Editor's Picks: September 3, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: You Both Belong To Me

Greetings, porn pals! I’ve been very eager to share this week’s pick with you! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, (Kidding, I’ve totally dished and verbally drooled over him more than once!) but I’m kinda crushing on Charles Dera. He’s just such a MAN! That body, that deep voice, that mustache… meow! So here’s the man himself, starring in a scene with Alex Coal and Karla Kush where he dominates both women and teaches them a lesson, and I’m not going to pick it for my weekly Editor Pick? I think not! I jumped on it quick, guys, real quick! Bree Mills directs this delightfully juicy tale of humiliation and sexual sadism, brought to us by our friends from Pure Taboo.

Alex Coal and Karla Kush are lovers

The story begins by introducing us to Dera and his domineering ways. He has two wives who live in separate homes and he keeps them on a tight rein. But when the women find a moment to talk without Dera around, they are both surprised to learn that they feel the same way about the other—they’re in love. Their first kiss is explosive, and they leap into each other’s arms and spend the next ten minutes exploring every inch of one another’s soft flesh. It’s passionate and intense; their connection is red hot! Entwined in an embrace, kissing fervently, the ladies hear, “Well, well, well… what do we have here?” They gasp and turn to find Dera standing in the doorway, looking quite displeased by what he sees!

Alex Coal and Karla Kush lick the toes of Charles Dera

Dera assaults them with his words, telling them they’re sorry excuses for wives and that he’s disgusted by them. Alex and Karla are used to being punished, so when Dera says, “You know what to do,” they both turn and present their ass to him. He slaps each one harshly, eliciting cries of pain and fear. He spanks them repeatedly, turning their bottoms bright red. The humiliation continues as he forces the women to spank each other, next. After asserting his dominance, he presents his hard cock to the wives and they take turns chocking on his dick and sucking his balls. Dera has the wives get on hands and knees, face one another, and then he slides into Karla from behind, forcing Alex to see Karla’s pleasure up close and personal. He won’t let them touch, but he commands Karla to tell Alex how good his dick feels. Suddenly he pulls out of Karla’s pussy and makes her get onto the floor, face down and turned away so she can only listen as he begins to fuck Alex. Karla is then made to clean Alex’s pussy juice from Dera’s cock while sweet submissive Alex begs to rub his feet. And when Karla rides Dera’s cock cowgirl-style, Alex is down below, licking his balls. After making Karla give Alex a lengthy rimjob, he covers her head with a towel and makes her listen as he pounds Alex’s pussy again. After allowing Alex to orgasm, Karla rides Dera’s cock again, finally allowing her to cum on his cock. And when he’s finally had his fill of the cheating wives, he gifts them both with some of his hot seed on their tongues. Dera leaves to clean himself up and it’s clear the women’s bond has been broken. Now that’s how a man handles his cheating wives!

Charles Dera humiliates Alex Coal and Karla Kush

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Jeffton Banks: Squirting Machine

Anastasia Rose and Kendra Heart in Squirting Machine from Intimacy Productions

If you are sleeping on Intimacy Productions, then consider this your wake-up call! The pro-am company may not have the flashiest covers, but they do have some of the best, most enthusiastic, most couples-friendly content on our site. You’ll see everyone in these movies: from amateurs and clip artists, on up to fan-favorite performers and real A-listers. It is a wonderful mixed bag that shows they have some of the biggest casting variety in the business. The emphasis is just on good, genuine porn with great performances.

To that end, I present Squirting Machine. I’m not super familiar with Anastasia Rose or Kendra Heart, but after this flick you best believe I want to be. The two of them have a short intro premise where they’re coming to Kendra’s place after a pick-up, and they decide to play with Kendra’s sex machine. Lo and behold, the machine brings out the beast in Kendra and she starts gushing over and over and over. Anastasia is clearly authentically awestruck by Kendra’s fountain pussy, and I was too. As Anastasia plays with Kendra’s clit and the dildo attached to the machine pumps away, the squirt pools up to the size of a small pond. And Kendra doesn’t just leak and dribble, she explodes. At one point, it manages to fly on up to get all over Anastasia’s hair! When Kendra begins to run dry, her body convulses in an epileptic fit of passion as she continues to cum again and again.

And then as if that weren’t enough, Anastasia takes her own turn with the piston-powered pussy pounder. Lo and behold, Anastasia has some waterworks of her own! Not nearly as great in volume or propulsion, it is still an absolute delight to see Anastasia’s sexual fulfillment materialize and stream down her beautiful ass cheeks as her eyes bulge and glaze over. Kendra takes genuine joy in helping Anastasia get off—using the machine to slow down in long, deep strokes and speed up to full power as Anastasia begs for more. All this while Kendra teases at, strokes, and wiggles Ms. Rose’s cute button clit. It’s a hell of a little quickie film.

Anastasia Rose and Kendra Heart in Squirting Machine from Intimacy Productions

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