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For Black History Month, HotMovies teamed up with veteran performer Lotus Lain to interview Black performers and adult content producers to highlight their perspectives on the industry and their unique achievements. In the tenth Instagram Live interview, Lotus talked with Ebony Goddess Mystique about going from a career as a registered nurse to a career as a porn star, her breast enhancement, and her Lil Kim-inspired fashion line. Check out Lotus and Ebony’s discussion below or watch the video on HotMovies’ YouTube!

Ebony Goddess Mystique

LL: Hey, happy Sunday fun-day everyone. And it’s about to be a fun day because I’m about to speak with my girl Miss Ebony Goddess Mystique in a minute. Let me get her to join, when we get more of you guys to join. Thank you for joining me.

EGM: Black people be on time.

Look at my girl.

Black people be on time. Black people be on time.

You do, you do, and you do have to come through and make that fashion statement of course you did though. Look at you with the full afro.

Yes, we have that jazz playing in the background just for a little bit. We had to represent a babe Jane at super free. Yes.

I love it, I love it. Am I catching you in the middle of you shooting something? Or are you just looking this beautiful just because?

It’s Black History Month. This is the Black History Month series, so I had to give a little bit of that flavor before we get into this tea. Yes. Hey, friend. Hi everybody!

Hell yeah.

Hello, it’s Sunday. God bless everybody. Yes it’s a Sunday.

If you have questions for our beautiful goddess, drop them in the Q and A down here at the bottom where there’s a little comment box, it’ll be easier for me than scrolling to find your question that way. So yes, thank you for joining us on this Sunday. It’s so exciting to see you. Where in the world are you? Because, as of lately, you left from San Diego [laughter] you’ve been all over the place, lately. [laughter] So catch us up. Catch us up.

Oh girl. At this point I’m in LA. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to sprinkle the kitty, the purr in Europe, in other places, but I’m so happy to be back in LA. Yes.

Okay, so you just did a recent European tour then right?

I did. That was four days ago back in the UK. Yeah.

Really? That soon. Okay, tell the fans, let us know where we can be expecting the content coming out off.

Well it was just a release on Fake Taxi, so…

Yeah, you know what’s so funny, I thought of you when I saw a random Mercedes just driving in LA today cause they had a Fake Taxi sticker on it, you know like a fan probably, and I’m like, oh we need to stop for them.

Oh my god, that is so crazy. Because now I can say I never have sex. Can we say that on Instagram? In a car, [laughter] let alone a taxi.

So wait, so wait, you never had before?

No, nobody gave it to me that in my real life. No.

I am so surprised. People would be surprised sometimes, they think that we have done it all, but there’s still so many things on our list…

That’s the thing ’cause I don’t think I really initiated it. So if I initiated the whole thing, then probably, I probably grab on your dick, you will then be like, “Bitch you know it.” You know what I’m doing.

Yeah you would definitely got that car sex.

Not yet. But yeah, that’s on the list.

Oh my goodness. Okay, so you did the Fake Taxi. What other companies did you work for out there?

Fake Taxi, they have an affiliate sister company, which is Fake Hub and Forgive Me Father. Let me see, I did a few VR scenes. I was out there shooting for Brazzers ’cause of course they’re in Europe, so they’re in Prague. I had a few scenes…

So you shot with the Brazzers European team out there too. And it wasn’t just as much fun when you’re out here shooting for Brazzers, or was it different in any way—different energy or different flow of work?

I think that’s the perfect word, just different, but very much giving, yes. It’s very much fun and good energy, very professional. Super, super. They like to say it, it’s “super.” Everything is super.

The say super, okay. Yeah, that’s one thing I noticed. Some European people, if they don’t know what else to say. They’ll always say super. It probably got in to you.

Yeah it was amazing. And they already knew how I was coming. So they knew what was going on, that’s all I need as the vibe and then cameras was rolling. Okay you want scene?

So I guess what you’re trying to tell me is that the European, they do like that.

I was like, “Oh, My Wig.” [laughter] Threw my wig [laughter] we got to a second thing, “hold up, hold up.”

That’s what I like, girl. That’s so good. Oh my God. Okay, so you just came back from there. Now you’re back in LA, getting back into the swing of things and everything here, state-wide. One thing I know people will definitely wanna know, is with someone as busy and unique as you, like what is a day-to-day life like for someone like yourself? Like what activities do you get into in your regular day?

