Lotus Lain Interviews Ana Foxxx on HotMovies Instagram

In honor of Black History Month, HotMovies teamed up with veteran performer Lotus Lain to interview Black performers and adult content producers to highlight their perspectives on the industry and their unique achievements. In the third of 12 Instagram Live interviews, Lotus sat down with the most-awarded Black female porn star: the one-and-only Ana Foxxx. Ana sat down with her good friend Lotus to discuss some of the difficulties Black performers face, whether size really does matter, and which legendary performers helped inspire her career. Check out Lotus and Ana’s fun discussion below or watch the video on HotMovies’ YouTube or Instagram!

Ana Foxxx

LL: How’s everyone’s Sunday? Oh, shit, we got Foxy Loxy in the house, oh, formerly Foxy Loxy, now known as Foxy Scorpio. Queue confetti. Wooo! There’s my confetti. [laughter] How are you girl?

AF: I can’t complain. I’m having a good day.

Looking beautiful over there, looking good, looking glossy. Yes, you are popping. You are popping. Oh my God, this is so exciting. You’re here for the HotMovies official Black History Month series of interviews, and I don’t know if we could be more honored right now. You are our industry’s top awarded, most awarded Black female porn star. You guys gotta celebrate that. I wanna see confetti emojis going off in the comments. I wanna see hand clapping. I wanna see recognition where recognition is deserved. There’s no more beautiful, fuckable, chocolate doll than our own Miss Ana Foxxx. So please, please, please take your flowers, all that beautiful shit. I just wanna know since it did come down to our own, I guess, investigations to figure out and finally confirm if you are in fact our industry’s most awarded top Black female porn star, how did that feel? What was it like when you kind of started realizing, is this me? Take us through that.

It was a two-step process. Part of me was irritated that we had to go investigate because that wouldn’t happen for other co-workers or other co-stars. They just get notified of these things. So I was kind of upset that we even had to go look, and then I was sad that other women that I thought were fucking fire didn’t get awarded as much as I have. Because I have what a white performer would make in a night. So that’s… It’s cool. Like woo-hoo! Yay me! But damn, at the same time it’s insane, the levels to awarding in this industry. So I was a little sad that more Black women hadn’t been more awarded. But I was very honored that it was me because I don’t know, I might be the most outspoken Black woman here. I might be the most…

Right. You’ll let a motherfucker know, that’s for sure.

[chuckles] Yeah. So I’ve been talking a lot, so maybe that’s why I got it…

I mean, honestly Ana, I will say a lot of us Black women do not hold back, we’ll all let a motherfucker know, but it’s something about your grace and class in delivery that I think really hits people on the nose, and they can’t deny it in the way that you kind of present things. Which I take cues from you sometimes in the way that you handle things. You do handle your issues very well. But besides all that, so once we did find out, I don’t know. What do you think that that means for the industry at large, now that we know you are our most awarded top Black female porn star, what do you think that could mean?

Well, I know that definitely, it’s starting to change. I’ve already had a lot of directors contacting me saying that they are driven to add more Black talent to their features, put more Black women in their movies, and I’m all for it because there shouldn’t just be… Like I would love to see all of my girls on the stage all night. So I think it’s a positive change and it’s a turn for the better. And I’m pretty excited, I just can’t wait till I start seeing more Black women being awarded onstage, I would be like… I wanna lose my voice.

Exactly, exactly. It’s kind of funny because I, just like you, have noticed that more Black women are being placed in more productions here and there, but it’s the awarding that we still need to break barriers on.

Agreed, ’cause there are so many awards to go out that it doesn’t make sense to me that we keep awarding the same, same, same, same. You gotta look deeper and look into other avenues and see what everybody else is doing because it shouldn’t be just the privileged, mainstream performers… so much work that a lot of us do. And people before me, I still haven’t seen awarded, and women I thought were fucking phenomenal, so nice. And I just think that this is a turn towards recognizing them.

Ana Foxxx

For sure. Alright, well, I just wanna go to some quick questions that some people have already started throwing into the Q and A box. By the way, if you have questions for Ana, it would be easier if you put them in the little Q and A box on the corner of the comment box because once the comments start scrolling, I can’t really see them. So let’s go and see. Someone asked when did you know you wanted to make this a real career?

I think right off the bat. I was like, I knew that porn was a million-dollar industry, so hello, I would like a piece of that million dollars.

Right. [laughter]

I was more driven in my first year because I had a lot of people making ignorant comments to me because they didn’t think I would last. So my first person told me, “Oh, what are you doing here?” And I was like, “I wanna win awards eventually.” And they were like, “Oh, Black girls don’t win awards.” And I was like…

That literally got told to you by someone?

