Throwback Thursday: Viva Italia! (1992)

Viva Italia! is a pornographic reimagining of WWII Italy wherein German soldiers invade Rome and turn innocent Italians into their docile sex slaves. Famed director Mario Salieri mixes history, horror, and hotness to tell the tale of what befalls forbidden lovers during this time. A Roman girl and her American pilot boyfriend hide from the Germans in her cellar, but familial betrayal may undo them after all…

Viva Italia! from Salieri Entertainment


Angelica Bella, Deborah Wells, Isabelle Adorata, Letizia Stovinsky, Zara Whites, Christoph Clark, Franco D’Alessi, Mario De Sica, Richard Langin, and Roberto Malone

Viva Italia! (1992)
Viva Italia! (1992)

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