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In honor of Black History Month, HotMovies teamed up with veteran performer Lotus Lain to interview Black performers and adult content producers to highlight their perspectives on the industry and their unique achievements. In the sixth Instagram Live interview, Lotus sat down with Diamond (formerly Amethyst) Banks. In their conversation, Diamond discusses having anal sex for the first time on camera, favoritism in the industry, and why being “all over the place” has been good for her career. Check out Lotus and Diamond’s discussion below or watch the video on HotMovies’ YouTube or Instagram!

Diamond Banks

LL: Alright, we are live. I’m Lotus with HotMovies, and hi everyone joining in. I’m looking to add Ms. Diamond Banks into here. I’m so excited to have you. Of course, as soon as I decided to go outside, a helicopter comes right out. [chuckle] But we’re not gonna let that fuck us up. [chuckle] Here, let me see. Alright, cool. So yeah, thank you for making time to talk to me today on this Friday. Can you hear me well?

DB: Yeah. Can you hear me?

Alright. Yeah, I can hear you. Cool, cool. So yeah, definitely. Say hi to the fans that have made time to be here with you and let us know what you’re up to today.

Hey, y’all. I’m just chilling. Actually, I gotta go get tested after this. [chuckle]

Okay, gotta get tested, yes, yes, most importantly, to stay constantly working. That’s one of the things we gotta do. So yeah, let me just go ahead and get into it. I’m really interested as far as your history goes: how you got started, what was your journey, what brought you to where we are now today? You’re kind of like having a comeback moment. And also, yeah, you definitely have to take me into how you became Diamond, ’cause you didn’t start out that way.

Exactly. I used to be Amethyst. [chuckle]

Yes, yes. [chuckle]

Honestly, I think it was maybe my second year being in the industry. I was asked to change my name by my agent and I was like, “Woah.” And he was like, “Well, they keep spelling your name wrong on box covers. You haven’t noticed?” And I was like, “No, not really. Let me go see.” [chuckle] And it was always spelled wrong, and then it’s like when fans would try to look me up, nobody could find it. So I was like, “Well, I’ll just change my first name and keep Banks.”

Yeah, ’cause it was still Banks as your last name, right?

That didn’t change, just the first. But I like Amethyst. It was different for me. It’s my birthstone.

Oh, is it? Oh, what is that birthstone? What month were you born in, for those of us not familiar with this, all the astrology signs?


February? Oh, that’s right. It’s coming up. That’s right.

Next week.

Alright, you hear that fans and fellas out there? That means you gotta get your tips ready for birthday girl coming up. So that’s cool. So you have had to change it because you were actually getting box covers, but they were fucking up the credits and…


Yeah, messing with that. Yeah we can’t have that ’cause we need to know who to look up. And people only have one hand when they’re looking up usually, the other hand is a little occupied. [laughter]

But yeah, I got in back in 2016. Yeah, it was in 2016. And throughout that time, I took like a year, year and a half off, and I just came back in May 2021.

Alright, yeah, tell us about that if you feel you wanna kinda dive in. Why did you take a break? Some people don’t understand why girls take a break. What is that even about?

Yeah, honestly, I felt like I needed a mental break, you know what I mean? And I feel like the fans think, “Oh, it’s just sex. I’m sure you guys are having fun.” It’s like, yeah, we’re having fun, don’t get me wrong, but we go through the same, like any normal person will go through in any other industry, and I just feel like I needed a break. And honestly, when I started off, I started off really at a young age. So I was only 20…

How old were you when you did first start actually performing?

I was 20. So I didn’t know much…


I was new. I thought everybody was my friend, stuff like that. And honestly the older I got, I’m about to be 26 next week, so the older I’ve become, I feel like I’ve matured mentally. So it honestly helped me out taking that break, and it was definitely good for me, ’cause now coming back in, I know what to do and what to avoid; the whole nine yards.

That’s good, that’s good. Do you think that you were able to kind of figure out what you like sexually more too during your time off?

Yes, definitely. Honestly, I pretty much was always into everything. I don’t really have any “nos.” Whenever I’m on set, they’re like, “Oh, right down your nos,” I’m like, “Okay.” [laughter]

I like that. You’re open to a lot of things. [chuckle]


Alright, so does that mean to say that you still haven’t done all of the things that you wanna explore as far as the porn performance things go? You haven’t done everything you wanna do?

There’s like two things I have to mark off my list still.

