Editor's Picks: October 8th, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: Busty Vol. 15 – Hooter Heaven

Hey guys, Editor’s Pick is back after a hectic week. Did you miss us as much as we missed you? I wanted to give you a super-tasty treat after skipping last week, and what is sweeter than a movie brimming with big, soft, natural breasts?! Nubile Films has an awesome series called Busty, featuring some of porn’s most naturally well-endowed ladies, and Volume 15 is the newest addition to the team. Aptly titled Hooter Heaven, this film features the chesty cutie, Katarina Hartlova, in three red-hot scenes that highlight her god-given assets in all their glory. Katrina Moreno pops in for a visit, gracing us with her presence in one scene with Lutro, her massive mammaries stealing the show, as usual. Is anybody else fantasizing about seeing both these big-breasted babes in a scene together? Yeah, I thought as much. I’ll send up a prayer to the gods of porn that that our dreams come true! For now, we can be happy we’ve got them here in one movie, providing all the stroking material we need! Let’s dig in, shall we?

Katarina Hartlova displays her natural breasts

Blonde bombshell Katarina gets things started with a nice hot bubble bath. She gently rubs her soapy hands on her big soft breasts, water dripping down the curve of each globe, creating paths your tongue longs to trace. Next, she dresses in matching bra and panties, her tits spilling out the top of the bra. When her lover enters the room, he helps her remove the bra, squeezing and caressing her generous mounds. As he eats her pussy and then fucks her from behind, your eyes are glued to her beautiful breasts bouncing and swaying. While giving a blowjob, his view of Katarina’s tits is perfection. She uses them on his cock, squeezing them around his shaft for a titty fuck. When she rides him in cowgirl position, her tits are so incredible—I swear, they look like they’re clapping! Saying, “Yes! Yes! I AM amazing!” That’s how amazing they are, you guys. Anyway, there’s lots more of that and then she gets a mouthful of cum. The end. Except it’s not! There are two more scenes with this busty babe, each as delicious as the first. Finally, I’d be remiss if I forgot to mention the raven-haired Latina, Katrina Moreno, who seduces Lutro with her big tits when he’s trying to work. And while her tits are the work of a skilled surgeon rather than mother nature, they are some of the best I’ve seen! Soft and bouncy, totally squeezable, and they look great wrapped around a dick! And when those pretty titties get covered in hot cum, they’re absolute perfection! What can I say? I love a nice set of boobies!

Katrina Moreno has her tits covered in cum

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Jeffton Banks: The Upper Floor – Discipline For Mommy’s Little Anal Slut

Mercy West and Xander Corvus in The Upper Floor - Discipline For Mommy's Little Anal Slut from Kink

Yes! I picked Kink.com two weeks in a row! But, that’s how you know what I’m picking is good. It’s so good that I said to myself, “I’m not gonna spread the love around. The people have to know about this movie so they can get their rocks off in style.” This is collection of scenes follows a plot of the gorgeous pixie Mercy West coming back home unexpectedly (with their boyfriend, Xander Corvus, in tow). Stepmother Penny Barber isn’t a fan of Mercy’s new punk style. Penny puts a plan in action to get Mercy to fall in line that is two-fold; she puts Mercy’s living trust on the line, and she seduces Xander while giving him the tools and ideas to become Mercy’s dominant.

So we get an awesome MILF-seducing-the-boyfriend scene. We get an incredible domination-over-a-bratty-sub sex scene. We get some really interesting dynamics from those both in the following two scenes as the trio come together carnally. And there’s lots of anal play, spanking, choking, and discipline in the process. The acting from all three of them is top-notch and the storyline, while super porny, works incredibly well. This is an A+ title!

Mercy West Penny Barber and Xander Corvus in The Upper Floor - Discipline For Mommy's Little Anal Slut from Kink

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