Editor's Picks: January 21st, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: PAWG Harley King Hardcore Fuck

Welcome back friends, for your weekly treat! I like to think that all you pervy pals of mine are just waiting with bated breath each week to see what delicious morsel the Editor’s Pick will serve up next. I imagine you guys on pins and needles, desperate for me and Jeffton Banks’ favorite fuck-flick of the week, only too ready to stroke one out to our stellar suggestions. Not exactly accurate? It’s OK, I have a very vivid imagination! So too, does the focus of this week’s Editor’s Pick! Peter King is an average dude (sporting a rockin’ beard!) with a job that is anything but average! He is the mastermind and namesake behind the studio Peter King Productions, and he’s making quite a name for himself in the industry. Peter and his beard are out there fucking newbies and porn stars alike, and having a hell of a time doing it! Today, Peter is hooking up with sweet little Harley King. Relatively new to the biz—Harley has been sucking cocks on the silver screen since 2021—the cute blonde is only too eager to show off her outstanding oral skills. Peter makes a joke about their names—Mr and Mrs. King, how sweet—before cramming his cock down her throat. Before throat-fucking her, Peter asks Harley why she got into porn and her answer is perfection: she just likes to get fucked! Well, she’s come to the right place!

Harley King gives Peter King a blowjob

Harley gets busy slobbering all over Peter’s cock, taking it deep in her throat and making sure it’s just as wet and messy as possible. Peter is impressed with her and repeatedly tells her what a good little slut she is. There’s no romance or bullshit here, folks, it’s pure fucking for these two. Harley’s shirt comes off and we see her perky little tits are both pierced—very cute. Moments later, Peter pulls off her panties, spits on her pussy, and slides deep inside Harley’s hot little hole. Fucking her missionary style, the camera zooms in close so we get a good view of Peter’s dick as it thrusts in and out of Harley. She’s got one of those creamy pussies, leaving some cream on his cock as he uses her hole, and creating a wet-pussy symphony that is a personal fave of mine. I just love a girl with a sloppy slit! They switch to doggy style and Peter slips right into that juicy pussy with ease. Harley gets to work right away, bouncing that ass and fucking Peter’s cock good. But Peter’s a man of action, so he’s not content to let her fuck him! He takes control, slamming into her hard from behind, wrapping his hands around her throat and pummeling her pussy with force. He pushes her face down to the bed and puts a put on her face as he fucks her, totally dominating her in that moment. Harley sucks Peter’s creamed cock again before climbing on top to ride him cowgirl-style. Peter exclaims, “You’re so fucking wet!” as Harley’s soaked pussy engulfs his dick. Peter can’t seem to get enough of Harley! After a brief ride, he fucks her again doggy style and then once more in missionary position before finally pulling out of that wet honey hole and shooting a hot load onto Harley’s heaving belly. The video ends with Peter thanking Harley for being such a good little slut for him. Harley’s giggle of satisfaction follows us as the scene fades to black. Fingers crossed we see a lot more from this cute little newbie! And a big shout-out and thank you to Peter King for providing such a boner-worthy clip!

Harley King fucked doggy style by Peter King

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Jeffton Banks: Lil Stepsis Needs A Job

Alex De La Flor in Little Stepsis Needs A Job from She Seduced Me

The gorgeous Alex De La Flor is sunning topless at the pool when her angry older stepsister, Ember Snow, comes marching up in full business attire. It’s the classic bratty little sister trope of her being too carefree. Alex quit her job because it was boring, and Ember is fuming over Alex’s slacker attitude towards work and rent. When Alex tells Ember that she’s at a ten and needs to bring it to a two, and then asks if the problem is Ember needs to get laid… Ember takes it as a challenge. Right there, poolside, Ember drags Alex down for a fuck that winds up much more playful than dominant; much more sensual and silly than angry and cathartic. It’s fun and it’s sexy. I personally love the Odd Couple angle of the topless free spirit and the uptight button-down. And to top it all off, it is rare to see two beautiful Filipinas make love to one another.

Alex De La Flor and Ember Snow in Little Stepsis Needs A Job from She Seduced Me

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