My first porn award event with an interviewer, that’s what I was told on my first thing.

And the interviewer actually told you that?

Yes, yeah. And was like…

That’s crazy discouraging. Can you believe it… Could you believe saying that to someone, “Oh, your type of person doesn’t even get awarded?”

Without tequila? No. I can’t imagine that. [laughter]

Oh, we know how it gets once the tequila starts flowing. Right? Exactly. Daisy Ducati just dropped in there, “We do now. LOL.” And I’m like, “Yes.” You just changed that. I love how you fucking made that person eat their words, and I wonder where the fuck they are now and how great they are at interviews, ’cause you’re fucking killing the game.

So all of those negative comments that I experienced in my first few months to a year, really made me be like, Oh, bitch. Let me figure the fuck out. How do I stay here? Even if I didn’t think I would last long myself, no one’s gonna tell me my time limit and when I expire here. I made it a point to figure out how to remain relevant and how to enjoy myself because there’s no point in being here if you’re not truly happy. So make it fun for me, but make everybody eat their words. And they’re eating them.

Exactly. Chomp, chomp. It’s funny that you’re saying you made a commitment to stay here and remain here, ’cause that was one of the things I had asked Ricky, was everybody wants to know how to get in the industry, which I honestly think is easy. So speak to how do you stay in the industry? ‘Cause, that’s not as easy. We all know. You could get your first run of bookings as a new person, and then after that, how do you maintain? How did you maintain, and not just maintain ’cause, as we know and see, you elevated each year. Take us through that. Take us through how a queen does things.

[laughter] When I first started porn, I thought I was sexually adventurous, but I quickly found out that I was not. There’s so many things in porn that you can do, from A to Z. There’s a lot of things, and I just was doing missionary. So I was like, I don’t know…

So you think you kinda have to be open to trying things that you never even thought you would try before?

Trying things and genuinely excited. When anal was an absolute no, and I was even in an interview like, “N-O-O-O-O. Fuck no. Never.” [laughter]

I remember that too, you saying that. We all say that at first.

We do. But staying true to what I wanted to do and taking my steps, I think gave me longevity, not coming out the gates doing every fucking thing, but trying everything in its own time and place was a lot better than just gangbanging from the first door. Yeah. Just trying things…

Ana Foxxx

Do you think that that decision-making process helped you maintain? Because I have to say, Ana, you’re one of the people I admire the most, not just ’cause you’re my friend, but you have one of the most level-headed mentalities in the industry. Your mental wellness is unmatched. You know what I’m saying? You know I go through my moments too. I’m up and I’m down, down, and then I’m like, “Girl, I need you.” And you’re so even-keeled at all times. So just yeah, what do you do to actually maintain such even-balanced mental health throughout all the crazy shit that you’re always facing? People are always talking shit to you and random shit that you got to take on the shoulder and still keep a smile. How do you keep that smile, and just let it roll off the shoulders like that?

In addition to weed—I live in LA so it’s 420-friendly—thank God for weed. But, obviously, my friends like you; my support system is crazy. I like to think that even if I don’t have a friend for a long time when they come into my life, I always think people are the baddest bitch that I could imagine. I’m like, “Whoa. You’re so fucking cool.” And just meeting all these cool people and just seeing how creative they are in their own space, makes me wanna do the same. So from everybody from Mimi to Daisy to you to September to the girls that aren’t here anymore, to Nyomi Banxxx and Pinky. Every fucking woman that I’ve met in this industry has been so amazing, and it just made me wanna do the same. I’m like, “I can’t let these bad bitches down. If these girls see me working at Burger King… ” [laughter]

I feel you. I feel you. That’s really cute. So it’s like… That’s really cute, Ana. You take inspiration from your fellow bad bitches, and that’s what keeps you being a bad bitch. [laughter] I love that. I love that. That’s so fucking cute. Well, let’s take another little question over here. The fellas always wanna know, and they always wanna go there. So they always gonna ask, what is your favorite size? And we do mean penises.

[laughter] There’s really no way to answer it. I am definitely not a size queen. I will start there. Big dicks, as fun as they are, they are for that time and that time only. One time was fine with me. I almost stressed out, wigs falling off. I… I’m a more…

Facts. [laughter]

On the B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B. I don’t need big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, dick… I just… I’m a tall woman, but I have a short torso, so I prefer… I don’t know, I don’t walk around with a ruler, but just a normal-sized dick… [laughter]

Okay, what do you think is most important then as far as any element or any aspect of the penis or the sex, what do you think is most important? ’cause they keep thinking it’s the size. So what do you think is most important?