Okay, what are the two main things that you’re still waiting for?

I haven’t done double anal or double vag yet.

Wow. Have you practiced?

A fun fact about me, everything I’ve done on camera, I did for my first time pretty much, besides blowjobs…

Oh, okay. So you didn’t try and prepare yourself ahead of time, you really wanted to try it…


And film the trying it.

Yeah. My first anal scene that I got a box cover on when I used to go by Amethyst, it was for Elegant Angel and we…


That was my first time having anal sex.

Oh sweet. And how was that for you? How was that like being your actual first time getting it in the butt? How did that feel?

[laughs] I was kind of nervous because I never really tried this, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I heard some girls were saying, “Oh, this is what you should bring to set to make it easier.” So I was like, “There’s anal lube?” So I went and bought anal lube. I bought… this one girl said, “Oh grab some dilators and just stick it up there while you’re getting your makeup done,” and I was like…

Did you do that? Were you at least preparing like that or…

Okay, I’m taking down mental notes, and then I’m just like, “Okay, let me go buy this stuff, and then… “

Okay, thank God. So you did use dilators. [chuckle]

Yeah, I did the whole enema and…


And when I was on set, she was like, “Do you want an Imodium?” I was like, “An Imodium?” And she was like, “You know, it helps just dry everything out,” and I was like, “Okay,” ’cause I didn’t know about that one.

Yeah. This was truly on-the-job training for you as far as anal goes?

Yeah, pretty much.

Well, the fans can see for themselves that you’re a very quick learner. You know exactly what to do when you get the right directions.

Oh my God.

[laughter] So that’s dope. So you’re actually looking to do double anal and double vag soon, yeah?


Yeah. I’ve done double vag. That was definitely a stretch. It was definitely a challenge that it was fun to explore. It was fun filling the back-and-forth kind of thing, so it’ll be interesting once you go there to hear how you enjoy it.

Right. Even with my DP scene, that was my first time doing that. And it was amazing. I was like, “I’ve never felt my body… ” I don’t know, the whole thing…

Diamond Banks, Prince Yahsua, and Jax Slayher


Then I had got the box cover on that too, so I was so excited. ‘Cause I was like, “I’m a nervous wreck. What if I fuck up, or what if it sucks, and doesn’t come out good enough?” And that’s honestly been my favorite scene.

Oh, okay. You just answered my next question. Out of all these things that you tried for the first time on camera, what would be your favorite, and it was the DP situation? Alright.


That’s cool. You know, you’re reminding me too of porn stars of the past. They used to do that—when it was their first time doing something, they didn’t have all this practice that they did off-camera, and then come and do it. When I heard about it, they’d be literally doing it for the first time on camera, whatever it was gonna be. So that’s pretty cool that you have that super-exploratory, bust-it-out-on-camera thing about you.


[laughter] Speaking of people from that past, do you remember the porn stars that you used to look at and watch before you actually started performing yourself?

Yeah, it was a couple. Honestly, I watched a lot of gay porn mostly.

Oh, that’s cool. A lot of people don’t realize girls really are into that.

Yeah, the only male performer I watched a lot was Prince Yahshua, and then that ended up being somebody that I shot my first DP with, and then I worked with him previously.

Was there a little bit of star-struck feeling for Prince Yahshua?

Most definitely, ’cause when I saw the Tims, I was like, “Oh, it’s really happening.”

Diamond Banks, Prince Yahsua, and Jax Slayher

Yeah. It’s on. I know, I know. I had one of those moments too when I worked with him, and I kinda even had to laugh, myself, when he was inside of me… ’cause it was really happening. [laughter] That’s kind of like how you are. You’re not afraid to do everything. Even though you’re sitting here saying you get nervous and stuff, which is pretty normal to still get nervous on set, you sound like you’re down for whatever.

Yeah, pretty much. You only live once, so why not?

Yeah, exactly, exactly. One of the things that I wanted to ask you. What do you do to get into that mindset where you go from nervous to, “Fuck it, I’m ready.” What gets you ready?

Honestly, sometimes talking to the other people on set, or even the makeup artist. They’re amazing. We’ll sit there and be doing my makeup and they’ll be like, “Oh, you got this.” They’ll pep-talk me. And they’ll tell me what other girls, their experience is like how it was on set. And they’re like, “Yeah, it’s all a mental thing. Just relax and you’ll be fine.” So that’s what I try to do—I take a deep breath. And when they say action, I got this. [laughter]

Yeah, ’cause that’s good that makeup artists are there for us. It’s another female voice to help calm the nerves when you’re feeling ready for a performance. Not everybody realizes that they can be so helpful in that moment. But outside of set, when you’re on your own time, how do you like to chill? What do you like to do when you’re just Diamond on her own? What are your favorite activities to get into?

