Editor's Picks: January 14th, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Cocky Fella Shown Who’s The Boss

Happy Friday, my pervy porn pals! I chose this week’s Editor’s Pick based solely off the fact that it aligns so closely with a fantasy of my own. I’ve always wanted to flag a cab and pay for the ride with pussy, instead of cash. Or become an Uber driver and make dick the only acceptable form of payment. I’ve been a long-time fan of the studio Fake Taxi; these quickie clips follow the titillating hijinks of a few sexy male drivers who are only too happy to take ass instead of cash! So imagine my surprise and delight when we started getting content from the studio Female Fake Taxi, where the drivers are women instead of men, and they greedily accept cock as payment! Euro actress Rebecca More is a cheeky blonde with big tits and a smart mouth. In this clip from Female Fake Taxi, Rebecca picks up the incredibly handsome—albeit totally full of himself—Ben Kelly. Ben is cocky and self-assured, telling Rebecca what route to take and calling her cheeky several times. Rebecca practically gleams as their banter turns erotic, and isn’t the least bit surprised when Ben pulls out his balls to show them off—at her request, of course. This is shaping up to be a pleasurable afternoon for them both!

Rebecca More and Ben Kelly flirt in a cab

Liking those big balls and their sexy repartee, Rebecca offers Ben a deal he simply cannot refuse. If he can fuck her good enough, she’ll give him this ride for free, as well as the next! She taunts him as she pulls into the parking garage, telling him men with big mouths like his never fuck as good as they claim. She parks the car, removes her panties, and proceeds to play with her pussy while Ben jerks his cock in the back. But Rebecca is much too hungry for that cock to wait long, and she’s in the back with that dick in her mouth before you know it. She bobs up and down on Ben’s cock like a greedy little whore, taking as much in her mouth as she can fit. She uses those huge tits to sandwich his cock next, giving him a proper titty fuck before putting it back in her slutty mouth. Rebecca loves to suck cock, but she also wants her pussy fucked, so she climbs on Ben’s lap and does a few quick dips down on that dick, getting the head wet before finally sliding down and taking him deep inside her pussy. She rides him vigorously, grinding her hips in a circular motion. She lifts her pussy up off Ben’s cock and presents it to his face, grinding her cunt against his mouth before dropping it back down on his thick shaft. These depraved strangers continue their banter, dirty talking their way through this very public fuck-fest. Ben fucks Rebecca doggy style next, slapping her ass as he plows her pussy hard and deep. Missionary is next, with Rebecca calling Ben a fucking bastard for teasing her with his cock! When they’re nearing the end and Rebecca is begging for Ben’s hot spunk, she rims his asshole and sucks his balls as he wanks his cock. She opens wide and greedily slurps as Ben shoots his load into her mouth, telling her what a fucking slut she is. Rebecca spits his creamy load out and it drips down her chin onto her massive tits. Now that she’s had what she wants from him, she tells Ben to shut his fucking mouth and then drives him (while naked and covered in cum!) to his destination. Now that’s good service!

Rebecca More gives Ben Kelly a blowjob in a cab

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Jeffton Banks: Tutoring Darien

Summer Hart and Dorky Darian in Tutoring Darian from Summer Hart Studios

I’ve been wanting to write about Summer Hart Studios again for a long time, but the time just never seemed right. That is, until now. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of the titles from this studio. Summer Hart is beautiful and curvy and has a seductive voice that people could go to war over.

Tutoring Darien brings over a male talent who works in the clip world that I’ve been pretty fascinated by: Dorky Darien. I just have the utmost respect for people with wild, big hair. And it is endlessly refreshing to see a dude bill himself as awkward or nerdy in such a machismo-heavy industry. Summer is Darien’s German tutor. In order to get the words to stick, she emphasizes vocabulary like “suck” and “swallow.” Darien says that things are “getting heavy,” but that he follows. To make the lesson memorable, Summer takes out her gorgeous tits for him to “suck” on. The seductive tutor is a well-worn tradition in the porn world. It’s great to see it alive and well in the hands of some handsome clip artists.

Summer Hart and Dorky Darian in Tutoring Darian from Summer Hart Studios

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