Primary Season 2: A HotMovies Review

Casey Calvert has very quickly added being one of my favorite all-time adult writers and directors to the fact that she is one of my all-time favorite performers. I was beyond excited to review her latest exclusive for HotMovies, Primary Season 2. I am happy to report that I was not let down by this new crop of stories from the world of Primary.

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Overall, these three scenes explore the fascinating (and sometimes very complicated and emotionally fraught) world of non-monogamous relationships. The writing and the performances are terrific. And at its heart this film is a stylish, warm, and complex examination into the lives of some very hip and sexy people (that ole Jeffton would wager anyone would want to get to know better). Casey’s sex scenes opt for a dark and muted palette that evokes the dimly lit nighttime trysts that lovers actually tend to engage in.

Note: I am going to be using performer names because too often in adult film I just don’t have an ear for character names. So apologies to Casey (if she’s reading this) that I’m not using the characters’ names.

Clip 1

Cam Damage in Primary Season 2 from Erika Lust Films

The film opens with Victoria Voxxx rehearsing some lines with Cam Damage. Things don’t go as well as hoped, and it becomes clear that Cam and Victoria are in a relationship… and that that relationship has issues. We then follow Victoria and Cam separately: Victoria to a bookshop where she works alongside Casey Calvert and lets slip that she is having a hard time coming to terms with (now-ex) Cam coming out as trans.

Cam Damage and Dante Colle in Primary Season 2 from Erika Lust Films
Cam Damage and Dante Colle in Primary Season 2 from Erika Lust Films

Cam, on the other hand, has no problem with their newfound freedom. In a scene that I just absolutely adored, Cam goes to bed with their friend played by Dante Colle. The two of them have such a terrific chemistry with one another. The scene is all giggles and cute little exchanges between the two of them in-between switching positions. As with Cam, they have such a great, unique look and they are very enthusiastic in bed. Apart from a couple clips packaged into Model Time releases, this is the first we’ve seen of them on HotMovies. Given all their talents and their acting ability, I certainly hope this is a sign there will be plenty more Cam Damage on the way.

Clip 2

Casey Calvert in Primary Season 2 from Erika Lust Films

After a big blow-up fight in front of Dante between Victoria and Cam (here’s some advice, people: don’t share a bed and apartment with an ex… it’s bad news), we begin to follow Casey a little more closely. After some exposition and non-sex plot business, Casey gets dolled up and meets up with her Daddy (that is a partner, not a relative). Ryan Driller and Casey have a really hot bedtime romp together. Casey coos, “You want my ass?”, and I just melted. It’s a very intimate, very purpose-driven sex scene—but that’s not to say at all that it seems businesslike or like they were going through the motions. The sex conveyed two people that like each other a ton and don’t see each other often enough. It was a pleasure to watch every moment of the way. The two of them then have a fantastic date night that involves sushi and conversation, and a silly bit where Casey and Ryan talk about how older (and simpler) videogames are superior to modern ones.

Casey Calvert and Ryan Driller in Primary Season 2 from Erika Lust Films
Casey Calvert and Ryan Driller in Primary Season 2 from Erika Lust Films

When the date is finished, we jump back to Victoria. She sees a new neighbor moving in, and decides to pitch in and help. I’d help Kira Noir lug boxes and furniture at the drop of a hat, too, for the record. If you saw the first season of Primary, you’ll know Kira’s backstory some. Kira relays to Victoria that she’s fresh out of an open relationship that didn’t quite work out… and the sparks between those two women are very clear. I can’t wait to see them act on it (fingers crossed for Primary Season 3)!

Clip 3

April O'Neil in Primary Season 2 from Erika Lust Films.

Casey takes girlfriend Ana Foxxx out to a bar for Ana’s birthday. It’s at the bar where Casey reveals Ana’s birthday gift is none other than the gorgeous April O’Neil. April is a fun friend of Casey’s who is game to help make Ana’s night one to remember. There’s a very funny interaction at the bar when the three of them are drinking and socializing, where a guy inserts himself into their conversation to hit on April. Little does he know what’s on her docket for the night. It’s a pretty realistic instance of the sort of little pick-up attempts that we see when we head to a club on a Saturday night. Dude never had a chance.

Ana Foxxx, April O'Neil, and Casey Calvert in Primary Season 2 from Erika Lust Films
Ana Foxxx, April O'Neil, and Casey Calvert in Primary Season 2 from Erika Lust Films

After the night out, April comes back with Casey and Ana for a night of fun and frolic in bed. It is very clear the three of them enjoy one another—a slow-burn scene that features a level of eroticism that you might not expect in something as categorically fun as a woman providing herself as a “third” for a birthday gift. One of the most beautiful and amazing things about Lust titles (and something I learned on set of A Burlesque Story) is that philosophically, the studio emphasizes authentic sex as opposed to posing and staging everything for the camera. More often than not, this leads to pure magic—since watching partners truly focus on making themselves and each other feel good brings about the best performers have to offer. After the higher energy of the previous two scenes, this feels like an excellent comedown to still get off to. And it sets the stage for a really dramatic cliffhanger ending when Ana divulges extra-strong feelings for Casey… despite having another primary partner!

Primary has cemented itself as one of my favorite adult franchises around. I cannot wait for the next season. More than that, and this is how you know it’s a keeper, I am looking forward to re-watching Season 2 more than once.

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