Editor's Picks: September 17, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: Seduced & Fucked

Greetings, guys and gals! Thanks for dropping by for another edition of Editor’s Picks! If you’ve been following our weekly posts, then you’re already fully aware of my hardcore crush on the lovely, the incandescent Luna Sapphire. She is just so great! We already get the content from her studio-Luna Sapphire-so when I saw her popping up in scenes from another new studio-SydneyScreams4u-I was over the moon excited! I can’t get enough of this raven haired beauty. This quick flick featuring Luna alongside Sydney Screams is so delicious! Luna plays the role of an ignored girlfriend who decides to have a sleepover with her gal pal. It’s all very innocent. Alas, Sydney is anything but innocent! She takes the opportunity to tell Luna she deserves better treatment, and then she provides that better treatment! Now THAT’S a good friend! She asks Luna if she’s ever considered being with a woman and Luna admits to having thought about it. I love seeing her play this kind of shy, innocent character because I think of her as such as sexy powerhouse, so seeing her in this role is incredibly sexy.

Sydney Screams seduces Luna Sapphire

Sydney caresses Luna’s arms and legs, suggesting that perhaps today is the day Luna should see what it’s like to be with another woman. Luna agrees and leans in for a kiss. Their lips meet in the softest kiss and Luna makes that soft sound of satisfaction that is just so damn sexy! Before you know it, Luna’s top is off and Sydney is cupping one breast while her tongue flicks the nipple on the other. With Luna’s nipples standing at attention, it’s now Sydney’s turn to get some tongue action. Off comes Sydney’s top to reveal her big, natural, soft tits in all their glory. Luna takes her time, cupping and squeezing both generous breasts, sucking Sydney’s nipples until they’re nice and hard. The girls start kissing again and Sydney runs her hands down Luna’s body until she reaches her pussy, and then rubs her clit through her shorts. Once Luna is practically panting with desire, Sydney offers to let Luna sit on her face. Luna straddles Sydney’s face and gasps as Sydney immediately begins to lick her pussy. It doesn’t take long for Luna to orgasm on Sydney’s face, her sweet moans of pleasure filling the room. Next, Sydney has Luna on her back, fingering her pussy while she licks Luna’s clit. Luna has another orgasms and now it’s Sydney’s turn! Luna is eager to try licking a pussy for the first time and dives right in when she has the chance. Sydney is more than happy with Luna’s pussy eating skills, happy to lay back and enjoy the attention as Luna pleasures her with her tongue. When sweet little Luna adds a finger to the mix, Sydney is pushed over the edge and comes hard with Luna right there to lick up her juices. They kiss softly and agree that they’ll have to have more sleepovers in the future. I can’t wait to see these two sexy stunners together again!

Luna Sapphire performs oral on Sydney Screams

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Jeffton Banks: Outdoors? My Ass!

Lady Lyne in Outdoors? My Ass! from Hollandsche Passie

I wasn’t very familiar with Hollandsche Passie (which translates into “Dutch Passion”, fyi) before… but you best believe after this title I want to be. Outdoors? My Ass! is exactly what it sounds like. We get three scenes of gorgeous Dutch/Flemish/Belgian women doing the nasty outdoors and getting it up the ass! It’s filmed very nicely, the dudes are handsome, the women are enthusiastic, and it’s about as couples-friendly as outdoor anal fucking can be without Vaseline on the lens.

The first scene stars Lady Lyne. She is bubbly and has a gorgeous face with bright eyes. Her big (but not too big), natural tits swing back and forth as she does doggie. And as her body heats up towards orgasm her chest gets really red, which is always something that I enjoy seeing in a movie because I don’t think you can fake the funk with that. When her fella busts on her face and tongue, his first shot flies way the hell over her head. The second glob was like Gallagher hitting a toothpaste tube all over her face. She takes his giant load happily like a real pro. The second scene stars Jentina Small, who I developed a pretty hard crush on from her work with Vlaanderens Vuilste Films. There’s just something about her that oozes sex, and she is a heart-stopping performer. The last scene stars Chayenne Shea, who is just about as pretty as they come… and has a really big, juicy ass. All I can say is, “Wow!” And I tell you what ole Jeffton is looking forward to now– watching every single one of Chayenne’s other scenes!

Jentina Small in Outdoors? My Ass! from Hollandsche Passie

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