Tommy Pistol Risks His Dick for Art

Acclaimed director and storyteller Ricky Greenwood has found a kindred spirit in Tommy Pistol, widely considered to be one of the greatest actors in adult cinema. Together, they teamed up with Ashley Lane this holiday season to bring HotMovies The Bargain, a horrific take on the Krampus monster of Alpine folklore… for charity! All proceeds of The Bargain will be donated to The Sidewalk Project, an arts organization empowering homeless communities around the world. We recently chatted with Tommy about having sex with monsters, dangerous blowjobs, and working with one of adult’s most sought-after auteurs.

Tommy Pistol

What can you tell us about The Bargain?

The Bargain is a revenge/Christmas movie, probably the only one ever made like this also.

You’ve worked with Ricky Greenwood on a number of projects this year. What makes you such strong collaborators?

I think we work well together for a few reasons. First and foremost we don’t annoy each other, lol. But seriously, we both are movie nerds and love the art of making and watching movies. In between shooting a scene we’re usually telling each other about a movie to see. I respect him as a director and vice-versa. I love acting and he loves directing. I’m his chocolate; he’s my peanut butter. We taste great together.

Ashley’s Krampus makeup and teeth are pretty intense. Did they bring any challenges for you as performers?

Oh yes! The option was there to take them out for the BJ, but I wouldn’t be the Tommy Pistol everyone knows and loves if I didn’t risk my dick for art. Honestly, I felt safe with Ashley and trusted her to not put me in danger. If I got injured it would’ve been my fault. I knew the risk of keeping them in. Call me crazy, but it was honestly a turn-on skating that line of danger. But I wouldn’t have done the scene for just anyone also. I had trust in the room. That’s what I needed in order to keep them going.

Tommy Pistol & Ashley Lane in The Bargain

This isn’t the first time you’ve had sex with a monster on camera. Do you have to get over the “ick factor” before your performance, or can you just jump right into your performance?

It’s always weird doing scenes like this, I’ll totally admit that. Once there’s the slightest disconnection with my scene partner, it can go either way. But being Ashley is so professional, giving, and understanding, she probably made it easier for me before thinking of herself. I noticed that and totally appreciate her. It was a long day for both of us—definitely longer for her—but we knew we had to focus on each other to make it work, and we did just that. Also the “ick factor” isn’t really a worry for me anymore. I’ve been in this long enough.

Do you have any particularly sexy Christmas or holiday memories that you can share?

Sadly I don’t, but I’ll work on that.

What’s on your wish-list this year?

I just wanna be around my family. Sure a PS5 would be great, but seeing everyone I love close to me and happy is all I want. Last year, the COVID lockdown I’m finding to be more traumatic for me than I thought. I’m grateful we’re all healthy and here with each other. That’s all I need.

Tommy Pistol

What’s your favorite mainstream holiday movie?

Die Hard.

You’re up for a number of awards this year, including for some Ricky Greenwood movies and for Male Performer of the Year. Are there any nominations that you’re particularly proud of?

Male Performer of the Year, of course; I want that watch, lol. Seriously, Ricky gave me a ton of work this year and I really appreciate it. Whatever I get I’ll be happy with, and if it’s nothing, that’s fine also. That won’t take away everything I’ve accomplished. I know what I’ve done. I don’t need an award reminding me.

What makes you feel sexy?

A good suit.

What do you have planned for 2022?

Sell the TV pilot I wrote with my girlfriend about the industry. I feel like it’s the right time. We need honest representation at this point—not another documentary misleading everyone. I’m proud of my job and the people I work with. It’s just a job. What better way to get the point across than with a comedy?

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