It’s all you. They gotta learn how to eat that pussy.

Okay, okay.

A nice dick is great, but if they eat the pussy well before you are… It doesn’t even matter, the dick doesn’t…

It doesn’t. [chuckles]

It could be a finger, it could be a belly button, and I will be like…

I’ve literally had a belly button fuck me after some really good head and I was fine girl, I was fine. [chuckles]

That belly button can get it if you eat the pussy…

I was like, Imma ride this nub. [laughter]

All down the face, like if you eat the pussy well, dick size does not even matter, even the big ones, I’m like, you know what, all is forgiven, come on in here with your…

You’ll let that big ol’ half-arm slam into you if they eat it well? [laughter]

Elbow. [chuckle]

They’re serving you the people’s elbow in the shape of a penis. [chuckles]

You can. [chuckles]

Oh my god, that’s so funny. So I hope you guys are taking notes and really taking into mind that we’re not so concerned with the size, we’re concerned with the eating and the preparation of the puss-wa. Are you getting it wet? Are you paying attention to the clit?

The titties too, the titties too…

Yeah, yeah, oh my god, tell them about the titties, ’cause I don’t think they know what to do with them.

The titties like… Like I think a woman just likes to be worshipped, so if you just…

No, say that again and a lot louder, ’cause I don’t think they even fucking get how deep that goes.

Women love to be worshipped, head to toe, especially to toe. I don’t know what it is, but if a guy eats my foot too, then I’m like, honey… [laughter]

Right, I’m like, Oh, you wanna eat it all the way up? [chuckles]

Where do you wanna live, in my house? [laughter]

Right, yes, you guys need to get more in the habit of worshiping your woman and trying… Instead of trying to body-slam her.

No, no, no. [laughter]

Ana Foxxx

Oh my god, that’s so funny. Okay, so one of the things I think a lot of people would like to know is, what is a typical week, you know like, week in the life of jet-setting, all-around important women like yourself, you produce, you perform, you entertain. Take us through like a regular week of business… When you’re busy.

Well, I feel like it all starts with the morning, regardless of what I gotta do, I always wake up, I wake and bake and I bath bomb, I take that time for myself to chill the fuck out before I look at an email, before I walk my dog, I chill out for me, and I just moisturize. I’m like, No, I don’t care what’s going on today, I’m gonna be the softest, most smelling goodest bitch here, you know.

I’ll second that…

I feel good, and a lot of the time, it depends on if I’m shooting then I shoot, if I’m not shooting, then I schedule content or customs. So if I’m doing customs, I like to come to Vegas. If I’m doing content, it’s wherever whoever’s contenting me is at… I’m trying to make my job like a 9-5, regardless of if I have bookings or not, I try to make sure that I fill up my time with work.

Right. So you’re not thinking of it as like, “Oh, playtime, I just get to play and be fun and sexy and smoke and fuck around.” Like it’s a business, right? I know people think that is the way our lives are, but…

It’s definitely a business, especially I know my Instagram has gotten deleted, but my other platforms where I have my fans never went down, so OnlyFans, my LoyalFans people, anybody that’s paying for me anywhere. They’ve been loyal and they’re there, so I have to cater to those people all the time, so even if I wanna take a break, I gotta make it work.


So I’ll go somewhere for a staycation and still end up fucking myself. [laughter] It’s…

No, I know how it is. Yes, you’re always kind of on business mode, is what you’re saying, or…

Lighting is nice and not take a nice little booty pic, I’m like, “Wait a minute, my booty-cheeks would really, really nice right here.”

Bet… Like have something in the cache, so you always have something to give out.

Why thank you.

I think that’s part of probably something that adds to your like, just chill mental wellness is you always know that you have something in the bag, you’re not frantically trying to pick back up the pieces, which is hard. I don’t know how people can do that.

It’s stressful, and sometimes that bag starts to dwindle and you’re like, oh, shit… [chuckles]

Ana Foxxx

Yeah, exactly. One of the things I wanna ask you since we’re talking about history and Black history and stuff, who were some of the Black porn stars and creators that you looked up to in the past that you admired?

