Blake Blossom: An Interview with AVN's Best New Starlet

Each year, the adult industry is flooded with new starlets hoping to make a name for themselves among the many incredible performers of years past, and every year a few newbies stand out from the pack and have banner first-year careers. These select few ladies may get the coveted Best New Starlet AVN Award nomination, but only one woman takes home the trophy herself. This year, our reigning Best New Starlet is—deservedly—Blake Blossom. Conquering a competitive industry during a pandemic is no small feat, but Blake did that and more, also nabbing a Penthouse Pet of the Month title in her first year. Hot off her exciting win at the 2022 AVN Awards, Blake Blossom sat down with HotMovies’ Judy Hologram to discuss her career trajectory, performer influences, and what makes her feel sexy. Get to know the blonde bombshell better in our exclusive interview!

Blake Blossom in Slam Piece

JH: Congratulations! How does it feel to be Best New Starlet 2022?

BB: Thank you! It feels amazing!!! It’s such a wonderful honor, especially since I have dedicated so much time into my career. This award symbolizes all the sacrifice that went into developing my brand. I really have to thank the fans for watching my scenes and AVN for recognizing me as a rising star.

How did you celebrate your win?

I initially received a bunch of calls and texts from my agents and friends and we were all so surprised and ecstatic! I celebrated by signing a lease to a new apartment and I caved and bought almost the entire new collection from Honey Birdette.

Are there any past Best New Starlet winners who you look up to?

Remy LaCroix, Mia Malkova, and Jill Kassidy are all remarkable women who were also crowned Best New Starlet; these names stand out to me because I love their individual styles and personalities. They showcase in their work. I think it’s important to be more than a pretty face or nice body, and these girls are the epitome of class!

Blake Blossom in Young Fantasies

Were you surprised that you won or did you see it coming?

I have absolutely no clue regarding what they score on specifically but I’m in over 200 scenes, a third of that being Virtual Reality. I made sure I was working in different styles of porn, leading me to believe it helped my chances of being noticed. But I was genuinely surprised I was the final girl.

What do you believe was the key to your success this year?

Maintaining a highly explicit social media presence has had a chokehold on my fans since the beginning. A lot of people censor or use only a few seconds of their videos, whereas I’m posting two-minute video trailers showing everything. My numbers keep going up regardless of what I’m posting, as long as its uncensored. I think of my Twitter as my “website” and reference it like a portfolio. I hope Twitter doesn’t change their policies regarding porn since I’ve found it to be the best marketing app. It’s also helped me make connections with new performers and cross-promoting our platforms!

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your career thus far?

I’m in the process of collecting all the DVDs and print magazines my photos are in so I have a physical history of my work. It’s a different feeling when you’re on something material versus on a screen. It legitimizes my work as an adult model.

What’s on your porn star bucket list?

I’m actually going to be crossing off one of my bucket list items this year… I think it will be released in the summertime as long as everything goes planned. But other things include an all-girl orgy and joining the Mile High Club.

Blake Blossom for Deeper

You were a porn fan before entering the industry; who did you stan then and who do you stan now?

I’ve been a fan of porn for a long time, and my tastes have changed over the last few years. I prefer watching foreign porn, no English, but random hot chicks fucking other hot chicks somewhere in Eastern Europe. I still learn about new kinks all the time so I tend to do some extensive research when I can.

Tell us about your day on set with Rob Piper for Jonni Darkko’s Slam Piece. What should viewers know about this scene?

The scene is very intense and was an absolute thrill the entire time. Rob is a solid performer so I was fine being flipped around by him for a few hours. The dramatic eye makeup was stunning and I decided to get a little extreme and stuff fingers into myself during penetration. Nothing crazy to me, but for the viewer, it bumps it up a notch.

What makes you feel sexy?

I feel the most sexy when my skin is clear. I learned I have a lot of food allergies and it’s taken me a long time to feel comfortable with no makeup on. Hopefully, with the improvement of the allergies, my skin will also get better! It’s tedious to remove makeup every day so the more I can be without it, the better.

Blake Blossom for Team Skeet

What’s next for Blake Blossom in 2022?

Since the announcement of my award, I have had a lot of new companies reach out to book me. As long as work remains steady this summer and I can put out a few of my own projects, I would count this as a great start to 2022.

Any final words for your fans at HotMovies?

I have no final words other than supporting the performers directly! If you buy porn in any capacity, consider going directly to the source. Content creators are the new wave!

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