The Best Of September 2021 On HotMovies

Autumn is once more upon us. Gone is swimsuit season, but there is plenty sexy about Fall. September sees the deadlines for some of the major adult awards, and so in a push to be considered for nomination, every studio brings out the big guns before the month is through. How’s that for some inside baseball? So basically any AAA studio out there has put a premium title up on our site this month, but it’s not only the big-timers that got in on the fun at HotMovies this month! So when you’re done with them, come take a look at these other great films and clips that I’m putting you onto. Just remember to pace yourself!


Wrong Room

Wrong Room from She Seduced Me

What happens when the escort hired for a bachelor party winds up at the door of the bride-to-be instead? Let’s just say it involves a ballgag and a lot of moans!

Wife Tales: Kitchen Confidential 2

Wife Tales - Kitchen Confidential 2 from SexArt

Erotica director Andrej Lupin gives us five scintillating scenes of something cooking in the kitchen… and it’s not a meal!

That Pervy Neighbor Of Mine

That Pervy Neighbor Of Mine from Devils Film

Devil’s Film gives a wacky glimpse of how the gal (or guy) next-door will get into your pants!

Her Forbidden Fruit No. 5

Her Forbidden Fruit 5 from NSFW

Lovely ladies lick lovely ladies lasciviously in this luscious lesbian film.

Female Worship – The Femdom Led Relationship 3

Female Worship - The Femdom Led Relationship 3 from Reality Studios

These women are worthy of your adoration and submission, aren’t they? Well, they know that they are… and they intend to show you just how much attention and satisfaction they need from you.

Swimsuit Models

Swimsuit Models from Privagte

The most beautiful babes in Europe put on their bikinis for some wet and wild fun!


Maya Woulfe

Maya Woulfe in Naughty Schoolgirls 2 from Evil Angel

So while it helped that Maya was the subject of a great little interview this month, I probably would have chosen Maya to lead off my Best of September anyhow. The lithe beauty has been on my radar since her appearance in Daddy’s Girl 3, where her scene may well make it to my Top 10 of the year! The newbie (who I predict great things for) had an awesome month on our site. In addition to the interview, she appeared in two films that show off her versatility: first in a sweet and erotic diner romp for Erotica X, where she catches cum all over a maraschino cherry (and her tummy) and licks it off… and as a reticent dating app user and law student in Spark from Erika Lust Films.

Charlotte Sins

Charlotte Sins in Trans Active 4 from Joey SIlvera and Evil Angel

I don’t mind saying that Charlotte is the rarest and most special sort of performer in porn. She has, in addition to performing chops, that star charisma that allows her to (as corny as it sounds) “make love to the camera.” It is a mature sense of eroticism that belies her youth… and is something most performers can only ever hope to have. She is a star in every sense of the word. And this star does anal! In addition to starring in our exclusive, Her Forbidden Fruits 5, her September features a pair of anal themes titles in YA! Young Anal 2 and True Anal Sluts 6. If you ask ole Jeffton, she can climb as high as she wants to!

Alina Lopez

Alina Lopez in Gag Reflex 3 from Jonni Darkko and Evil Angel

Speaking of stars who have ‘it,’ let’s talk about Alina Lopez. If you’ve spanked it to a major studio release over the last handful of years, you’re likely very familiar with (and very fond of) Alina’s work. The award-winning performer has a cherubic face and a devil’s tongue… not to mention one of the most rockin’ bodies these eyes have ever seen. Alina, ever industrious, had a killer September! She makes an appearance in a mind-boggling six videos that were added this month. If you’re looking for picks (they’re all good: spoiler alert), I’d probably point you to her turn in a venerable gonzo series in Flesh Hunter 15 or the funny little taboo flick Alina’s Under The Table.

XXX Clips

Sinnful Neighbor – Clip 1

Sinn Sage, Summer Hart, and Drake Man-O-War in Sinnful Neighbor from Summer Hart Studios

Summer Hart Studios is another fantastic clip artist studio popping passionate and powerful porn onto HotMovies. While I’ve enjoyed all the clips from the provider, none have hit my pants area quite like this one. Super voluptuous redhead Summer enlists married couple Sinn Sage and Drake Man-O-War in a wild threesome. It starts with Sinn and Summer making it on their own, thinking Drake has left them alone. Sinn’s strap-on work is second to none, and she really lets Summer have it. Drake joins later on and gives Sinn a big-ass creampie… that Summer hungrily gulps down straight out of Sinn’s swollen pussy.

