Editor's Picks: December 3rd, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: Big Beautiful Babies – Amanda Thickk

Greetings, guys and gals! If you follow the weekly Editor’s Picks, then you were likely bummed to see we didn’t post a new one last week. I had a great time with family, stuffing my face and taking a ridiculous amount of naps, but my pervy pals weren’t far from my mind. To make up for missing last week, I found a clip featuring a thick, juicy beauty who loves to fuck as much as you’ll love watching! Big Beautiful Babies is from a relatively new studio to us, MYSTERIOUS PRODUCTIONS, and I’m really digging what they’re sending in so far. Myster Mysterious is the handsome namesake and star of these quickie clips, always lavishing attention on the starring ladies before unleashing his hefty hard-on. The ladies are always coo with pleasure when they see what he’s working with. Today, Myster is paired up with the lovely Amanda Thickk. This dark-haired beauty lives up to her name in the most delicious ways, and Myster is more than happy to get his hands on her soft, voluptuous curves.

The scene opens with Myster and his mustache introducing the luscious Amanda, and he can’t help but grab, squeeze, and kiss her ample booty! He buries his face between her copious cheeks and tongues her pussy loudly, slurping and licking with abandon. He flips her over to eat her pussy some more and her big soft tits practically pop out of her bra! Myster spends almost ten minutes eating Amanda’s pussy before she brings her tongue out for a turn. She tries her hardest, but just can’t get Myster’s entire cock in her mouth, but she slobbers all over it and gets it nice and wet! He even eats her pussy again in 69! Myster is definitely a giver! When he finally gets to fuck her, it’s in cowgirl position, Amanda’s soaked pussy swallowing every inch of Myster’s cock. Amanda grinds her hips into Myster, her generous booty bouncing as she fucks him. He enjoys the view from the bottom, grabbing handfuls of her meaty thighs as she rides him. He flips her over next, fucking her missionary style, watching her face as she moans in pleasure. Myster pounds her creamy pussy from behind next, his hips slamming into her fat ass with each powerful thrust. Amanda is vocal throughout the scene, telling Myster how good his cock feels in her pussy and how much she loves fucking him. Myster enjoys himself thoroughly, pulling out and exploding all over her big booty! This is one Big Beautiful Baby he won’t soon forget!

Myster Mysterious fucks Amanda Thickk

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Jeffton Banks: Second Chance

Penny Barber and Ryan McLane in Second Chance from MissaX

It is no surprise that this featurette was nominated for an AVN award. We have a section for the nominees, by the way. In this little gem, Penny Barber plays Julie, a woman whose husband went MIA while on deployment, but was presumed dead. When she and boyfriend, Mike (Ryan McLane), come home from a movie, they discover a homeless drunk camped out in front of Julie’s place. On getting up, it appears the homeless man is her long-lost husband, Paul (played by Tommy Pistol).

This sort of discovery obviously throws both Julie and Mike into their own tizzies. Mike doesn’t handle it well and becomes understandably territorial and angry. Julie, conversely, falls deeply into caretaker mode. The dynamics thrown totally off-balance, what happens is pure drama… and not everything is adding up. Heavily plot-based, there is a lot to unpack and absorb before you unzip and discharge. But it’s worth it! Ryan’s scene with Penny is desperate and wild. Ryan sucks pussy like a man with something to prove… and Penny bucks and thrusts under his tongue assault in her sexy white bodysuit. It was also a joy to watch Penny riding cowgirl and rising up to strum herself to a gushing squirt all over Ryan’s lap before settling back down on his cock. And when (spoiler alert) Penny has sex with Tommy inside a tent in a shantytown, it is weighty with emotion as well. The sex is majorly imbued, and their release is our release.

Penny Barber and Tommy Pistol in Second Chance from MissaX

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