I love bowling. Not to brag, but I was on a bowling team. [laughter]

You’re on a bowling team actually?

No, I used to be on one. [laughter]

Okay. Okay, so you actually can hit a couple of strikes?

Oh yeah, most definitely.


You know, I have acrylics [brings nails up to the camera], but I make it work.

Are you as fancy as having your own bowling ball? Did you go that far?

Back when I used to bowl, yeah. I had my own stuff in a bag. But now I’m just kind of basic. I’m like, “I’m just gonna go hit a lane.”

Okay. That’s so cool. I didn’t know that about you, that used to actually be on a bowling team.

Yeah. Bowling, I’m really into music, I love acting.

Do you make music or you just into really listening a lot?

Just listening. I’ve really taken that serious this year. I literally have a to-do list of 2022…

Okay. Oh, what’s on your list? What is your 2022 list? What are you trying to tackle this year?

Okay. Well, one of them is a surprise, so I can’t really say. But it’s a company I’ve always wanted to shoot for.

Okay, that kind of, okay got you.

On Monday.

You’re working with them this Monday?

Yes. [chuckle]

Okay, so you guys gotta pay really close attention to Diamond’s stories on Monday. See if you could figure it out, okay?

That’s one of them, and then get a passport, ’cause I’m trying to travel this year, okay.

Whoa, definitely, yes, yes.

I knocked those two things off my list. I’m trying to think. I think that’s it so far, but I have a bunch of more things I wanna do. But yeah, like I said, I definitely wanna travel. I’m trying to…

What is the first place on your travel hit-list that you wanna go out of country? Where do you wanna see?

Probably London.

Okay, cool. And then you said that you have a couple of more things on your list that you’re looking forward to. What is in the future for you? That’s really what I’m interested in. What do you see in the future for your career? That interest that you wanna get into?

Definitely a lot of things. I’m one of those people. I love to do multiple things. I don’t believe in just “Oh… “

Staying in one lane?

Yeah. So a lot of people would tell me sometimes, like, “Oh, you’re all over the place.” But I take it as a compliment.

Yeah, yeah.

I definitely wanna take music serious this year. I definitely wanna get back into acting. Mainstream acting in general.

Oh, have you done some mainstream acting already?

I did. I was an extra a lot. So I got booked for certain roles.


And I would audition for lead roles, ’cause usually when you’re not SAG yet, you can’t really get SAG roles. But if you audition for them, you can.

Okay. Okay, so you’re really learning the rules of how you really want to navigate the acting stuff.


Beyond just being in a background extra position?


Okay, that’s cool. That’s cool. Do you think that that’s something that’s gonna take you away from porn, and take your focus, or it’s something that you’re gonna do in addition to?

More adjacent to because, it’s like I said, there’s multiple things I wanna do. I wanna get back into modeling as well.

Oh, sweet.

I have a lot I wanna do.

Yeah, no, I love it, you do have a lot of things you’re into. So you’ve done modeling before. Runway modeling? Print modeling? What kind of stuff are we talking about?

I did a lot of runway and then when it comes to print, I pretty much did my own freelance type of stuff. But I wanna actually take that serious and same thing, audition for gigs for that, or be on the lookout for casting calls for stuff like that, so…

I love that. I love that we might be seeing you in different modes, too. TV, movies, and film acting, modeling; I mean, I can see that, too. It looks like you just changed your look. You used to have dreads for a little bit. What’s going on with the new do?

I can never keep one hairstyle too long. So I combed them out, because…

I didn’t even know you could do that with locks. I thought once they’re locked they’re locked up. It’s done.

Depending on… Okay, so I only had them for four months. My hair texture, it’s so curly, but it’s a soft curly. So it was puffing… it looked weird. And you know how they are when it comes to shoots? It’s gonna look like my hair looks like it’s not done.


I was going through the ugly stage, basically. So I was like…

Oh, no. [chuckle]

So I said, “Fuck it. I’m gonna comb them off.”