Wow, it really be a movie though.

Ebony Goddess Mystique

When you’re not shooting…

I’ve been having a…

Your life still is a movie, that’s what people think about when they talk about you.

I really been having a lot… ‘Cause, Oh my god, I’m in so many things. It really depends on the vibe. If I’m in my fashion, we might end up at somebody VIP A-lister home and just at a fashion show or [laughter] if I’m on Mystique, well, we have some rouge huge productions. “Wow this is… Wow.” [laughter] In Hollywood, I’m driving to Rodeo, driving down Sunset, going to work, like “Hello.” So it really depends.

One thing I was gonna say now that you mentioned your fashion is people don’t realize how many different hats you wear, like you know they see the boobs, they see the glamour, they see, you know all your hot energy, but it’s not just that. Like you also have talent behind you. I was lucky enough to be witness and one of the camera people in the audience to your recent fashion show here in LA, and I was pleasantly surprised ’cause I found myself the other day thinking, if I just had a fuzzy bra top to go with the outfit, and I was like, “Sissy, she’s literally makes those.” So I have to hit you up because I was definitely craving your fashion style and just like let us know how did you even get started in the fashion world, and how do you keep that going still with how busy you are with adult?

Well you know initially, and I can say even more presently, I don’t really tie the two in together as far as promo or talking about this, it’s like I almost knew it.

Okay, yeah.

You know I kinda told the fans, but a little bit of things here and there; it’s not the kind of the focus, I guess, really of what they’re looking for me. Maybe If I create a different platform for that outside of just Instagram and of course, the clients that I worked with, then maybe I can present it better to the adult world, but yeah, definitely gotta get in my zone for both, if I wanna do fashion. I need some time to really be Mimi and get my fashion Insta real quick.

So you change your head space and what you’re doing and how you’re thinking to get into the different… You’re in acting like bringing it hot on camera mode to where you’re designing and your creative mode?

Right, because it takes it two different energies. Anyway, two different phases.

I can respect that.

And I always give a 100%, so I’m not gonna worry about the stamina in it, but it’s just where my mind is at, different things. Yeah, I think with my last line, the line that you’ve seen. That was a pretty decent show, that was LA Fashion Week, that was Getty covered. That was a decent show, it was just long. But the fact of the matter is, it’s funny because it was in the church, very beautiful church, and here I am with my skimpy fur. It was giving Lil Kim back in the day, that’s what it was giving.

It was. It definitely brought me back to that Lil Kim, Foxy Brown vibe.

And that’s the funny part, the guy that the video “Crush on You” with Lil Kim is the same fur guy that I use for that collection. Shout out to Daniel’s Leather NYC. So I was telling him my vision, he was like, I got you Mimi. So we put that together. Yeah.

I love that. That’s another thing people don’t really know about you is just how connected you are in the game, in the world of entertainment. One thing I really wanna speak to you about, since we’re talking about Black History Month and we’re talking about the adult industry, is the fact that you are literally like in my world, in my circle, in my bubble, the only person I know that has had sex with the legendary Pinky herself. And you know her, you still collaborate and stuff with her, and I just feel like that’s tremendous. Tell us what that is fucking like! And how did you even guys know each other in the first place?

It’s funny how things are. I met her just by her being her. It was years ago in Atlanta, actually a club, I forget what it’s called. It’s not open now, but it was pretty popping then. I was in Atlanta for my birthday, and her boyfriend at the time, cousin was like, “Pinky having a party.” And we were in Atlanta. I was like, “What!” And it was like my birthday present weekend, whatever. I’m like, okay, cool. So I went with them and of course their family. So we were vibing. And she just fell in love with me then she called me like the Chocolate Barbie, but I was totally not boobed up or nothing like that. I was just fly.

Really? Wait, wait. So this is before you even started doing your…

This is when she was still present shooting.

Oh, damn.

So we stayed in touch through the years, and I always used to play with her like, “Girl, I can fuck.” And she used to be like, “Girl, just stay in there. Shut up.” ‘Cause I was a nurse. I was a registered nurse.

Because you were still a nurse at this time before the enhancements and everything. Okay, do you mind kind of taking us through the beginnings of that when you switch your mindset from nurse-mode to bad bitch of porn world that you are now?

