The Best Of February 2022 On HotMovies

Our shortest month has ended. It features one of the biggest holidays over here at HotMovies HQ: Valentine’s Day. It is also Black History Month, which we observed with lots of interviews by Lotus Lain. So, in other words, February is a pretty busy month for only being 28 days! And if you thought we were done and about to lay low, you have another thing coming… our March Madness Pornament is right around the corner, along with plenty of amazing exclusives just for you! But in the meantime, here’s a recap of some of the best we had to offer in February.


Black & White Vol. 20

Black & White Vol. 20 from Blacked

Blacked‘s latest entry in their long-running series shows us what sort of beautiful love can come from racial harmony.

Slam Piece

Slam Piece from Jonn Darkko

According to director Jonni Darkko, a slam piece is “a sexual partner with whom one has sex, without emotional attachment.”

Girls At Work: The Associates

Girls At Work: The Associates from Marc Dorcel

The latest in the Girls At Work series will build your erotic passions with sex scenes featuring lady architects.

Caught Fapping

Caught Fapping from Devil's Film

It might be embarrassing, but being caught fapping could be the quickest way to get lucky… at least according to these sexy scenes.

Trickery 7: Indecent Proposals 3

Trickery 7: Indecent Proposals 3 from Bang!

This is a mix of gonzo POV goodness and plot-based porn that’ll be sure to set your pants on fire!

Open House Affairs

Open House Affairs from Life Selector

Closing the deal on a house has never been so damn sexy!

Consummating The Marriage

Consummating the Marriage from Pure Taboo

Dahlia is a lesbian, but must prove that she has consummated her marriage to a man as condition for her inheritance!

I Love You, You’re Fired

I Love You, You're Fired from Lust Cinema

A romantic comedy that shows how far someone is willing to go to be with the one they love… and how hard it is to get fired.


Lotus Lain

Lotus Lain

Let me start with this. Lotus Lain is terrific. Not only is she a talented performer of insane beauty and a wild kinky streak… but she is also gifted as an idea person and writer. I loved her article she wrote for us about She cooked up a great performer round-up, as well. But when she approached us with the idea of interviewing other Black performers for Black History Month and allowing us access to something as uniquely insightful as that, the respect and admiration I had for her jumped 10 more levels. I didn’t think I had that many levels in me! Her interviews, which can be seen on our Instagram, are also transcribed as Spotlight articles; so you have no excuse not to check them out. The world needs 1,000 more Lotus Lains.

Cory Chase

Cory Chase

Cory Chase might well be the ultimate MILF. Cory Chase might also well be the ultimate step-mom/mother-in-law. I’d found her own content well before working for HotMovies and was immediately smitten. Her major studio work shows a deep understanding of her role as a MILFy beauty… and a major willingness and ability to roleplay some of the most interesting taboo scenarios. You don’t even need to look deep into her filmography—as February’s addition, Girl’s All Grown Up highlights what I mean perfectly. I would also recommend scoping out Step Mother Son Perversions, Mom’s Guide To Sex 5, and You Both Belong To Me. Well, those… and all other Cory Chase scenes.

Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde

I don’t care how many awards and nominations she’s received, I still say Jane Wilde is underappreciated in this business. It’s hard to believe that she’s now in her fifth year of performing and has over 250 clips available on our site! She is one of the hardest working performers in the industry, based on those numbers. And do you know what you’re getting when you watch a Jane Wilde scene? Nothing short of her best performance possible. She is always on. Frankly, some women appear to just be going through the motions sometimes, but never once have I seen Jane give anything less than 100%. That’s a really admirable trait… and much harder to find than you might think. The little cutie appears in a whopping seven movies we released in February… including the starring role in our exclusive, Consummating The Marriage and a hilarious scene I’m about to mention in the next section from Reality Kings.

XXX Clips

Lil Humpers 11 – Clip 2

Dana DeArmond, Layton Benton, and Jordi El Nino Polla in Lil Humpers 11 from Reality Kings

I had a hard time figuring out which scene to talk about in my Monthly FInds from this, because this collection is some of the best that’s ever been put out in the series! But I ultimately chose Clip 2 because I am so appreciative of RK’s decision to put women of different body types in a mainstream scene without drawing attention to it. Layton Benton is a beautiful woman that just happens to have the kind of thick middle you don’t see in a big porn studio release unless it’s a specialty title. It’s a shame, too, because we all need more Layton in our lives—and other women that happen to be on the bigger side. She plays an unhappy customer at a coffee house, where a bizarrely distracted Jordi El Nino Polla can’t get her coffee order right. Turns out that he has a “case of the humps” (as is evident in the fact that he is walking around with a coffee bag with a hole in it on his dick). Shop owner Dana DeArmond takes Layton’s advice and decides to drain Jordi’s balls in the name of good customer service. Layton gets in on it, and it is a MILF-a-licious threesome with a silly-as-hell premise. And as mentioned above, the other clip I almost chose has a somehow even more hilarious premise—Jane Wilde and Juan El Caballo Loco are so young and horny they’re treated like animals by their parents, put on harnesses to be taken to the park (where they hump everything in site), only to run away together and find the welcoming bosom of a jogging Lauren Phillips.

