Editor's Picks: December 17th, 2021

Scarlet M. Divine: Couch Mates

Happy Holidays, my horny friends! ‘Tis the season to be nice, but something tells me the cutie in this week’s Editor’s Pick must have forgotten that. Instead, she’s using blackmail to get what she wants. She’s definitely on the naughty list this year! My pick for this week comes from the studio Yummygirl and clocks in at just over 20 minutes. It’s an interracial quickie that wastes no time getting down to business! Busty blonde beauty, Codi Vore, generously allows her friend, Will Tile, to stay the night at her home. They’re making small talk and Will congratulates Codi on her recent marriage. Codi thanks him, then informs him he’ll be sleeping in her bed tonight. Confused, Will says maybe he should leave. But Codi is having none of that! She quickly tells him that if he doesn’t give her what she wants, she will just tell her husband that she slept with Will anyway! What a wicked minx! Will can’t believe he’s being blackmailed! But he doesn’t want any trouble, and let’s face it: Codi’s big natural tits are practically calling out to him, so he lowers his pants and presents his package. And what a package it is!

Codi Vore gets eaten out by Will Tile

Will’s not loving the idea of being blackmailed by this wanton wife, but his reservations begin to melt away as soon as Codi wraps her lips around his cock. Codi slobbers on Will’s BBC briefly, and then he’s pulling off her top and sucking on her nipples. She encourages him, telling him to finger her pussy. He slides a finger in and leans in close to her bountiful bush and says, “I’m only doing this because you’re making me.” But it only takes a couple of eye-rolling minutes for Codi to come all over Will’s tongue, so I think he’s more into it than he lets on. Next, Codi climbs on top of Will and rides his cock, her thick, soft booty bouncing on his body like it’s a plaything. Will takes control and wraps his arms around Codi, stands up, and fucks her while she leans back. He lays her on her back next, fucking her missionary style and really pounding her! After he’s fucked her hard and deep, Will asks, “Is that enough?” No way! Codi wants to be fucked from behind, so Will obliges. Fucking her doggy style, calling her a cheating slut, Will impales Codi with his massive member over and over. Her big heavy tits sway to and fro and she cries out and shudders through a second extra-marital orgasm. Will finishes up fucking her from behind and Codi flips over so he can shoot his hot load onto her big soft tits. “See, now that wasn’t so bad,” cooed Codi. “It was horrible!” exclaims a freshly drained Will. Codi lets Will know they’re done… for now! Fingers crossed we see this tawdry blackmailer and her handsome man-meat again soon!

Codi Vore fucked from behind by Will Tile

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Jeffton Banks: Sensual Touch

Hazel Heart and Remi Jones in Sensual Touch from Erotica X

Porn Master James Avalon has brought us all a tidy little collection of clips all centered around the concept of sensual touch in sex. It opens with a fantastic mood-setter where Hazel Heart and Remi Jones (both newcomer cuties who I am super happy to see move on to high-end erotic fare) are in bed together and filming themselves talk about the importance of erotic touch. It’s not until a fair bit later that Quinton James (and his cock) come into the picture. The clip goes back and forth between a hand-held phone look and the trademark crisp, sensual cinematography we know Avalon’s productions for.

Nella Jones and Steve Holmes in Sensual Touch from Erotica X

The rest of the clips each have their own distinctive vibe and visual feel—but don’t feel thrown together. They work exquisitely as a conglomeration of all the ways we can view a romp rife with sensual touch. There is the playful intro to the Eliza Ibarra scene where Nathan Bronson makes ridiculous “vroom vroom” noises as the pair trade off rolling a die cast Hot Wheels car over one anothers’ naked bodies. There’s the slow and passionate Spencer Bradley clip with Seth Gamble—filled with cuddles and caresses and kisses and a cathartic pull-out all over Spencer’s fine, fine bush. And then the flick gets capped off with the silver fox Steve Holmes unloading a body-wracking fireside creampie into the stunning Nella Jones. Great scenes with fresh faces abound!

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