Editor's Picks: February 25th, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Paddles & Pussy

Happy hump day, dear ones. I know it’s not Wednesday, but if you’re brimming with sexiness and always itching for a roll in the hay, then everyday is hump day! I know we’ve all been going through some seriously weird times with the pandemic, and it’s led to a lot of isolation and loneliness. But hopefully you’ve taken some of that time to find out more about yourself. I know that’s been a goal of mine, and considering the flood of talented amateur content we’ve been seeing lately, so has it been for a bunch of talented clip artists. These generous guys and gals are gifting the world with their freaky footage, and thankfully, it’s my job (and my great pleasure) to share the very best of it with you. One such talented tart is Dahlia Von Knight, a tattooed and pierced BBW whose soft curvy body is a pure delight for the senses. She shares her titillating experiences with us and for that I give her my warmest regards and a well-deserved round of applause. Paddles & Pussy is just a little but naughty, and oh so nice. Let’s take a closer look at this risque romp.

Dahlia Von Knight tastes Rebecca Vanguard

Today’s tasty treat from the delectable Dahlia has her paired up with the lovely Rebecca Vanguard. Clad in a sheer black top and matching panties, Dahlia wastes no time getting her mouth on Rebecca’s flesh. She leans in and suckles Rebecca’s nipple, pulling one, then the other into her hot mouth. She swirls her tongue around and around until they’re standing at attention and Rebecca is sighing with pleasure. Two minutes into this quickie clip and Dahlia has her mouth on Rebecca’s pussy. Rebecca leans back into the pillows, enjoying Dahlia’s warm tongue. She tweaks her nipples and watches as Dahlia sucks on her clit and spreads her labia apart to taste her sweet pink center. Is it just me, or does Rebecca bear a striking resemblance to Rashida Jones? I’ve got a small (huge) crush on Rashida, and now I think I need to add Rebecca to my list of crushes. It’s a never ending list. But I digress. Where were we? Oh yes, Dahlia is tasting Rebecca. It takes roughly three minutes for Rebecca to achieve the big O, and then it’s time for the paddle to come out and play. Dahlia has removed her top, freeing her large beautiful tits for your viewing pleasure. On her hands and knees, Rebecca presents her ass for the paddle. Dahlia spanks Rebecca’s creamy bottom, the paddle making a sharp stinging sound as it reddens Rebecca’s behind. Careful not to hurt her lover, Dahlia adds her palm to the mix, smiling as she watches Rebecca enjoy it. And then it’s time for Rebecca to return the pleasure. Dahlia lays down and Rebecca dives right in! She eats her out feverishly, her head buried in Dahlia’s fleshy mound, tonguing her clit with fervor. Dahlia cries out in pleasure, looking down to watch Rebecca feast on her pussy. Dahlia’s body shakes through an eye rolling orgasm and then the two kiss and cuddle as the scene ends. It’s sweet, naughty, and incredibly sexy! Don’t miss the fun-check it out HERE!

Dahlia Von Knight spanks Rebecca Vanguard

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Jeffton Banks: Cream My Trimmed Bush 2

Sybil A in Cream My Trimmed Bush 2 from Pure Passion

Cream My Trimmed Bush 2 is exactly what the doctor ordered as the week comes to a close. Most of the scenes have a nice and fun little tease ahead of the scene: Charlotte Sins as a star-pastied cowgirl, Vanna Bardot brandishing pom-poms, or Sybil A’s pool cabana fishnet dance (where she even grabs hold of the roof for a playful spread and bounce moment). The scenes use fake cum to great effect– making a sloppy, noisy mess as we watch these women get railed. Sometimes it’s more believable than others that the girlcum is the product of a really fun fuck… but it’s all in good fun even when it’s a little more obvious. And the cream is equal opportunity! As we see with David Lee’s simulated creampie! It’s hard to pick a favorite scene in this fun flick… but it would have to be either Charlotte Sin’s kitchen cowgirl romp or Athena May pouncing on Brick Danger for a little fun.

Charlotte Sins in Cream My Trimmed Bush 2 from Pure Passion

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