Editor's Picks: February 11, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Everyone Loves Karma Rx

It’s that time of the week once again, dear ones. The Editor’s Pick is here to brighten your day and give you new fodder for the spank bank! This week’s pick was such an obvious choice for me—Everyone Loves Karma Rx—including me! So when I see a five-scene compilation of her best scenes, every one of them featuring the lovely Karma Rx alongside James Deen, how could I resist making it my pick of the week? What can I say about either of these powerhouse performers that you don’t already know? Karma is… sexy as fuck, dirty as fuck, and the most delicious little anal whore. James is… incredibly handsome, stunningly salacious, and one of the most boner-worthy dudes in the biz. Seeing these two together is a treat, and five treats in a row may cause you some wrist problems tomorrow. But do still take the risk, my friends, because it is so worth it. Directed by James Deen himself, and brought to you by Full Porn Network, this Karma-loving compilation is too tasty to miss! Let me tell you just a little about it now.

Karma Rx does anal with James Deen

Wrapped in caution tape (foreshadowing here because… Damn, this scene is hot!) and oozing sexuality, Karma waits for James. He arrives full of fuck and ready to use it and her. This scene is rough and dirty, with James spitting on Karma, smearing her makeup to mess up her pretty face, and then using her like a sloppy whore. He fucks her ass like he’s trying to ruin her, and she gasps in pleasure as he shoots his load into her gaping asshole. Next, James grabs a handful of Karma’s hair and drags her to the bathroom where he fucks her mouth, balls slapping her chin as he forcefully uses her throat. Tears slide down Karma’s face as she gags and chokes on his cock, spit dripping from her chin as her throat is fucked like a pussy. Karma grins each time James slaps her and spits on her face. He pulls her up roughly and jerks down her jeans, bending her over and shoving his cock into her balls deep. Karma gasps in surprise, all of it happening so quickly, and then hangs on for the ride. She waits at his feet, mouth open and ready for his load after he’s done using her. A short interview in her apartment opens the next scene. Like the others, Karma is eager to please and James is happy to use her. He fucks her mouth hard and fast, gagging her on his cock. Pushing her onto her knees on the couch, he thrusts into her from behind, her jeans barely pulled down to her hips. James grabs a handful of Karma’s hair and pulls hard, using it to keep her where he wants her. When Karma rides his cock, James pinches her nipples hard, slaps her face, and tells her what a good slut she is. These scenes are intense and thrilling, downright fucking intoxicating, to tell you the truth. The level of intimacy between these performers, these friends, is off the charts. I’ve told you about three of the five scenes, but I’ll leave it to you to discover them all in person. Spend some time alone with them or share it with your partner—either way, you’re sure to have fun!

James Deen fucks Karma Rx

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Jeffton Banks: Caught Fapping 4

Kit Mercer and Van Wylde in Caught Fapping 4 from Devil's Film

A really fun premise that doesn’t have to include any step family is the idea of being walked in on masturbating. I don’t know if it’s happened to any of you, but it’s happened to me before, and it was not erotic. But flipping that script and turning it into something sexy? Hell yes! The film starts off with Aften Opal rubbing one out to her sister’s boyfriend while he (and the rest of the house are asleep)… but she just can’t keep quiet. Aften’s got one of my favorite butts in the biz right now, and her scene is pretty great. Haley Spades is an adorable little sparkplug. In addition to being sexy, Kit Mercer has one of the greatest seduction faces ever (and really, who wouldn’t want to be tipped with an evening with Kit). And Brooklyn Gray absolutely sets the room on fire in her scene with a B&E Derrick Pierce. It’s a fun movie, and if anyone catches you watching this movie, then you’ll be the one Caught Fapping!

Aften Opal and Lawson Jones in Caught Fapping 4 from Devil's Film

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