Editor's Picks: November 12th, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: Mean Wrestling Federation – Daisy Ducati Vs. Fluffy

This week’s Editor’s Pick by yours truly was chosen right after having a particularly nasty argument with a man. An I-know-everything-there-is-to-know man. So when I saw the lovely Daisy Ducati kicking some serious ass in this quickie flick from Meanbitch Productions, it spoke to my angry little heart like none other, and even managed to cheer me up! I love seeing a powerful woman use her strength to subjugate a weak, pitiful man! Suffice it to say I was living vicariously through Diva Ducati, and it was glorious. Director Glenn King made the right choice in opponent as well. Pitted against the mighty Ducati is Slave Fluffy, a paltry little man of 110lbs who’s pale, feeble body is laughable. Ducati looks like an Amazon woman next to Fluffy! From the moment she steps out into the arena, Ducati is putting on a show. She struts up to the ring, flipping over the ropes and showing off how agile she is. Just the opposite, Fluffy stands aside quietly, looking absolutely terrified. This poor sad sack has no idea what he’s in for!

Daisy Ducati dominates Slave Fluffy

The bell rings—DING DING—and the match is on! Ducati owns Fluffy right from the start. She begins with a nice ball kick, followed quickly by two hard punches to his chest. She tosses him around like a rag doll, bouncing him off the ropes and putting a shoulder in his chest to knock him down. And when he’s down and out, she stomps on his gut! Wearing a black bodysuit and stockings, Ducati is a sexy mean bitch as she torments Fluffy. She rubs her dirty feet on his face and tells him, “You’re not going anywhere little man.” She continues her litany of shit talk, humiliating Fluffy with her biting words. To add insult to injury, there’s an unseen audience off-camera hurling insults at Fluffy! As the match progresses, Ducati proves her dominance over and over. She finally takes off the bodysuit and reveals her soft belly and pretty little tits. It’s a pleasurable sight for Fluffy, but that’s not the only pleasure he gets. Ducati bends over, takes a handful of his hair, and forces Fluffy’s face into her sweaty ass! That’s a nice reward for the beating he’s taking! She tells him how pathetic and worthless he is, knocks him to the floor and straddles his face. She spreads her ample cheeks and brings her asshole down to Fluffy’s face, settling that hot rosebud right on his nose. The taunting from the audience and from Ducati continues throughout the clip, Fluffy’s anguish growing with each new insult. No surprise, in the end Ducati takes down Fluffy and wins the match. She straddles him in the end, the screen fading to black and leaving us to imagine what might happen next.

Daisy Ducati dominates Slave Fluffy

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Jeffton Banks: Mommy’s Boy 3

Mona Wales and Tyler Saint in Mommy's Boy 3 from Devils Film

Devil’s Film is a consistent go-to studio for me. But that said, some of their titles still pop more than others. Some seem to have just a little more care and attention paid to them; and sometimes the performers just gel better together sexually and as actors. Such is the case with Mommy’s Boy 3. Every single scene is a killer!

The premises, as with most family fantasy, are suitably silly. The silliest has to belong to the Clip 2, where step-siblings Daya Knight and Davon Drake start out by arguing whose turn it is to fuck their step-mom (you know, as happens with all step-families). Momma Misty Stone can’t stand the bickering and decides to cuff them together. She later tells them that in order to get their handcuffs off, they’re gonna have to get her off, together, first. Not content to just be a ridiculous setup, the scene really brings the heat… and I will never tire of seeing Misty’s delectable body shimmering in sweat as she masterfully handles a cock. The other scenes are terrific as well, but I have to give extra kudos to Clip 3, where Mona Wales (one of the best actresses in the biz) is shockingly understanding and accommodating when she realizes her baby-faced stepson, Tyler Cruise‘s infatuation with hanging out with her has to do with enjoying watching her bend over to clean and do yoga.

Daya Knight, Misty Stone, and Davon Drake in Mommy's Boy 3 from Devils Film

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