Oh, man, that dreaded ugly stage. Well, they were definitely cute. And you know, we have people in the comments saying that they noticed the difference. That they knew you looked different and stuff. By the way, [directed to the viewers] if you do have any questions, there’s a little question bubble at the bottom where you can ask Diamond questions. Keep it respectful, otherwise I will not be reading them. Or if you can’t figure it out, I guess you could throw it in the chat. [chuckle]

Can I see the questions on my end, or?

I don’t know. Can you see the questions? That’s a good question. I don’t know if you’ve been able to see any. He [a viewer] said, “Would you send him feet pics?” Where can they go if they wanna get the feet pics from you? That’s a good question. Where can they actually pay you for that?

Yeah, I do customs. So in my bio on Twitter, I have my Linktree. So if you click my Linktree it has all of my everything. So it has my email on there, you can email me for customs. Or if you’re on my OnlyFans already you can send me a message through there. But I definitely get back quick to OnlyFans messages or my email, so.

Yes, I was gonna say, you’re definitely one of the most accessible performers I’ve noticed as far as your interactions with your fans…

I’m a little behind on the OnlyFans messages right now ’cause I’ve been busy.

Diamond Banks

You know we all get busy. Life comes and gets in the way. We all have things that come up that are unexpected. It’s one of those things. So don’t apologize; you’re a busy woman, and from the sounds of it, you’re getting busier and busier. So one of the questions, they [the viewers] wanna know, speaking of your world traveling, would you visit Africa or Jamaica soon?

Jamaica was number two. It’s on my list.

Really? Okay, so London first then Jamaica.

Yeah. I wanna try some real Jamaican food and…

Yes, exactly. Right? Straight from the island. What is your favorite kind of food anyways? That’s a good question. What kind of stuff do you like to get down to?

December 31, last year, I turned pescatarian. Well, I was gonna do vegan…

Oh, interesting. On the very last day of last year, you turned pescatarian?

Yeah. So…

What led to that choice?

I don’t know. Honestly. So I was never big on eating red meat. I mostly eat poultry. I mostly eat chicken wings. Anything chicken, really. But the past couple of months, my body was rejecting meat in general. I would get sick to my stomach. I would…

I can relate to that. I’ve had moments like that too, before.

Yeah. And then it just seems like I would be always exhausted. Say I get a full night’s rest and then I go and eat something that has meat in it. And then I’m exhausted and I feel bloated, and I just didn’t like feeling like that. And then ever since I cut out dairy and meat, I feel so much better.

So you noticed a difference in your body in the way that you feel?


That’s cool. Hey! That’s good you found the source of your pain and now you’re feeling better. Someone wants to know do you smoke weed?

I sure do.

Oh so you do? I thought you were going to say no, like you don’t. Yes, you definitely do.

It’s a whole lot of it sitting right there… [points off-camera] [laughter]

Oh okay, it’s a whole lot waiting for you as soon as this interview’s over. That’s what I’m talking about. You know, it’s funny, I actually have my weed order on hold. Right as we were gonna start this interview, I was like, “No, I don’t wanna make a decision too quick. Let me think about it.” ‘Cause if I order it right before this interview and I didn’t have time to think about, I’ll pick the wrong thing. So yeah, I feel you. Gotta have it. Especially on a Friday like today. Now, did you get into edibles or anything like that? Or are you just mostly a smoking girl?

So edibles I’ll take. But I have to be at home, in my own little comfort zone, because I get stupid high off edibles.


I’m like, “Wait. How many am I supposed to take?” And then I take too much.


Brownies taste like homemade baked brownies. So I’ll eat the whole thing. And then my friends will be like, “No, just eat half right now.” And I’m just like, “Aw, it’s too late now,” and then… [laughter]

You can’t un-eat it once you’ve eaten it.

So I try to leave edibles alone I just… weed… hookah… I’m a hookah girl.

Oh hookah? You get into hookah.

So, yeah, party animal, you know…

Sweet, sweet. Nice. And someone is complimenting you on your skin, says that it kills them always and forever, your skin. Do you have a skincare regimen? ‘Cause… yeah, it is glowing. I can tell you’re not even wearing makeup right now; you’re so flawless.

But see? I’m getting pimples. It’s about to be that time of the month though…

Aye, you know I mean it gets us all. She gets us all, but yeah.

But honestly, I use the Fenty skincare set.


I have the facial wash, the moisturizer, the toner. I have the night cream. The whole nine yards, and I love her stuff.