Amateur Encounters Vol. 6

Nesty in Amateur Encounters Volume 6 from Wolf Wagner

So the ridiculous scenario for the scenes in Amateur Encounters 6 explain away the title, despite the fact that none of the performers are even close to being amateurs. The idea is that Max Maynard is such a good customer of a porn website, that he’s been given the idea by some larger-than-life porn site executive to film and fuck women as a prize for his patronage. Weird, right? Well weird or not, it gives us several really good hybrid-POV/traditional porn scenes. My favorite of the group stars Nesty, who is waiting for Max in one of the bedrooms of a house his site’s benefactor has rented out for him. Nesty is a beautiful blonde with an infectious smile and some magic tongue work in her POV blowjob. There is some great stuff coming out of the studio Wolf Wagner!

Urban, Sexy And Anal Loving Vol. 2 – Clip 1

Lenna Ross and Lexi Donna in Urban, Sexy And Anal Loving Volume 2 from Private

I don’t know what it is about this month, but I guess I just had a thing for silly premises. Lenna Ross and Lexi Dona are two Euro babes taking recorder lessons (you know, those flute-like instruments) from George Uhl. They’re having a tough time blowing the recorders because it reminds them too much of blowing a cock, so they opt for George’s skin flute instead. And what transpires is a fun scene with two brunette beauties and the handsome, mature Uhl.

What Gets Me Hot – Clip 2

Alex Harper in What Gets Me Hot from Nubiles

The scene begins with romantic, sexy narration about fantasies and desires over video of Alex Harper sending sexy photos to her dude. When the fella catches up to Alex, she is in a tub with a wet, white shirt and no bra on… which is essentially boner catnip. Brian Omally is the POV cock in this romantic and erotic scene. The lead-up is slow and sensual, but soon animalistic urges take over and Alex winds up diligently bouncing her furry, wet pussy on Brian with a left-my-body sense of ecstacy.

My Stepdaughter’s Panties 4 – Clip 4

Sera Ryder in My Stepdaughter's Panties 4 from Diabolic

I’ve never gone raiding a panty drawer for a sniff. Do clean panties smell? Is it commonplace for women to put used panties in their drawer to use again and I just haven’t ever been with anyone that does that? Couldn’t say. But the stepdads of My Stepdaughter’s Panties sure seem to like what they find in the drawers. For Sera Ryder, she narrates that at first step-father-to-be, Derrick Pierce, unnerved her with the attention he provided (of an obviously sexual nature). But she grew to, not just like it, but be turned on by it. So when Sera catches Derrick red-handed sniffing a fistful of her panties, she takes the opportunity to make a move. The chemistry between the two of them in the scene is palpable, and it’s one of the more spirited fucks I can remember Derrick being a part of in recent times. Sometimes people just mesh on a hormonal level better than others, and this is one of those times. And it’s a hot thing to bear witness to.


West Coast Productions

West Coast Productions is an absolute institution at this point. For over 20 years, WCP has been producing excellent Black and interracial content. The Black-owned studio, which is a real rarity, has done its thing for decades without compromising its integrity or its quality. As our own Authentic Lesbian discussed in her article about Black-owned studios, the fact that they’re going strong still is a triumph. We’re currently adding about one title a month from them, including the really solid Black Ass Anal Booty 3 in February. But their back-catalog is also something worth looking at—it all holds up! And for butt-lovers like ole Jeffton, series don’t get much more prestigious than their long-running Booty Talk.

Lady Lazarus

We’ve been adding a good amount more of Lady Lazarus titles to the site. The gorgeous alt performer, who currently is sporting purple hair, is at the center of these little flicks. It is clear that the woman enjoys what she does, and for that reason, anyone who watches her movies will enjoy what she does too. The February content we threw up on HotMovies has a very swinger vibe to it. She is often being joined by fellow tattooed beauty Ciren Verde—and has had a spate of big-dicked costars in Richard Mann, Big Tre, and Puerto Rock.


Bang! is a well-known membership site. They focus primarily on younger, fresher faces in the industry, but also have a couple MILF lines and a couple others that focus on one theme or another. It is overwhelmingly gonzo content, but they do have a couple lines with some plot. Perhaps my favorites of the group are the Screw The Cops series and the Roadside XXX series. We just added Roadside XXX 10 in mid-February, and it is every bit as good as prior installments. The Trickery series is also a good bit of fun, and we just had Trickery 7 as an exclusive! Be sure to check out that Haven Rae scene—she is so damn sexy in it!

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