The 10 Most Awkward/Sexy Family Dinners on HotMovies

Thanksgiving is here, so let’s turn that looming dread and rising tension into something sexy! Do boundary-busting family dinners with a dose of giga-cringe turn you on? Does your Pee-Paw skeeze you out a bit, but in a sexy way? Sick bastards. Anyway, if porn has taught us anything (and it really shouldn’t), it’s that blended families are rife with awkward sexual tension and secrets, especially at the dinner table. Here are the top ten awkward family dinners on HotMovies!

1. Dreaming of Taboo, Clip 1 – Amber Michaels Productions

Having dinner with a new addition to the family can make one nervous. First impressions matter! When that new addition is the gorgeous and randy Amber Michaels, a simple dinner can really be intimidating… and scintillating! Amber lets her dinner burn in the background to seduce the camera in this sexy, amateur POV clip that’s bound to leave you conflicted over your boundaries with your own stepmom. Think of Dad and everything he’s been through… or, just skip dinner and dive right into the main course between Amber’s milky thighs!


2. Spanksgiving 3: Return of the Spank, Clip 1 – Danni’s Hard Drive

Girls, the sorority IS family. This lesbian romp begins as a simple Thanksgiving get-together that gets filthy fast. Don’t blink, because as soon as dinner starts, these girls really chow down. Pussy-eaters rejoice, the cunnilingus cums fast and there is no shame in skipping the meal for another course altogether. Cassie Riley, Shay Laren, Alexandra Ivy, and Tiffany Brookes really stuff themselves… with each other’s tongues!


3. Cinderella: An Axel Braun Parody, Clip 2 – Wicked Pictures

While preparing dinner for her cruel stepsisters, Cinderella (played by Samantha Saint) dreams of romance and sugar plums, and is caught in the act by Penny Pax and Carter Cruise. You like where this is going? Penny and Carter are deliciously mean, and then the Disney dresses come off. Cinderella skips her own dinner of gin and tears to get her pussy lips massaged and her hungry ass spanked. This is Axel Braun‘s interpretation of a fairytale, so of course these girls are going to get filthy in the most moist way possible. Samantha Saint gets a hot potato lodged down her throat, so calories aren’t skipped entirely.


4. Family Screw Volume 2, Clip 3 – Grandparents X

The generation gap may be wide, but the loins are tight. This family brunch date barely gets started before both grandpa and grandma are groping the youth and putting their mouths in places where they normally do not belong in polite society. And you know what? They love it. It’s better than Christmas. Look at what the millennials have done now. If only all grandparents were as corruptible as this. What a filthy, dirty, inappropriate sex scene. Thank you.


5. Sharing With Stepmom 7, Clip 3 – Babes

Aaliyah Love is preparing the Thanksgiving turkey, but this new stepmom needs some help. Her stepdaughter played by Kristen Scott observes their stepmother carefully as she explains how to properly “stuff a hole” in graphic detail. In no time, Aaliyah Love has her stepdaughter spread-eagle on the kitchen counter while boyfriend Cody Steele gets ready to stuff his own holes. He paid close attention to Aaliyah’s instructions. That escalated SO quickly…


6. MILF 618 – Family Counseling, Clip 1 – Red MILF Productions

A troubled family has decided to come together to work out their problems, and counselor Rachel Steele is trying to guide them to more fulfilling and solid foundations in their relationships: admirable. The problem in this family is that one of its members is having inappropriate fantasies, and this transgression must be stomped out at once. However, when Rachel stops by to supervise a family dinner, she tells them they must now act on all of these inappropriate thoughts. It’s a shocking suggestion from a professional, but a good idea is a GOOD idea. Dr. Rachel Steele really is a pioneer in her field.


7. La Locandiera, Clip 6 – Pink’O

This time of year, we should be counting our blessings. This raunchy clip featuring a nubile girl as the main course is one of them. After dinner is served, and all of the food has been cleaned off the horny young waif, the families in this very public dining hall break out into a huge orgy. Every pussy hole is lubed with spit (fresh!), every cock is sucked, and everyone here does something they will surely regret come dawn.


8. Huge Fuck Orgy, Clip 1 – Fun Movies

A normal family orgy is not enough. This Thanksgiving, after the long year we’ve all had, we deserve a HUGE FUCK ORGY. Several families gather together and very quickly say, “Fuck the meal,” and jump into a big, sweaty ruckus of exposed flesh. You will never see as much inappropriate fingering at a family dinner than you will witness here. Just, absolutely disgraceful. (Swoons!)


9. Ten Little Maidens, Clip 3 – Alpha Blue Archives

Ten Little Maidens is infamous for its scene featuring 70s bad boy Jamie Gillis stuff a thawing Thanksgiving turkey with his cock. Jamie had the ability to stick his dick in anything that would have him… God bless him. After Jamie dirties that turkey cavity with his filthy dick, the bird is glazed and put in the oven. This special turkey is featured in the next scene as several couples gather together for dinner on a secluded island. It was by invite-only, so our horny couples engage in a frenzied orgy, with literal food still hanging from their maws. Clearly, Jamie Gillis has enchanted jizz which has turned every couple on the island into a sex-crazed monster; dangling turkey skin be damned! It gets messy, like any iconic orgy scene should…


10. Wine and Dine, Clip 1 – Charlie Forde

Charlie Forde is a beautiful clip artist and up-and-coming producer who also happens to be one hell of a good cook. Triple threat, baby! Here, she invites a few couples over for dinner, and she just nails it. Eat your heart out, Gordan Ramsey, you mean SOB. It’s a perfectly good-natured and fun family/friendsgiving meal, but the tension starts to rise a bit when Charlie’s guests discuss how to thank Charlie Forde for her culinary skills. Showing graditute can make one feel a little vulnerable, but this gaggle decides to put it all out there on the table and fuck Charlie like she was Charlie Sheen. With friends like these, who needs family?


Happy Thanksgiving from HotMovies!

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