Right. It’s not even just for Rihanna loyalty, the stuff is actually really good.

Look at the ingredients. She doesn’t have no alcohol in her ingredients. Everything is just natural, and it smells so good. I can smell my face, it smells good. [giggles]

Really. Damn. I love that. I need to give that shit a try, then. You know, I love Fenty makeup. That’s what I use… I mean… [points to face]. It’s one of my favorites, too. But being that I’m getting such a good review from you on the skincare, I think I need to try that too.

I love it. It’s amazing.

Sweet, sweet. So it looks like we are getting close to almost time. Is there anything that you wanted to share with us that maybe you’ve never gotten to speak on before? Something that you’re just dying to talk about?

Ladies? Black History Month? [laughter]

Yeah, yeah I mean and I wanna give everybody free time to speak on anything. Whatever it may be that you kinda just wanna get off your mind…

I will say this. I feel like a lot has changed over the past couple of years. And something most fans don’t know, but some of my fans know of it because I do speak on it a lot… I do like that the industry is starting to change its ways when it comes to letting women, Black women, wear their natural hair. So I like that. I’m starting to see a lot of that now. Because I don’t know before, it’s like it used to be a problem all the time… And it’s like…

Right, we used to always have to wear weaves—had to—so I’m glad that we are able to wear our hair more naturally. Is there any other things that you felt like you noticed that you wanted to speak on? It could be good or bad.

Oooh… They gonna come for me. [laughter] I will say, the industry, and just like any other industry, they have their favorites. They have their favorites.


And it doesn’t really affect me, but a lot of other Black performers will stress the issue and be like, “It’s always the same this the same that blah, blah, blah. How come they get better treatment?” And it’s crazy because for someone who’s been in for what, six years now, I feel like I’m barely just getting that respect. You know like that…

I hear you Diamond ’cause it kind of felt the same way along my path. It didn’t seem like things were taking off in the way that people would notice, until six to eight years in. Something like that. Sorry. [laughter]

Oh, you’re getting emotional.

I’m getting emotional and I’m getting some fuck shit in my eye from outside at the same time, perfect timing.


No but [laughter]…

We have that in common.

No, but definitely thank you for bringing that up because the favoritism is one of those things that we notice as people inside the industry. Whether fans believe in that or not, it’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to take time out of this month to highlight more people than just a few favorites. I felt like we deserve that. Because a lot of us are doing things that not everybody will hear about unless someone is exposing that. So, yeah. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your modeling, more about your mainstream acting and stuff coming up. Because yeah, you have a really unique look, a unique story that I think more people need to hear from. And yeah, you’re gorgeous. I can see you being in the entertainment world for years to come.

Thank you.

Diamond Banks

So yeah, why don’t you sprinkle us with a little bit of a vision of what we can see and expect to see from Diamond Banks in the years to come and where people can find you. Since they wanna know about your feet pics. Where are they gonna find those at? [laughter]

Expect to see a lot from me. I do have two separate social medias which I’m probably gonna start.

Oh okay you have two… What we can expect to see from you going forward in the future?

Expect to see a lot, everything that I said I wanna do, and maybe more, who knows? I might wanna be a surgeon next year, who knows. I’m just kidding. My hands are too shaky for that. [laughter] Yeah, so yeah, expect to see a lot. You can find me, Twitter, Instagram. What is it? I forgot my own Twitter. @iamdiamondbanks and Instagram is @diamondbanksofficial. My OnlyFans is onlyfans.com/iamdiamondbanks. I’m on Sext Panther. Yeah.

Do those sexing texts if you wanna do texting while at work and you can’t open the OnlyFans. You can open the Sext Panther. [laughter]

Oh yeah. Did you see my nails? [puts nails to the camera]

I know, I love those, those are so beautiful. Nail moment, nail appreciation moment. [puts nails to the camera]

I gotta change the color though for my shoot on Monday.

Uh-oh. This very exciting shoot that you have on Monday that we’re all gonna creep your feed to see if we could figure out what’s it gonna be all about. So yeah, looking forward to seeing that drop. And just looking forward to seeing more of your beauty on my feed. And thank you again for making time with me on this Friday to talk about all your wonderful career moments and all of that good stuff. So yeah. Alright, you horny fools, we’ll see you later. Thank you for joining us on this Friday.

DB: Thank you for having me.

Take care.

DB: Bye.

Bye. Happy Black History Month, girl! [chuckle]

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