Primary Season 2 (Episodes 4-6): A HotMovies Review

If you’re like me, you were eagerly awaiting the next episodes of Primary with a bit of anxious excitement. Well, it’s finally here. And let me tell you, Episodes 4-6 do not disappoint. While some of the more jagged edges have been smoothed out, others have begun to pop up. All in all, these episodes feel like more of a resolution than a conflict… but there’s plenty more intrigue to be had.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Primary, let me boil it down. It is, essentially, a hip and smart prestige television soap opera focused on the complex web of emotions that can come of non-monogamous relationships. But because Primary is an adult production, we get treated to extended sexy times in-between all the life getting lived. My recommendation is that you start all the way at the beginning and really get invested in the characters and their journeys (although you will still understand plenty and enjoy plenty if you jump in with these episodes).

Ana Foxxx, Casey Calvert, and Derrick Pierce in Primary Season 2 from Erika Lust and Lust Cinema

What’s really interesting about the whole thing is that the focal point of the series seems to shift and change almost like the tides—where sometimes it feels like the unifying characters are the longtime poly couple of Derrick Pierce‘s writer character and Ana Foxxx, other times the (for lack of a better word) “primary” character seems to be Casey Calvert‘s budding writer character, or her co-worker and aspiring singer Victoria Voxxx, or even Victoria’s new downstairs neighbor played by Kira Noir. It speaks to the depth of the characters and the rich understanding that everyone involved in the food chain of love and lust that is polyamory is themselves a unique and complex individual.

Long intro, I know. I’ll talk about the sexiness of everything in a bit. But here is an idea for all of you out there with a significant other: treat this like you would treat a show on television or your favorite streaming service. Pick a day of the week each week to sit and watch one clip/episode for the story and for the sex. It is just as intriguing as half of the shows out there. It is well-produced, edited, shot, and directed. The acting is solid. The music is actually good, too. And if it happens to get you both in the mood? Even better.

Clip 1

Ana Foxxx, Casey Calvert, and Derrick Pierce in Primary Season 2 Episodes 4-6 from Erika Lust and Lust Cinema

Casey Calvert has her first bookstore reading from her first novel. She’s nervous as all get-out, but she maintains her composure in front of friends and fans alike and does a great job. She also looks incredibly sexy in her outfit, which includes a little blazer open with nothing underneath—showing off all kinds of inner sideboob (the rarest and most valuable of all sideboob). To celebrate and unwind, she goes back with Derrick and Ana—both of whom she’s involved with. Ana begins to rub Casey’s shoulders. Derrick wants Casey to relax, and takes to rubbing her feet. We all know where this is going… and so do they. It is a tender threesome that really helps convey the feeling that they all care deeply for one another. My favorite bit of the scene comes with Casey riding cowgirl and you see those lower back dimples that just drive me wild. But the whole scene is just fantastic… and you’ll likely be spent well before Derrick pulls out of Ana and busts all over her delectable ass.

Clip 2

Cam Damage and Victoria Voxxx in Primary Season 2 Episodes 4-6 from Erika Lust and Lust Cinema

Cam Damage plays Joe who (even though Cam is non-binary) is transitioning to male. This has estranged Joe from his live-in girlfriend, Victoria Voxxx. Joe gets a call that he just got a part that could be fantastic for his career. In sharing the good news, Joe confides that even though they’ve split up, he’s happy to be with Victoria to share the news. Victoria feels the same, and it kindles a romantic kiss. The kiss leads to an excited fuck session between the two. Cam goes down on Victoria on the couch with Victoria’s legs up and spread overhead—leading to a body-shaking orgasm. Cam runs back to get a strap and rails the hell out of Victoria. It is the most action-heavy sex scene of the season by far. Their bedroom banter is playful and it’s obvious that the two performers are enjoying one another’s company more than the script even needed. Cam and Victoria each individually have a really high batting average for good-to-great scenes… but I’d wager they’ll bat 1.000 every time they’re together.

Clip 3

Kira Noir and Victoria Voxxx in Primary Season 2 Episodes 4-6 from Erika Lust and Lust Cinema

In true soap-opera form, the estranged relationship is fuel for drama. Victoria doesn’t have the same feelings for Cam. Victoria is focused on downstairs neighbor, Eva (Kira Noir). After a day out together and Victoria explaining the complicated situation, the two neighbors share a passionate kiss. Kira is clearly into Victoria. They go back to Kira’s apartment and giddily undress. The sex carries the tone of a pair excitedly exploring one another. Kira fingers Victoria to climax, and it is a sight to behold. These are two performers who are at the top of their game… not just in acting, but also in sexual performance for the camera. It’s a scene that I plan on revisiting regularly. I imagine you will want to, too.

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