her pussy with ease as Adriana starts to ride him cowgirl-style. About one minute later (no kidding guys, they get right to it!), Nat is pushing his girthy giant into Adriana’s exposed asshole! She gasps as she feels him start to push against her tight rosebud and says, “Yeah, make me a good fucking slut,” as the boys use both her holes at once. I’ve been working in the biz for a long time and I’m honestly blown away (and totally turned on!) every time I see a woman doing a double-penetration. Adriana is a real anal slut too, totally loving every inch of dick crammed into her ass. Coming in around 30 minutes, the scene features plenty of position changes and great close-up shots of all Adriana’s holes being stuffed with meat. And between each of those position changes, this little minx is slobbering all over those dicks, taking them deep down her throat, and begging to be face-fucked. She’s absolutely perfect! And in the end, the thrilling threesome cums together! Adriana shakes through a body-quaking orgasm while Nat deposits a load inside her well-used pussy and Ricky’s legs shake as he leaves his load in her ravaged ass! Both the boys pull out of her holes so we can see their creamy jizz leak out of her. But when her ass refuses to produce Ricky’s load, he rallies and gives her another in her pussy! As he’s banging away for that second pop shot, Adriana takes her mouth off Nat’s dick long enough to say, “Yes! Fuck it into me!” Ricky pushes her first creampie deep inside her pussy and adds another to the mix! Two creampies for the cock-hungry girl—what a day!

Adriana Chechik in red-hot threesome

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Jeffton Banks: Girl Girl Sex 236

Daniela D and Lilia in Girl Girl Sex 236 from AbbyWinters

You’re not tripping, AbbyWinters sent us the movie with the “after” portions flipped. If you’ve never seen an AbbyWinters title before, you’re in for a treat! Both of the scenes in this title feature gorgeous, natural European women in real, passionate sex with one another. I’ve never met an AW I haven’t liked, but this one is one of the best I’ve seen! The passion is genuine, and in both scenes the lady-boners the women have for one another just keeps amping up as the action goes on. But do you know what my favorite thing is about this one (apart from Daniela D being one of the hottest AbbyWinters women ever)? In the “after” scene for Daniela and Lilia, the director starts asking the pair if they’d ever had sex in a kitchen before. Daniela answers that she has, and the director asks how exactly you make it work on a kitchen table. Daniela uses this as an opportunity to put on a show: she has the director come onscreen, leads Lilia over to the kitchen table, and then proceeds to rub and kiss and strum the clit of Lilia. Lilia is making eyes at the director during the process as Daniela proclaims how wet Lilia is. The director is trying to keep her composure and just stand as an innocent spectator, but there’s no dancing around it; it’s clear that she’s both shocked and highly aroused (how could you not be?!). The exhibitionist bonus at the end of two killer scenes just puts this in a class all its own.

Josephine A and Zina B in Girl Girl Sex 236 from AbbyWinters

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