Well, just the opportunity, ’cause she shot me. It was COVID really. When Corona, excuse me, “Corona” is what it was called in the beginning, I wouldn’t have work. Remember when it was called “Corona?” And we were all like “the rona,” remember? How trends come and go. But we were all calling COVID, “Rona.” And in the hospital, it was a very real thing, and I didn’t know what the hell was going on. But of course, being on the front line, you get more information than the rest of the world sooner, and all I know it was hell. I was like, “Girl, I wanna shoot porn, you’re gonna listen to me, motherfucker. You’re gonna listen to me now. I’m gonna shoot on your side, you’re gonna shoot me.” And I don’t know what came over her, but she was like, “Alright, I’m gonna shoot you.” This was years… and she did.

Ebony Goddess Mystique

I love that.

And it’s so funny because my first scene, I knew that I did a good job because the men were happy on set. Like if the director is smiling and they seem excited…

How could they not be? Look at you.

No, no. But you can look away, as a director. You are like producer, director, girl.

True, yeah.

You know, like you walk away like that. I could sell it, but shit. That’s kind of trash. But they were very excited. I was like, “Okay, well, I must have done something. Thank you, grandma.” I don’t know, but I walked away not sure. I walked away like how I left my boards from nursing. I felt like, I don’t know if they’re gonna like it. But it went viral, it went viral.


Yeah, so that’s where the whole shit came and they never left.

From there, it’s been upwards ever since…

Yeah, and Pinky really helped me because it’s so funny. She told me to get to OnlyFans after she shot me just because I just managing things. And I did, and it worked out and she promoted my OnlyFans on her website, her and Jeremy, who’s…

Oh, nice. Did she work with Jeremy before on website stuff and filming?

Oh, yes, them PinkyXXX—that’s them together for all the years.

Oh, sweet. So would you say that legendary Pinky is the one that helped put you on?

I would say yes. Yes, her and Jeremy both.

Yeah. Okay, I have even more respect for you even more, because I already knew you were wild as fuck, cool as fuck from the first moment I saw you it was at AVN 2019. I think we were…

My first AVN, yes, I remember. I was all over you and him. I was like, oh my gosh.

Yes, so fun. [chuckles] And then we even asked ourselves, we’re like, “Have you ever seen this girl before?” We were like, “Where did she come from?” Out of nowhere she just…

Oh, I’ve seen you. I’ve seen you girls before. I thought…

[chuckles] Yeah, that’s fun. So amazing, and so crazy how all that comes full circle because you were definitely someone that we were excited to meet when we met you. And once we started to get to know you, as a friend, as a person, we were like, “Oh this girl’s legit, really cool.” So that’s one of the things that I just wanted to say out loud.

Oh, you too are amazing.

But, [chuckles] if we wanna get deep and serious, since you came from kind of a serious—not even kind of—a very serious industry of nursing to a fun, and what can still be serious industry of adult… What do you think have been the challenges and major surprises that you have come across in our industry?

It’s funny because I’m really not one to try to get into politics of things. I don’t wanna get in the politics of things. I just wanna have fun. But if I were to look deeper into things, as far as the industry, what I find funny is the judgment of people, when this industry is already judged, just because you’re wild enough to be fucking on camera, oh my gosh. And it’s unexplainable how you can get money from this and be so successful. To some people, they don’t understand. People really will? Well, yes, and that’s where it becomes strange, because we’re all kind of wild, in that sense. We’re mainstream, believe me. Don’t ever get it fucked up by anybody. We’re mainstream celebrities. The celebrities are fans of us too, but it’s just cliché.

That just happened.

It is a little bit more wild. You are most free. I mean hello, I myself am a current hippie, more modern, because I am free now. I really might think I’m in the wrong era. I know, I’m in the wrong era, but I’m here. But the fact of the matter is, I think among the people in the industry, the judgment between each other, the cattiness, the weirdo stuff, the things that we’re too grown for. You should really be focusing on yourself and your money…

I agree.

Your brand and making sure you’re doing…

Improving your career, yeah.

But all of the weird things that people go through or back and stuff, which is normal, I think in any industry and me being in the mainstream fashion industry, and blah, blah, blah. If there is a lot of something, fame, or money, or recognition, people get kind of weird anyways.

It does make people weird and when you say weird, sometimes people think, what has been the weirdest thing for you to adjust to? I guess the kind of fame stuff that you go through?

