Editor's Picks: November 19th, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: Slutty Girlfriends

Hello, friends! I’m excited to share this week’s Editor’s Pick with you guys! With a cheeky title like Slutty Girlfriends, I just had to check it out. This four-scene stunner from LetsDoeIt is absolute perfection. And while I loved every scene in the movie, it was the opening scene that really blew me away. They got things started on the right foot, for sure! But we’ll get to that later. First, let’s talk a little about the other three smokin’ hot scenes this movie has to offer, starting with Lilly Bella and Christian Clay. Lilly comes home horny and ready to fuck, but Christian is too tired. Lilly takes things into her own hands—literally!—and masturbates while Christian sleeps. But he can’t stay asleep for long, and once he sees her in action, he’s all in! Next, Zuzu Sweet is tormented oh-so-sweetly by Christian with a remote vibrator he controls with his phone. She writhes in pleasure from the toy, but is treated to a deeper, more satisfying feeling when Christian slides into her hot pussy from behind. Wrists bound with rope and her pussy filled with cock, this brunette beauty is in for a real treat. And lastly, the final scene features Clea Gaultier and one more time for good measure, Christian Clay. Clea is showing Christian some beginner yoga positions, but all he can think about is how great she looks bent over in those yoga pants! Christian helps Clea balance when she does the splits, but it’s not long before his big hands are covering her big round breasts. This yoga session has suddenly become anything but relaxing!

Clea Gaultier teaches yoga to Christian Clay

Now, my patient friends, we discuss the opening scene of the movie, featuring the lovely Liya Silver and the handsome Max Dior. This scene is stunning for so many reasons. Set in a stark-white room, the only furniture a sleek black chair the couple use creatively, the absence of decoration is glaringly obvious. The only artwork in the room exists on the performers’ bodies, creating a beautiful contrast between the white walls and their exquisitely adorned flesh. Liya is breathtaking; her large breasts sit high and proud, seemingly supported by a graceful torso piece that looks as if it were designed for her by the very gods who created her. A pretty ring of flowers circles her lovely thigh. Max is similarly embellished, his body a colorful canvas lined with muscle. The chemistry between these performers is palpable. The scene is erotic and romantic, laden with impassioned kisses and intense magnetism. Max spends a long time orally pleasing Liya, his tongue licking and slurping her pussy with delight. He takes his time, pleasuring her pussy and rimming her ass, enjoying the taste of her. When he finally dips his dick into her it’s from behind, his cock disappearing into her wet pussy with ease. Later, Max sits on the chair and Liya straddles his lap, taking his thick cock into her hand. She directs the head of his dick to her tight little rosebud, so lovingly licked and made ready by Max, and it slides right inside. Liya works to get the entire length of Max’s cock into her hole, spreading her cheeks and dropping down fully onto his lap. Max groans with pleasure, his cock squeezed tight in Liya’s tight asshole. Liya’s breathy cries for Max to continue fucking her ass are incredibly erotic. She eagerly takes every inch of his meat and then begs for his cum as he pulls out and erupts onto her pretty pussy, his dick pulsing with the power of his orgasm. The scene fades to black as the exhausted couple kiss lovingly, their passion temporarily sated.

Max Dior performs oral sex on Liya Silver

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Jeffton Banks: Graffitti

Alicia Tank and Silvia Rubi in Graffitti from AltPorn4U

Honest-to-god, I have had director Irina Vega‘s AltPorn4U on a wishlist of studios for the site for ages. Imagine my surprise when earlier this month we started adding them! If you’ve been following ole Jeffton’s writing, you’ll know I have a soft spot (hard spot) for alt porn. And AltPorn4U seems like some of the most legit, authentic alt-erotica around.

Graffiti stars Silvia Rubi, who is easily one of the ten most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my entire life. That she gets it on with the also-super-hot punker Alicia Tank made this a pretty easy pick for me… even though we added the title Mystic from the studio, and that is very much worth watching. Anyways, back to Graffiti. Eventually bi-hawked Mario Viciouss joins in the fun. It is all a somewhat edgy/artsy-filmed threesome romp with a really cool setting. It’s filmed in some free-standing ruins in a field somewhere, with a couch dragged out to accommodate the performers. The crumbling walls have, as the title suggests, some really interesting and cool graffiti that makes for an excellent backdrop to this suck-fuck-lick-rub-fest!

Alicia Tank, Silvia Rubi, and Mario Viciouss in Graffitti from AltPorn4U

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