Editor's Picks: August 27th, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: Devil’s Threeway

Hello there, dear ones. Fancy some porn, do you? Well settle in and get comfy, because this week’s Editors Picks starts off red-hot right from the jump. Summer Hart Studios is new to HotMovies so I wanted to show them some love, and it was incredibly easy to do once I saw their content. With only four titles live so far, (Bi Threesome, Cat Fight Threesome, Fucking Mike & Lianna, and Devil’s Threeway) I had a hard time deciding which one I liked best! I went with Devil’s Threeway, but it was not an easy choice! The lovely namesake of this tasty new studio, Summer Hart, appears in each of the threeway films, heating up the screen with her co-stars in the most delectable way. Let’s take just a moment to thank the gods of porn for this mouth-watering morsel, shall we? Red hair, big natural breasts topped with nipples that practically beg to be bitten, a soft curvy body that could stop traffic, and an insatiable appetite for sex—what more could you ask for? We’re going to get the details of Devil’s Threeway now, but I highly encourage you to check out the others, as well. You won’t be disappointed!

Summer Hart in threesome with Rob Yaeger and TheWebD

Gorgeous red-haired minx Summer Hart leans in to kiss Rob Yaeger right as the scene begins, her boyfriend, TheWebD, sitting off to the side watching. Summer strokes Rob’s cock as WebD strokes his cock, waiting to join the pair on the bed. Soon she’s on her knees sucking WebD’s cock while Rob licks her pussy from behind. She makes the most adorable sounds of pleasure, you guys. So cute! Her mouth filled with cock, Rob slides into Summer’s wet pussy from behind, groaning, “Oh fuck” as he buries his dick in her hot hole. He fucks her hard, slapping that juicy ass periodically, making it jiggle deliciously. They switch into cowgirl position, Summer’s back to the camera so we get a perfect view of her creamy ass bouncing up and down. Summer keeps her hands and mouth busy with WebD, alternating between sucking and stroking his cock while her pussy is pummeled by Rob in cowgirl and then the spoon position. It’s while Rob is spooning her that Summer gets her first cumshot—a hot load in her mouth from WebD. He didn’t even fuck her and he can’t control himself! Rob puts her on her back and fucks her missionary style, her big tits swaying and begging to be slapped around (WebD obliges!) before finally erupting inside Summer’s freshly fucked slit. He pulls his still twitching cock out and the creampie follows, sliding down Summer’s ass as she revels in the afterglow. Ahh, now it’s time for a nap!

Summer Hart gets fucked doggy style

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Jeffton Banks: Step Dad… Cum Inside Me 2

Honey Hayes and Stirling Cooper in Step-Dad... Cum Inside Me 2 from Manipulative Media

It’s nice to know that I’m not totally alone in my perversions. For starters, the “step-” thing still hasn’t gotten old to me. It’s pretty clear that I’m not the only one considering the absolute deluge of family fantasy content we’re still getting in. And I am super into creampie videos—especially ones where the pie-ee is begging for it from the pie-er. Those are the two tentpoles of Step-Dad… Cum Inside Me 2—and so with the content being even half-decent (which it is well more than), it is an instant win in my book.

But what’s more, and maybe this is coincidental or an infinite monkeys type of thing where just sooner or later these combinations had to happen, this movie has touched on some other, much smaller kinks and affections of mine. Take Clip 1, starring Honey Hayes, for instance: I love women in sundresses who spread to show their panties. Check. I love women in glasses. Check. I love women with bangs. Check. I love women with moderate, interesting tattoos. Check. I love nipple piercings. Also check. It’s a perfect storm of a scene that’s made all the better by a sincere attempt on Honey’s part to play the role of sexually curious stepdaughter and Stirling Cooper always-fantastic acting and performance.

But the scene that really grabbed me (so much so that it’s appearing in my Monthly Finds) is the one starring young spinner Bailey Base. I don’t know if these means I’m half-furry or what, but I have an especial weakness for women in costume—especially if they have painted-on whiskers and noses. Where does that come from? How does one develop that as a “thing?” I don’t know, but I don’t mind having it. So imagine what happens when, with cute mouse ears and whiskers and nose, Bailey uses a “smol” voice to tempt her stepdad into not narc-ing on her? And then when she asks in the heat of passion to be filled up? Utter and complete surrender to the porn scene. Now excuse me, I have to lie down.

Bailey Base in Step-Dad... Cum Inside Me 2 from Manipulative Media

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