Just learning who was there for me and for real, or really was my close friends or family even. I might have to go. Yeah, I might have to take a 1942 shot on it, talk to God, call my astrologer. I might have to go through some things, but I have to be firm because there’s a reason they need to be canceled for real. Because it’s not my fault. Because I really am mature about a lot of things. So when people fuck… I have to be…

That’s good.

Everything has to be in their place. If you fuck with me, you love me, you don’t treat me like you don’t fuck with me. You don’t love me because now I’m getting confused about relationships.

Yeah, life is too short for that kind of gaslighting and confusion, I feel you. So what I was gonna say, fans keep seeing like beautiful boobies and all of that stuff. Do you mind walking us through your enhancement journey? What you got first or whatever?

So my first thing, I’m thinking PinkyXXX the one we just talked about. It was with Jovan Jordan. I have some pics of it still. You could see my body before.

Okay. Oh, that was literally before all of the fun stuff started happening, okay.

And then, her and Jeremy, they decided and it was a meeting. ‘Cause they’re very professional, and they were managing me. And we had a meeting, a couple because they wanted to think something different. Pinky’s branding strategy back then was big butt. One of the first to have the big butt and then she had the pink hair. And it was the pink hair.

Ebony Goddess Mystique


So it was the branding, pink hair, big butt, it was branding. So for me, the thought was back in the day, even before us the girls have big-ass boobs, bimbo shit like Barbie shit. But I’m like “Oh but I’m a Black girl I need a big, big ass.” She’s like “No. You’re not about to get this big old badungatan. No you are Barbie, you have to stay versatile.”

Right. ‘Cause, you’re very petite. You’re very small. You’re smaller than me, you’re shorter.

But almost like… That’s point exaggerated, but not overdone.


Versatile. She mastered something in the industry, but it’s not like, “Wow, I can handle all of that.” So that’s where it came from. There’s the chance that it came from a business meeting…

I gotta say that’s really cool.

A lot of branding and a lot of 1942. Say, “Okay.” And they paid for it, so.

That’s fucking cool. I love that. I never really knew your origin stories and origin stories of all sorts are my favorite. So I really think that’s cool that you had someone like Pinky encouraging you and believing in you and empowering you, and look at where you are now. This whole movement of Bimbofication is like a whole thing now.


So it’s coming back. So in ways you’re already ahead of the curve, ahead of the game.

Yeah, some of girls, they let me know that they was watching me and then how I kinda flipped it and got some thoughts about doing that for themselves. So that’s nice when people say that, you know.

See, and that’s one of the things that people don’t realize too much about people in our industry; we really help inspire people, we give them freedom, we allow them. We give them allowance to do the things that they were trying to hold themselves back for because of the judgment. So even as something as simple as like—well not simple, but boob job—it’s been around for a while. Some women even still hold them back to this day until they see someone as beautiful and confident as you, having fun.

I think it even goes to say something about how you went from one lifestyle and industry to now ours, because a lot of times people think you have to choose just one lane for your life, and that’s it, and you just go down that road and that’s it. But I really love that you come from different lanes, different avenues, and where you have stopped some, you keep continuing with others, and then you’re elevating yourself now in adult. That’s really cool. So now you’re here in the adult world, you’re a major entertainer, what are some future amazing things that we can look forward to from you, whether it be projects, collaborations, or any other cool things that you may think of for the future?

Yeah, I got some shit up my sleeve.


I got some big shit coming up, guys, babes.

Ebony Goddess Mystique

Oh, yeah?

The thing is just keep the support going, I really appreciate that shit. I’m not gonna say it gives me all the drive in the world, because I already put my own foot on the gas. I’m very confident in what I’m doing. My mom knows that my booty is online, so I better give what needs to be given. I can’t fuck up now, there’s no turning back. But I really, really, really fuck with the vibes of supporting me. I really appreciate it. So there’s so many things coming up, I can’t say…

Yeah, give us a little taste, a little hint.

But it’s a big, big, big, big company shit. We’re pitching a major network show on porn stars versus, I guess content creators. I don’t know. I don’t know the separation, terminology, but I guess…

Maybe your own show, we’ll figure it out.

