Nicole Kitt: Putting the Kitt in Kitten

Gorgeous newcomer Nicole Kitt is fresh off an exciting vacation in Miami to celebrate her birthday and she’s also looking fresh with Jack Rippher in the latest HotMovies exclusive from NSFW, AfroSensual 2 (also starring Daizy Cooper, Cali Caliente, Alexis Tae, Davon Drake, Scotty P., and Troy Francisco). It’s been said that Nicole puts the Kitt in “kitten.” Let’s see if this kitty has claws, shall we? (Spoiler alert: she’s an absolute sweetheart.)


Nicole Kitt & Jack Rippher in AfroSensual 2

Nicole was a dancer before she entered the adult industry, swinging that gorgeous booty at electronic music festivals across the country and eventually found her way into burlesque. This girl sure has skills. Nicole brings confidence and kindness on set, and it shows in her performances. Watching her swing and slide that dancer’s body as she she rides Jack Rippher in an extremely sensual and sweaty scene is damn sexy. Nicole makes sexy look EASY. Whether she’s dancing or fucking, Nicole is clearly having fun… and so are we! She sure loves riding Jack’s tongue!


Birth of a Sex Kitten

After researching studios, Nicole decided to take the big leap, driving all the way from Oklahoma to Los Angeles. Now Nicole is out there working her tail off (and how!) and winning over new fans across the world! We nearly could have all missed out on our collective swooning for this stunning starlet, as she got a bit of cold feet on her first shoot, but after meeting the crew and people on the set who were incredibly kind and open to her, Nicole decided to just shoot her shot. Now she’s one of the most exciting and hard-working rising stars in the XXX industry today! Nicole is so incredibly sweet, and it’s sexy as hell watching that energy play out in her scenes. It also helps that she looks so damn good (and happy) covered in cum.


Just Getting Started…

Nicole’s currently shooting and looking for new bookings. You want to see more of her? Start here at HotMovies and keep a look out for her scenes from Girlfriends Films. Don’t worry about keeping your eyes on Nicole Kitt, because when she’s on screen, you won’t be able to look away. Swoons!

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