Sure, the first Black women that I looked up to were Nyomi Banxxx and Imani Rose. I was very lucky to work with both of them, and they both were just really open and just told me whatever I asked. Like if I was, “How are you so pretty?” She’s like, “Girl, cocoa butter, you know like, whatever on my thighs.” [chuckles]


And they were both so, I don’t know. They felt like sisters. And I really looked up to them and since meeting them, I’d make sure that other women, especially Black women meeting me, felt the same way I felt when I met them.

Awww, that’s so beautiful, ’cause that’s one of the things… Everyone thinks this industry is very cutthroat, which it is, and it can be, but the thing I love about us fellow Black women is knowing how harsh and how difficult the industry treats us, we all kind of uplift each other in ways that we can. I love that those were your first experiences with people that you looked up to. So I have a question from the audience, and it’s asking about OnlyFans: do you think OF will stay or eventually get too saturated?

I think OnlyFans is gonna stay regardless of what their rules are, like if sex workers are allowed on that platform, who knows, but I think OnlyFans will stay. I’m not too concerned on if it’s here or not because prior to OnlyFans I didn’t have a connection with my fans. So…

Oh, really?

Yeah, I just had Instagram and Twitter, which I feel like is less impersonal because there’s a lot of disrespectful men on there, like people like “Oh, ignore them. Don’t feed them.” And I’m like, “No, bitch, not on my watch.” [laughter]

Yeah, I mean sometimes you can’t ignore it when motherfuckers just get stalker-ish and add multiple accounts just to keep harassing.

If you’re bold enough to post this disrespectful paragraph, then I’m gonna respond and let everybody else see… So Instagram wasn’t always the best tool, but OnlyFans definitely put me right in front of my fans where I could send them selfies, talk to them every fucking day. A lot of them I’ve had relationships with for like years, so I feel like friends. [chuckles]

Friends, I know right. It’s like our internet boyfriends, it does kind of feel like that it’s kind of cute ’cause yeah, you do kinda remember the little things about them too, and then you know, “Oh, I know you like feet, so let me do a little video.”

And connecting with them, so even if OnlyFans leaves, we’re friends. We’re homies already. So we move on to the next platform, whether it’s Playboy Centerfold or wherever I go, they’re my friends. I’m like the Despicable Me guy and they’re like my minions. I love minions. [laughter]

I love it, yeah. They totally are. They totally are. You gotta love those dedicated fans. One question got asked, but I’m gonna reword it because I think it’s not fair to say. “What is your favorite scene?” But I think, “What are your favorite types of scenes to shoot?” is a fair question.

You know it always changes, but nowadays I’m almost shocked hearing myself say it, but I really like shooting DPs and orgies where they’re open, meaning like people are doing anal too. It’s just like the no-limits kind of thing, is just…

Where everyone DP’ed or orgied, or whatever.

Like my birthday party, that type of environment is fucking fun. And it’s just cool, it brings a lot of fun to sex when you’re sharing with someone, and there’s more than two when you’re sharing with multiple people and everybody’s like literally working it all to bust a nut. [chuckles]

Yes, I love that too. I know like that’s our favorite shit. It’s like our re-bonding time when we’re back in our orgy mode. [chuckles]

And the limits are… There’s not like, let’s just go do whatever you want.

Ana Foxxx & Lotus Lain in Ana's Awesome Birthday Orgy
Ana Foxxx & Lotus Lain in Ana's Awesome Birthday Orgy
Ana Foxxx & Lotus Lain in Ana’s Awesome Birthday Orgy

Exactly. Yeah, soldiers. I mean isn’t that the whole reason why we got in this industry like no-limit fucking. [chuckles] Oh, my God. Okay, so let me see what this other question is over here. “Would you ever get boob implants?” Oh my God.

Listen, I love different types of bodies, but my body is not that body. I love fake boobies, I love real boobies. I don’t just like any type of body, but mine is not that. I will put fake boobies anywhere around any day, but I’m a “Chicken Little.” No, no, no, the closest thing I’ll do to getting fake boobies is like, you know how drag queens tuck those titty things?

Oh my God. I wanna get those too. They’re so realistic-looking, sometimes they fucking trip me out. I was just fond of them. Wouldn’t that be funny if we just got them just for like one event, and we both have really crazy titties? [chuckles]

But I have so many friends; we all got different bodies. I feel like we’re like, I don’t know. Cool dolls, so like we’re…

Yeah we’re all each like our own little style of a doll, right?