Yeah, we’re thinking of things like that. We’re gonna do some more things in fashion, more towards the fall, which…

Okay, oh, I definitely am looking forward to that, and you best believe I need to literally seriously hit you up for any of those…

Oh, I got you.

For a bikini. The fact that I was thinking about it the other day…

Whenever you want, you can use… If you need to shoot your content, you want to put it on, you can have. I don’t care. Anytime, I have every color, you know.

Oh, I love you.

With Mimi, you can take a cut though, if you wanna switch it. Yeah, just let me know.

Okay. I’ll definitely do that. One of the fans here is asking for a shout out from Brazil.

Oh, Brazil. I wish I would have practiced my Brazilian.

I was gonna say, is there any chance you maybe going to Brazil and shooting there anytime soon in South America?

But now I can ’cause they already seen my head. I’m not going to Tokyo, that’s not gonna happening. I got to go to Barcelona for work, Brazzers is there too.

Okay, so these are the upcoming future plans.

No, Tokyo is more leisure, Tokyo is more leisure. But Barcelona, Budapest…


Is coming up, and Costa Rica for the late summer, for work. But yeah, I wanna go to Egypt and I was just thinking… I was just thinking Brazil, like literally, ’cause I love it. Yeah, so Brazil, I’m gonna go now. We gotta go. I hope you can come too.

Okay. Well, see, you know it was meant to be. You have fans and the audience, making sure that you remembered Brazil in the house.

Shoutout to Brazil. Shout out to…

And you’re loved basically all over the world, girl, all over the world. Can’t get enough of you and I understand, ’cause as soon as I met you, your personality just wins people over, and then your sexual energy and your prowess is just like… So speaking of, is there any scene or act that you haven’t done that you’re still looking forward to achieving or doing on film?

Yeah, apparently, from what it looks like, I’m gonna be turning it up this year. So there’s a few things that I hope are coming up, that I’m booked for, that I’ve been wanting to do. So yeah, they’re coming, I just gotta probably stop allowing so many things on my face, because I’m starting to break out.

So many… Allowing so many things on your what?

On my face.

Like facial stuff?

And I totally love the… I wanna see it, oh give it to me. Yeah.

Like facials…

I didn’t know what the fuck to say. I don’t want to talk about this…

No, I was like, “Huh?” And then I was like, “Oh yeah we’re on Instagram… Incognito.” Yeah, yeah. We’re being incognito. I get you girl.

But yeah, so I enjoy that so much and now I’m getting… My skin might not like all these people. And I’m not getting pregnant…

My goodness. Oh my goodness, look at you so beautiful. I love it. Okay, well, okay. So you’re in LA, you’re chilling, what are your favorite ways to unwind and relax on your time off?

I’m always looking for someone to touch me, so I’m always in the spa nowadays.

Oh my God, you’re like a real sexual person.

Yeah I like spas. I like things that smell good and taste good, and so I might get something to eat or… That is really good, if I’m off. I like to enjoy the “off” if I can.

Yeah. Just get spoilt by it. You deserve it.

I do. I like it. Even if I just go to the beach and just hang out, like a beach bum, with some wine, something like that.

Oh my God. We definitely need to do that together, ’cause those are my favorite things to do.

Yeah, I love it. That’s one thing I love about LA. You have the beaches, there’s Malibu, you can’t go wrong. I love it.

Exactly. Okay, girl, well, we’re getting to the end of our wonderful Instagram Live session, I wish that I could talk to you forever, but to be fair…

Oh we’ll chat it up. I wish we could keep them on with our chats forever. Right?

Right. Just let everybody know where they can find you. I’m sure they already know, but just in case they don’t, where do they need to go or to go by?

I don’t think there’s much I can say here but just check on my links, my Twitter’s @ebonygoddessM2. You can follow me on Instagram @therealebonygoddessmystique_ is my only real one now at this place.

Ebony Goddess Mystique

There you go.

Yeah, please. And my OnlyFans, you should know where to find that shit by now. We’ve been promoting it for two years, so.


If you don’t know, figure it out.

Yeah, exactly… If you’re not joining, you need to join and be a part of that.

You should be watching. You should know the link. You should know it.

[laughter] Already, right now. Exactly.

I love you Lola, love you guys.

Alright girl. Well, I’m gonna let you have your rest tonight. Thank you HotMovies and Ebony and the audience.

Bye friend, bye guys.

Have a good rest of your Sunday. Bye.

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