10 Non-Binary Porn Stars You Didn't Know Were Changing the Industry

It’s important to recognize non-binary people, and the impact they have—not just in mainstream entertainment—but in all forms of entertainment, including the mark these performers leave in the adult industry. What does it mean to be non-binary? Non-binary is an umbrella term for gender identities that are neither male nor female. Non-binary people may identify as more than one gender, no gender at all, or have a gender identity that can fluctuate (genderfluid). And remember, gender identity is separate from sexual orientation. Non-binary people, like cisgender people, have a variety of orientations. Let’s take a look at ten non-binary XXX stars who have or are currently changing the adult industry in ways you may not have realized!

Non-binary Pride Flag

1. Lulu Chu

Pronouns: they/them


Lulu Chu immediately skipped the ingenue phase of their career when they first appeared in 2019. Lulu has a wild streak. Their growing fanbase loves it, and it makes them so much fun to watch. Lulu started in the industry at the young age of eighteen, and they wasted no time in getting filthy onscreen. Lulu is amazing with pushing boundaries in their bondage and daddy roleplay. Now an incredibly in-demand and busy beauty, Lulu is always more than a little tied up! We love to see it! Don’t miss Lulu’s exclusive interview with JW Ties for HotMovies!

2. Lola Fae

Pronouns: he/she


Lola Fae is truly a unique talent from South Florida and got her start in the biz in 2017. Lola is a polyamorous non-binary switch, Dominatrix, and aerial artist. She also has a special panache for anal, alt porn, and some kink that alway makes her compelling to watch. Lola has expressed her admiration for fellow anal icons like Bonnie Rotten, Asa Akira, and Sasha Grey, as they’ve inspired her. Lola is also fabulously flexible in her performances and also known for her uniquely tattooed nipples. Lola is also the HotMovies go-to expert on DDlg (Daddy Dom-little girl) roleplay dynamics. Fans of Lola Fae can learn about her unique insight on sex work and identifying as non-binary in her guest blogs on the HotMovies Spotlight.

3. Gia Paige

Pronouns: they/them


The lovely Gia Paige worked as a manager at a pizzeria in the Midwest before they first appeared on our screens back in 2015. Gia briefly did some nude modeling and went on to model for Suicide Girls at the age of eighteen. They are a cosplay lover with a strong fascination with sex and the adult film industry. The best performers are always the most curious. With confidence and style, Gia always excels in firing up our loins when on camera, as shown by their loving fans and massive Twitter following. Gia comes off onscreen as true-to-themselves and authentic, and it’s just sexy as hell to watch them perform!

4. Kristen Scott

Pronouns: they/them


Kristen is the ultimate California sweetheart and the enby-next-door with that unforgettable smile. Kristen has a filthy side behind those innocent good looks and it’s propelled them to superstardom, along with their acting chops that rival any young mainstream star working today. Before entering the biz, Kristen was a successful webcam model. In 2016, they decided to make the move to Southern California and take their talents to the adult industry. Kristen has continued to make plenty of waves with fans and the industry since!

5. Ruckus XXX

Pronouns: they/them


Sex work is a skill, and Ruckus XXX is really is a master of the trade; an artist if you will. Ruckus XXX and their sexy ink have been in appearing in scenes since 2013, making them one of the most experienced performers on this list. This is evident in their performances, in studio work, and beyond. Incredibly versatile, Ruckus has worked in fetish, straight, and gay porn, and is one of the most significant performers to start crossing those lines!

6. Jiz Lee

Pronouns: they/them

Jiz Lee

Jiz Lee is an iconic genderqueer and non-binary porn performer whose work spans six countries within indie, queer, and mainstream adult film genres, garnering them multiple AVN nominations. Jiz’s philosophy is that porn and radical sex are a form of activism. Jiz is also one of the original cast members from the ground-breaking Crash Pad series. Jiz is an amazing performer, with an androgynous look and intense sexual energy that is incredibly infectious. When not acting or producing, Jiz works behind the scenes at Pink & White Productions and is a lecturer on queer porn and performative sex. Read our exclusive interview with Jiz about non-binary representation in porn here.

7. Ramses Rodstein

Pronouns: he/they


Ramses is multimedia performance artist, painter, and filmmaker who started making porn in 2012, making a splash in XXX after working with filmmaker Courtney Trouble and TROUBLE Films. Ramses isn’t just a fun and sexy performer onscreen, but they’re also an educator on gender expression in adult entertainment. Ramses works with adult companies, educating them on consent, inclusion, and on-set safety. They are also expert on sex toys, and probably have one of the most fascinaing star names in the biz! You can read Judy Hologram’s HotMovies interview with Ramses here!

8. Kasey Warner

Pronouns: they/them


Kasey Warner is a theater-nerd-turned-porn-star, and another performer on the list with years of experience in the industry. Kasey took the plunge into porn back in 2014 after a year in college. They’re really a performer at heart in many senses of the word, and that passion really drives their performances on camera. Kasey amassed an extremely large resume in a short period of time. Their personal motto is, “the only unnatural sex act is that which cannot be performed.” Their hard work and moxy shows in their screen time, and boy are they always fun to watch!

9. Cam Damage

Pronouns: they/he


Cam started in the adult industry in 2018 and made their big debut on HotMovies with studios Erika Lust Films and Adult Time. Cam is gorgeous (those eyes!), and has screen presence to spare. They’re also very skilled at using a strap-on. Cam uses a strap-on like a goddamn violin, it’s just beautiful to behold. Cam continues to burn up the screen in their performances and we really hope we to see much more of them in the future!

10. Velma Voodoo

Pronouns: they/she


Velma Voodoo is a big and beautiful genderfluid nonbinary performer who broke into the adult industry in 2017. Velma has made a name for her in the BBW genre, intriguing fans with her ever-evolving style and salacious onscreen sexual shenanigans. Velma really loves sex, but she’s also a very talented jazz singer. Velma has combined her musical and XXX talents to stream erotic concerts to her fans. Velma is daring, sexy, musically gifted, and really just one of a kind!

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