Editor's Picks: December 10th, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: Everyone Loves Abella Danger

Hey guys! I can’t wait to share this week’s Editor’s Picks with you! I saw the title, Everyone Loves Abella Danger, and I was like: yep, they sure do! That raspy voice sends goosebumps down my back and her sexual appetite is incredible; she really chose the right career path! So while I don’t generally choose a compilation to gush over, I just couldn’t help myself with this one. I mean, what could be better than a compilation of Abella Danger‘s finest footage?! Full Porn Network brings us this tasty treat, directed by and performing in most of the scenes is James Deen. So let’s all just take a moment to than the gods of porn for bringing these two powerhouses together, shall we? Now that we’ve concluded today’s porn prayer, let’s dig into this baby and have some fun!

Abella Danger fucked by James Deen and Markus Dupree

Lovely lascivious Abella is featured in seven smokin’-hot scenes, performing all number of tawdry, delicious acts! We begin with a brief interview of Abella, then James gets busy eating her out. She hooks up with Prince Yahshua in scene two and manages to get every inch of his massive cock deep inside her naughty asshole. She’s back with James in scene three, getting her ass plowed in piledriver position and loving every minute of it! Markus Dupree joins James and Abella in scene four, and the threesome have an intense, sweaty, satisfying scene together with all the face fucking, anal fucking, and double-penetration action you’ve come to expect from this lovely lass! Next, Abella stretches her ass with a glass butt plug while showing off her body in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. James pulls the plug out, pops it into her slutty mouth, and slides his cock deep inside. She is just the dirtiest little butt-slut, and I’m all for it! I love the close-ups and fantastic camera angles that show off Abella’s backside beauty. She knows she’s got a bangin’ ass and she loves showing it off! Scene six shows us a glimpse of Abella in the “real world” as she struts around in a gas station wearing a tiny little dress, her juicy ass peeking out the bottom and making all the guys’ mouths water! She reveals to James that he’s her favorite person to have inside all her holes. Aww! Now that’s a sweet compliment! This might actually be my favorite scene in the movie because the pair spend a lot of time talking about all sorts of topics, and stop a few times so Abella can choke on James’ cock in very public places! They have real chemistry, so it’s no wonder their scenes are so hot. Last, but not least, we get some behind-the-scenes footage of what happens after they film, and we see again how great these two are together. I’m always jazzed to see Abella Danger’s scenes!

Abella Danger does double penetration with James Deen and Markus Dupree

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Jeffton Banks: My Sexy Roommate 2

Mona Azar and Violet Starr in My Sexy Roommate 2 from Purgatory X

When am I going to stop writing about Violet Starr movies? When she stops putting out incredible performances that combine great acting and some of the most erotic expressions and pillow talk and noises known to man (a.k.a. NEVER)! Ignoring for a minute my ever-deepening porn crush on Violet, this is just a really good and fun sexy flick. It begins with one of ole Jeffton’s favorite premises: catching someone masturbating and sneakily masturbating yourself to the other person in a fit of voyeurism. Violet catches her super-hot roomie Mona Azar rubbing one out to her cross-eye, cream-dripping dildo session and beckons Mona over. Mona admits to it being her first lesbian encounter… but Violet is an excellent teacher.

Mona Azar, Violet Starr, Derrick Pierce, and Will Pounder in My Sexy Roommate 2 from Purgatory X

The remaining two scenes are equally as good. In the 2nd clip, Violet divulges to her boyfriend (Derrick Pierce) her sapphic encounter with Mona. So when the couple decide to have sex, Violet keeps the door open on purpose in order to bait Mona into a threesome (lucky Derrick)! The following scene Mona decides turnabout is fair play, and she keeps the door open when sleeping with her boyfriend (Will Pounder). Derrick and Violet head over, and as they watch, Derrick pulls Violet’s hair back to keep her attention glued on the fornicating couple while he rubs her pussy furiously. Violet’s moans get Will’s attention and Derrick asks for an invitation into the room. The sex in this clip is amazing all around. While Derrick and Violet are fucking on a futon, Violet is going cowgirl so hard that they literally break the futon they’re on. Derrick stays in character and offers to replace it for them, and Violet is all giggles as she gets lifted up from the broken furniture and onto the bed while still riding Derrick’s cock. The foursome have great banter throughout the scene that just shows what kind of excellent chemistry they all had together. It’s a light-hearted, couples-friendly romp filled with enthusiastic sex and a good amount of hair-pulling and choking for folks that like things a smidge on the more vigorous side.

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