Editor's Picks: January 7th, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Baddest Santa

Welcome back, dear friends. The holiday season is finally over and I have to admit, I’m a little sad to see it go. Winter is so magical and beautiful over the holidays. The snow is pristine under the sparkle of the twinkle lights. The frost nipping at your nose is quaint and cheerful. But once the tinsel has finally settled and the new year has officially begun, that same snow looks dirty and the frost nipping at your nose is downright annoying! Since I’m feeling nostalgic for those festive feelings, my Editor’s Pick was chosen from our 2021 Christmas movie lineup. This is no wholesome Christmas tale I tell, but rather a sleazy account of Santa’s bad brother getting some holiday tail! Baddest Santa is a short clip from MOMXXX featuring George Uhl as Santa’s sexy—albeit terribly disappointing—brother. While Santa is hard at work, George comes to visit, each year growing more and more jealous of his brother’s remarkable life. One day, hungover and feeling quite blue, George stumbles upon Mrs. Claus brushing her hair. Will George do the right thing and walk away? Or will he finally get one up on his jolly jerk of a brother?

Kayla Green gives Geroge Uhl a blowjob

Blonde, tattooed, and way sexier than the Mrs. Claus you remember from storybooks, Kayla Green sluts up Christmas better than most! She sees her happy hubby’s recalcitrant relative ogling her from the doorway and she is intrigued. He’s definitely sexy! But what would Santa do if he found out? Throwing caution to the wind, she beckons George and he flops onto the bed, his soiled Santa suit falling open to reveal his toned, hairy chest. Kayla kisses his liquor-tainted lips, runs her hands across that taut belly, and pulls his pants down to reveal his rigid cock. She wastes no time, immediately wrapping her lips around his shaft. Looks like George is going to have a Merry Christmas, after all! Kayla bobs up and down on George’s cock, getting it nice and wet. She slips off her panties and bends over, presenting her ass to George. He leans in and gives that pretty pussy a quick tonguing before sliding into her hot hole from behind. From doggy style to cowgirl, with a quick cock-sucking between positions, the two revel in the moment. Kayla moans with pleasure as George fucks her hard and deep, and George is overwhelmed with this sudden Christmas miracle! Kayla rides that dick for several minutes, her big tits bouncing beautifully. They spoon next, Kayla on her side in front of George, his cock buried as deeply as possible. They finish up in missionary position, George pounding away at his hot holiday present. And look here: he’s got a gift for Mrs. Claus, as well! After a few more balls-deep thrusts, he fills her freshly fucked pussy with his steamy seed. Looks like Mrs. Claus won’t need to do much baking for her man tonight. Hope he’s into fresh creampie!

George Uhl fucks Kayla Green

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Jeffton Banks: Afternoon Delight

Megan Marx in Afternoon Delight from Blush Erotica

Happy New Year, folks. Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed.

We haven’t talked much about Blush Erotica before, have we? In case you’re unfamiliar—it is gorgeously shot erotica (often in slow-mo) set to an erotic story narrated by someone with a beautiful and sultry voice. For ole Jeffton it’s definitely not an “all the time” kind of studio; I really have to be in the mood to get romantic with myself before getting down with it. But what Blush does they do exceedingly well… and are the only name in the game over at HotMovies.

This one is one of my faves I’ve seen. Megan Marx is one of the sexiest petite porn stars we’ve ever had. Her sex-eyes melt camera lenses. In the clip, she gets nude, spreads her ass and pussy on all fours on a bed, goes outside to soak in a gorgeous vista and warm sunlight in the nude, and goes back to her bed to masturbate. It is breathtaking. But a Blush title would not be a Blush title without the erotic narration. This one is provided by Sydney Screams—who also happens to be a really hot porn performer (not to mention thoughtful writer and owner of her own clip studio). But something you don’t fully appreciate until it becomes dissociated with watching her is how truly sexy her voice is. If you’re in the mood for a Blush title, then you’re in the same sort of mood that could allow you to just close your eyes and get off to Sydney’s sultry sex talk. So between the stunning visuals and the snake-charming narration, this is some of the best Blush has to offer.

Megan Marx in Afternoon Delight from Blush Erotica

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