Stealing My Brother’s Girlfriend – Clip 1

Alex Coal, Freya Parker, Jessie Saint in I Stole My Brother's Girlfriend from Nubile Films

Nubile Films just gets it. Take one super-hot premise: Alex Coal and Freya Parker are a drop-dead gorgeous couple in the same sorority… and they love to fuck anywhere and everywhere in order to potentially get caught. And then add an even more hot premise on top of it: new transfer Jessie Saint is putting out girl-girl vibes… and so the couple tease her until she’s ready to go! The final seduction comes after Jessie wakes to hearing the couple having sex and gets so worked up she starts humping a pillow (seriously, this is a very underrated thing in porn and worth you watching). They hear her hearing them and come over in order to have her join in… and then the fireworks fly.

Ex-Roommate Anal – Clip 1

Cadence Lux and Juliette March in Ex-Roommate Anal from Intimacy Productions

If there were a Jeffton Banks Ten Commandments, one of them would probably be, “The more Juliette March, the better.” Honestly, I feel much the same way about Cadence Lux. So to see that pairing in an intimate, no-frills clip, I just had to make mention of it here. The two play former roommates in college who get together to reminisce and talk about their lives. Cadence doesn’t have real experience with toys, and so Juliette uses the opportunity to show hers off. Cadence also, for all her sleeping around in college, never slept with Juliette… so Juliette uses the opportunity to fuck Cadence with toys and get with her. It is steamy throughout, but it goes up a notch when Cadence starts some anal play with Juliette towards the second half of the clip!

Daddy #4 – Clip 1

Violet Starr in Daddy No 4 from MissaX

Holy crap, MissaX are absolutely devilish in the art of getting you simultaneously sprung and feeling bad about it. In a really ooky premise, Ryan McLane shows up to meet his soon-to-be step-daughter for the first time… but his soon-to-be-wife is stuck quarantining. It’s immediately clear that Jenny, the daughter played by Violet Starr (Jeffton’s biggest porn crush) is very troubled. Within a few minutes, we figure out that she is a nymphomaniac who has had improper relationships with all her previous daddies… with Ryan soon to be a fourth. Violet is brilliant in straddling (and humping) the line between “she’s too damaged to touch” and “she’s too irresistible not to.” The sex is remarkable and rough and passionate and full of the imbalanced fire that Violet imbues her character with. By the end of this you’ll be picking your jaw up off the floor while cleaning up the mess you made.

How Lesbians Think– Clip 1

India Summer and Shyla Jennings in How Lesbians Think from Girlsway

The jig is up! India Summer, administrator at a Catholic high school, has discovered that the student Shyla Jennings does not belong at the school. She is pretending to be much younger in order to re-experience high school as a 25-year-old. BUT what Ms. Summer doesn’t know is Shyla went through India’s phone while India was away and noticed some photos that implied a sexual motive for working at the school for India. Shyla offers to be India’s legal-aged fuck toy in exchange for not being outed and expelled. Not only does the deal seem to work out incredibly for the both of them (all over Ms. Summer’s desk and office), but it works out even better for those of us watching with our pants down.


Angela White

We got a real treat this month. We were gifted with another entry from Angela White, the studio owned by busty Australian porn goddess, Angela White. While there are very few titles on the site, each one is worth your time, attention, and money. You should favorite them and get email notifications when a movie goes up. The quality is absolutely everything you would expect coming from the reigning Queen of Porn. Top-notch camera work and production perfectly capture Ms. White’s sexual derring-dos… and she’s brought along a whole cadre of premier talent! Her latest, Angela Loves Anal 3 reads like a who’s-who of butt stuff.

I’ve said it before, and I stand by it: handjob porn is massively underrated. JerkyGirls knows this, and serves up some fierce five-fingered fuckery with a twisted slant. The pro-am company focuses on family fantasy, Femdom, and some seriously bizarre scenarios (like a Wiccan fertility rite) to set up women yanking the spooge out of a dude. Some of it is awkward, as they tend to use a good deal of amateur talent. But it is seldom boring… and more often than not, is very erotic. has long been the name in the fetish game. If you’ve ever felt like getting a little freaky, chances are you’ve come across some of their content. Separated into long-running series based on the websites in their roster, Kink handles a whole host of sexual content. Much of it revolves around bondage or domination of some sort. Some of it is plot-based. Some of it is as raw and real as it gets. But one thing they always do (that I really appreciate) is they videotape an interview both before and after with the performers involved, showing that they are aware of what they are about to participate in, that they’ve been informed how to give their limits and enforce them, and to make sure they enjoyed the scene after the fact. We’ve been adding a ton of Kink content, and it has been especially juicy lately.

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