Editor's Picks: October 22nd, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: Love On The Lake

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty bummed that summer is over. It just doesn’t last long enough! The warm sun shining down on barely covered bodies is a thing of beauty. Since summer has exited and the cooler weather is sweeping in, I thought we could all use something extra hot to keep us warm! And what could warm you up quicker than a red-hot lesbian romp on a boat, under that bright shining sun?! She Seduced Me is a studio known for their beautiful locations, stunning models, and incredibly erotic content. Love On The Lake, featuring Jessie Saint and Judy Jolie, is no exception. The film opens with some footage of the girls sunbathing on the boat in skimpy bikinis-meow! After a short boat ride they stop to lay out and reapply sun screen, and that’s when things really get hot! It starts innocently enough with Judy rubbing down Jessie with sun screen, but she can’ t seem to keep her hands from sliding under Jessie’s bikini! What a naughty girl!

Jessie Saint performs oral on Judy Jolie

Jessie is enjoying Judy’s roaming hands, and turns over to give Judy access to even more of her body. The bikini comes off as Judy’s hands caress every inch of Jessie’s petite frame, and Jessie’s legs fall apart naturally as a silent invitation. Judy doesn’t miss the hint and dives right in! She leaves a trail of light kisses down the inside of Jessie’s thigh as she makes her way to Jessie’s pussy. Judy begins to kiss and lick Jessie’s pussy, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from the tiny blonde. It only takes a few minutes before Jessie erupts in orgasm. The girls kiss briefly and then Jessie takes control. Judy’s bikini top is removed in a flash and Jessie sucks her nipple. But it’s Judy’s pussy that Jessie’s really after, so Judy lays back and Jessie goes down on her. The wind is blowing and the sun is shining and these girls are absolute perfection as they pleasure one another under the big blue sky. Jessie is a skilled pussy eater because it only takes Judy a couple minutes before she cums on Jessie’s tongue. But one orgasm each just isn’t enough! Next, the girls take turns sitting on each other’s faces, grinding their pussies into one another’s mouths until they both gasp, moan, and shiver through a second orgasm. They end the video by reapplying the sun screen, their greased hands sliding over each other’s warm flesh and then laying side by side in the sun as the scene fades to black. Thanks for bringing back a touch of summer with that blazing hot scene, ladies!

Jessie Saint sits on Judy Jolie's face

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Jeffton Banks: Lesbian Ghost Stories 6

Aubree Valentine and Olive Glass in Lesbian Ghost Stories 6 from Girlfriends Films

Here’s a fun one to get you in that Halloween mood. Girlfriends Films brings us a couple two-part vignettes with a little spook to go with their sexy. The opening sequence features a spectral riff on the I Know What You Did Last Summer plotline… where the sexy trio of Charlotte Stokely, Olive Glass, and Serene Siren are made to confront a sin from their past during a Halloween party in a haunted house. It’s great fun, and I will never tire of seeing any of those women licking and tribbing.

The second story stars Aubree Valentine (who’s also in the 1st story) holding a seance with Marilyn Johnson and Charlotte Sins in order to contact Aubree’s dead ex, Tiffany Watson. In both this story and the previous, the acting and script are low-stakes and campy. But it all perfectly sets the mood for some light-hearted chills that will be sure to give you some goosebumps downstairs. Check it out!

Marilyn Johnson and Tiffany Watson in Lesbian Ghost Stories 6 from Girlfriends Films

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