Editor's Picks: August 20th, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: Blake Blossom

Happy Friday, porn pals! Boy have I got a good one for you this week! I love a girl who will do whatever necessary to get ahead, and I’m definitely a sucker for big natural breasts, so this Puzzy Bandit title was the obvious choice. Blake Blossom really needs to sell this house! She’s already on the
verge of losing her job when her boss catches her dancing in her bra and panties in the house she’s supposed to be selling! She’s told to sell the house today or she’s fired! So when Jonathan Jordan comes over to see the home, she knows just what to do. Jonathan almost immediately tells her it’s not for him—it’s a sexy house, but he’s a family man and this isn’t what he’s looking for. What’s a girl to do? Give him an offer he can’t refuse, of course! She takes him to the kitchen and begins her pitch; if she can sell herself, she’ll sell this house! And with a face and body like that, it should be no trouble! Blake caresses Jonathan’s arm and leg, letting her hands stray every so lightly over his covered cock as she mentions special favors that could be done to sweeten the deal. First she kisses him, and then she shows him her gorgeous tits, and then bing bang boom, she’s on her knees getting ready to seal the deal with a much more pleasurable kiss!

Blake Blossom gets fucked by Jonathan Jordan

Blake’s eyes open wide when she pulls down Jonathan’s pants to reveal his giant cock. Even semi-flaccid, it’s huge! She grips his cock and lifts it up, leaning in she starts from the bottom of his balls and runs her tongue up his entire length. Jonathan groans with pleasure and makes a pretty standard married guy comment, “My wife doesn’t do that at all,” as Blake continues to lick his dick like a lollipop. She slobbers all over his cock, cramming as much down her throat as she can, spit dripping onto those lovely tits. Blake shows off those oral skills for several minutes before lifting her skirt and bending over the counter, offering up her next special favor. Jonathan tongues her tight rosebud and then slides his cock into her pussy from behind. Blake gasps when she’s filled with that BBC, her pussy stretching to accommodate his size. He thrusts in and out of her hot hole, her amazing tits swaying to the rhythm of their scandalous tryst. They move over to the living room, Blake getting comfy on her back as Jonathan licks and tongue fucks her pussy with fervor. He plunges back into her wet pussy, fucking her fast and hard, missionary-style. They switch it up a bit, fucking in cowgirl position and then doggy style, Blake’s juicy bottom bouncing each time Jonathan pummels her pussy. When he’s ready to cum, Blake opens her mouth eagerly and Jonathan drains his balls into her mouth, his hot cum spilling over her lips and dripping down her chin. “OK, I’m buying the house,” he says in total satisfaction. Face covered in cum and grinning from ear to ear, Blake says, “Awesome! Let’s sign the papers and head out.” Now that’s how you sell a house!

Blake Blossom fucked doggy style by Jonathan Jordan

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Jeffton Banks: Fanny Hill

Mindy Wilson in Fanny Hill from Vinegar Syndrome

We have a new batch of movies being uploaded from the masters of classic smut re-release, Vinegar Syndrome. It’s a damn shame they’re not all remastered, because there are some real gems in this latest crop. However, many of them are good enough and sexy enough to be worth watching even if the prints aren’t immaculate.

That in mind, I am highlighting Fanny Hill this week. It’s based on what is considered the first pornographic novel in history (dating back to 1748). It’s been done so many times over the years, both in porn and in mainstream, including a version from legendary director Joe Sarno and one as Paprika from erotic auteur Tinto Brass. It is easily identifiable as having given birth to the ingenue story: where a young woman grows in life and sexual experience through a series of erotic adventures (like the classic Emmanuelle films or Christina Lindberg’s Anita).

This one is just like many movies of the late 60s/early 70s. Production is sparse, and the settings are super limited. But Mindy Wilson, who stars as Fanny, is an excellent coquettish amateur learning the ropes! The flick starts out with Fanny being taken in by a brothel (aka a house of ill repute) and learning the pleasures of the flesh at the hands of the bordello’s matron. From there it is one sexy, retro escapade after another. There is also a charmingly low-tech title animation sequence using paper cutouts and stop motion. It’s a fun time capsule, and an excellent period piece from the early days of adult film!

Mindy Wilson in Fanny Hill from Vinegar Syndrome

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