That Pervy Neighbor Of Mine: A HotMovies Review

For over a decade and a half, I’ve been a big fan of Devil’s Film content. Series like Boffing The Babysitter, It’s Okay! She’s My Stepdaughter (which they were doing before it was cool to do step-family stuff, by the way), My Wife And I Are Fucking The Babysitter, and My Husband Brought Home His Mistress are not just consistently full of quality and/or classic scenes… but they show a trademark sort of take on vignette movies that display the studio’s understanding of both tongue-in-(ass)cheek humor and sexiness. Our latest exclusive from the studio, That Pervy Neighbor Of Mine shows off that same sort of fun-and-funny sexytimes that makes the studio so great.

That Pervy Neighbor of Mine from Devil's Film

Clip 1

Kat Dior and Danny Mountain in That Pervy Neighbor of Mine from Devil's Film

Kat Dior is a woman on a mission. She has it bad for her neighbor, Danny Mountain. And while she won’t out-and-out just tell him, she does everything in her power to show that both she and her bedroom parts are open for business. What does that look like? How about waving from the porch with one giant titty hanging out of your top? Or calling Danny over for an emergency… that just happens to be getting your stiletto heel stuck on your stockings while lounging in bed in your lingerie? Danny plays clueless pretty well… but he finally just asks her if she’s doing it on purpose when she’s on her hands and knees, in a short skirt and no panties, trying to get him to scrub the floor with her.

She confirms she wants to scale Danny’s mountain, and he wastes no time in introducing her to his Matterhorn. Both performers are no strangers to fuck films, and it shows—as they handily move from position to position with just the right amount of moaning and groaning for one another. One of the things that stood out to me was that Kat at one point rides Danny hard with her hand on his throat. It’s not often you see the dude being choked, and that alone should warrant some real eyeballs on this clip!

Clip 2

Lilly Hall and Will Tile in That Pervy Neighbor of Mine from Devil's Film

Lilly Hall (who is bite-my-knuckles hot), is parked in a car right next to her neighbor Will Tile. She strips off her top and bounces her bodacious breasts around before getting out of the car (not wearing anything down south) to pull on some workout shorts. Will clearly enjoys the little show, but plays it stealthy. When Lilly shows up later to Will’s apartment asking if she can use his shower (hers is broken apparently), he doesn’t bat an eye before agreeing. Lilly mischievously giggles an apology for flashing him earlier and heads off to the shower—only to come back a minute later completely naked to grab something. She showers and comes back to plop herself on Will’s couch, sans clothes, and spreads her legs. Will mentions that he sees she’s an exhibitionist and likes causing trouble, and Lilly asks if he’s shy—to which Will whips out his dick as a rebuttal.

The pair have terrific banter between one another as he face-fucks her and goes into all kinds of positions with the flexible Ms. Hall. At one point he has her do the splits while he takes her from behind. Lilly has a real mouth on her for dirty talk, and the standout line has to be, “You’re trying to shishkabob that fucking pussy!” Will busts his nut all over Lilly’s face and she decides to go take a second shower.

Clip 3

Liv Revamped and Tommy Pistol in That Pervy Neighbor of Mine from Devil's Film

This scene has to be the standout of the flick. Resident porn funnyman Tommy Pistol (who, it should be noted, can act his ass off in more serious fare as well) is caught shamelessly doing bizarre aerobics in front of his picture window in the buff. Neighbor Liv Revamped decides to confront him, and is invited in for an explanation. It turns out Tommy used to be tubby and the weight loss (with naked exercise being the most freeing and effective) has given him a ton of confidence. All this time he’s explaining with dick flapping in the open air, and Liv cannot stop looking at it in a mix of what can only be described as shock, confusion, and morbid curiosity. He suggests Liv join him sometime for working out… and throws out almost under his breath a suggestion of having sex together instead. Liv hurriedly (and to Tommy’s surprise) takes him up on the second idea.

The sex is accordingly cartoonish. As Liv takes Tommy’s shaft in her mouth while trying to work the balls in at the same time, he remarks, “That’s how I used to eat. All the…” before trailing off as a wave of pleasure courses through him. Liv perfectly mirrors the tone of the scene and that both of them take things to simultaneously silly and erotic heights is what marks this clip as the banger. Liv’s deepthroats are insane; she is happy to gag multiple times with Tommy slid all the way back past her tonsils. Can it ever be described as photogenic? Not really. But it does make for one hell of an oral extravaganza on top of the rockin’ sex.

Clip 4

Electra Rayne and Alex Legend in That Pervy Neighbor of Mine from Devil's Film

I don’t know what kind of neighborhood these scenes take place in, but boy do I feel cheated! Alex Legend is working at home when Electra Rayne walks by the window. She tries to get his attention by flashing him—rubbing her big, beautiful tits all over the window and taunting him. She comes in and Alex chides her for interrupting his work. He asks her, “How would you like it if I flashed you?” Of course, that becomes a dare, and Alex winds up pulling out his engorged member.

The fucking is very high energy. Electra is juicy and curvy in all the right places, and it’s a pleasure to see her working, since she has so few credits on the site as of this review (she also has a very cool Chicago flag armband tattoo, I might add). Alex is an absolute specimen, and he knows just how to handle Electra. The twosome have an amazing chemistry, and Electra practically sings (with vibrato) when she moans. As the scene comes to its conclusions (pun intended), Alex splashes his spooge all over her bush, and dabs it in with some judicious cock slaps. It’s another solid entry to what I hope will wind up being a new Devil’s series.

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