Yeah, I am not that adventurous…

We appreciate the honesty. Let’s see, it’s getting a little bit so bright out here, so it’s hard to see my phone. Alright, so this other question is… It’s kind of difficult to interpret what they mean, but they’re tryna say in terms of exposure: “Do you think it’s easier for women like us to make it or back in the early days, like the 70s, 80s?” Not that we were…

There were, I think, a lot more Black women in porn, 100%. So their startup was insane, a lot more household as far as Black women, you knew everybody knew. So back in the day, all the porn stars were all household names. There were a lot more Black women. They were all put on that Angela White level, but now there are Black women, but we’re not household names like that anymore. Isn’t even really celebrating me being the number-one awarded Black woman in history. What they did for Black women is different. They were everywhere. And they were fucking rock stars, but now I’ll go out in public and I’m like, “Hey, do you guys know who I am? I’m the top Black porn star.” No, “Are you Skin Diamond?” And I’m like…

Girl, even at your own sponsored parties they’re like, “Who are you?”

Nope. Even at the Expos like, they know the names but they don’t really know. Because we’re not really put on those pedestals like we were back in the 90s, back in the 80s.

You are so right. I definitely think that’s what’s changed.

The care…

The care for crafting a star out of someone.

Yeah. I don’t know if their level of believing in us went down or whatever, but it’s not the same. We definitely have to fight harder to get the seat and remain in the seat. ‘Cause every time women get something good, people are like, “Okay, cool. When are you retiring?” Or, “Oh, this new bitch that looks like you is the next you.” And I’m like, why are you…

Exactly. And you’re like, “I’m still me. And I’m literally still right here.”

Why are you trying to kick me out of my seat? I’m still fucking.

Right, so speaking of which, who are you passing the torch to bitch? No, I’m just playing. [laughter] Okay, so, when are you retiring? [laughter] No, I think that’s one of the things that I noticed too that might be different. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but retirement doesn’t necessarily have to be a thing anymore.

I don’t understand, like, what is retiring from porn? Because you kind of like, once you establish a name like you make money off of your name. So, are you ever really retired? You know? Like, that name keeps working for you, right? Like people wanna see you. They wanna interview you. You are this guest on this thing. Like, you can retire for fucking sure, but I’m not planning on doing that anytime soon. I’m so horny.

Right, exactly. Because I see women like Sinnamon Love. She may not be doing major productions, but she has a poppin’ OnlyFans and she’s still touring, as far as I know, so she has a fanbase that’s still being served. So I think those old-school days when there used to be like a career that was like one or two years and then you retire, don’t exist anymore. Now that we have these kinds of fan platforms and different ways of… I mean, Roxy Reynolds, she’s even making perfumes and stuff. So, like you said, we have a name. So, Miss Foxx, that’s what I’m gonna transition you into. One of our last questions is: what do you think your next transitions of career moves might be? Where are you gonna take the Foxy fans, you know, as your star gets bigger?

Honestly, I never kind of thought that the things I’m currently doing were possible for me. So I’m still kinda like, in awe that I’m able to even like produce for a company as dope as Playboy. And it’s been a long journey, but I plan to continue producing super hard for them and bringing them nothing but the best diversity that I can bring. But I mean like, you know, it’s not gonna stop there. This is just another step on my stepping stone. So who knows? Maybe I’ll be president.

Ana Foxxx

You are gonna be our president. You know it’s so beautiful and funny. I mean, I even just saw Daisy say she’s been at conventions and people have asked her for your autograph. And I’ve told you before, where I’ve gotten DMs from other Black friends of mine and they’re like, “What does Ana do to get her wigs down because I need her wig treatment.” And I’m like, “I don’t know.” That just goes to speak to how big and influential your reach is. And, can we maybe get a wig line in the future or something girl? Because… [laughter]

There’s no telling what I will do. I love wigs. Never made one, but I know how to rock them. I got two… Yeah you know, there might be some Foxy Loxy soaps and Foxy Loxy locks. I don’t know.

Foxy Loxy locks? There you go, trademark that shit. Absolutely perfect. Everything you do is hot fire. Spitting hot fire, Dylan, Dylan… I’m so sorry I had to. You got me acting crazy out here. You’ve got me in the alley girl just to finish this fucking interview. Okay? Right? I want everybody in the comments to give our girl one last astounding round of applause. I wanna see emojis of celebration. I wanna see hearts on fire. I wanna see everyone giving our girl her flowers because we’re about to wrap this IG live up. We’re gonna let you get on to your beautiful day ’cause I know you’re always on to some moves. And I’m gonna finish the rest of my day sleeping. Bye, everyone. Thank you so much for joining us.

I’m your Venus. [laughter]

We love you all. Okay, take care. Have a good rest of your Sunday. Peace out. See you back on Wednesday for the next live. Bye.

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