If It Feels Good Vol. 3: A HotMovies Review

Director Kayden Kross has hit some rarified air. Every release she has come out feels like an event. And, all due respect to the several other talented directors putting things out, but how many others working can we say that about? Our latest Kross release, If It Feels Good Vol. 3, we were lucky enough to get as an exclusive. So let me be the first to tell you what you probably already suspected: it is a fantastic flick full of fine, fine fornication.

If It Feels Good Vol. 3 from Deeper

Clip 1 – Scarlit Scandal and Manuel Ferrara

Scarlit Scandal and Manuel Ferrara in If It Feels Good 3 from Deeper

We begin this scene in a laundromat. Scarlit Scandal appears in short jean cutoffs rolled down to expose a thong and you just know you’re in for a good time. She goes through the process of doing laundry and it is lit and framed INCREDIBLY. The intro is, no joke, some of the best cinematography, editing, and lighting I’ve ever seen in adult (and on par with the best I’ve seen in mainstream). The underlying, unassuming elevator music also was fantastic. Scarlit confronts the only other patron of the ‘mat (Manuel Ferrara), and the conversation makes it abundantly clear they have a history together. He begins angrily listing off the large amounts of money he spent on fancy underwear for her during their time together. She has a funny comeback, saying, “Fucking me over the balcony overlooking the ocean, priceless,” in an echo of the old MasterCard ad campaign.

The sex is a cat-and-mouse game of power dynamics. Scarlit is a brat who wants to be put in her place, and Manuel is hell-bent on pounding and licking and grunting his way to Scarlit’s total submission. By the way she squeals, crawls, and quivers, I’d say he does a pretty good job of it. At one point Manuel eats her from behind while she’s bent over a counter, and her response is to lift herself up to wrap her legs around his head—ensuring the only air he’d breathe or taste was Scarlit. If this scene doesn’t garner some award contention, it will be an act of negligent oversight, plain and simple.

Clip 2 – Emily Willis, Mick Blue, and Oliver Flynn

Emily Willis in If It Feels Good 3 from Deeper

We begin with talk of making fantasies a reality over shots of Emily and Oliver getting more and more intimate. It’s the sort of pillow talk foreplay that one dreams of. Oliver teases Emily’s holes with some clear toys (and we get some wonderful closeups of it). They are grinding against one another as the tension ratchets up. It is then that Oliver takes out a blindfold and asks Emily if she means what she says about wanting another man. An already-hard Mick Blue shows up from behind as Emily is on all fours in bed, and he slides in to what can only be presumed to be a deliriously wet pussy. The smile and look of surprised satisfaction on Emily’s face is just one more bit of evidence as to why she’s such a decorated performer.

“My holes are so ready for you,” Emily coos as Mick winds down his first cock barrage. Oliver eagerly enters Emily and, as the scene progresses, we are treated to different configurations before finally settling into a captivating DP. Emily WIllis dirty talks with the best of them. And seeing long-cocked studs like Oliver Flynn and Mick Blue ravishing a hungry Emily is what AAA porn is all about—the best in the business at the top of their games. It all ends with Mick nutting on a blindfolded Emily’s face while Oliver uses her pussy to completion (as Mick chokes her and slaps her tits).

Clip 3 – Angela White and Manuel Ferrara

Angela White and Manuel Ferrara in If It Feels Good 3 from Deeper

Manuel has been admitted to the hospital after having an accident. It has left him unresponsive, and nurse Angela White has been put in charge of his care. She is immediately taken by the figure he cuts. As he awakes and begins his rehabilitation, the pair make eyes at one another, having clearly developed feelings for each other. Days before his discharge, Nurse Angela is sponge bathing him in his bed. As she pulls his sheets ever further down, his heart monitor begins to go off the charts. At a certain point he rips off his electrodes, and Angela uncovers his already-engorged member. No longer able to contain themselves, they give into their passion as Nurse Angela’s Florence Nightingale Effect goes into overdrive.

The scene, titled ‘Florentine,’ does a terrific job of building up the tension between Angela White’s nurse character and the convalescing Manuel Ferrara with minimal dialogue. The music amplifies the catharsis of the two finally giving into one anothers’ feelings. White is wearing an interesting corset/lingerie combo that, when combined with her nurse cap, gives a wartime vibe to an otherwise modern scene. Coupled with Angela’s expertly honed performance, her considerable innate natural gifts and effervescence make her a positively intoxicating presence. She is just as worthy of worship as she rides Manuel as she is of wanking. There’s a terrific moment when the action slows down. She is riding him cowgirl, Manuel is in her ass, and then he takes his thumb and puts it in her pussy to control her movement. It is these little flourishes that differentiate the legends of on-screen nookie from the rest of them.

Clip 4 – Kenzie Anne and Manuel Ferrara

Kenzie Anne and Manuel Ferrara in If It Feels Good 3 from Deeper

Our final scene of the movie is a sequel to ‘Florentine.’ Nurse Kenzie, at the end of the previous scene, had walked in on Manuel with Nurse Angela. Rather than make much ado about it, she went about her ways. Later on, Manuel’s wife comes to visit with flowers, and it sets Nurse Kenzie’s wheels in motion. She mentions to Manuel that Nurse Angela has been taken off his rounds, but that she will take care of him. There isn’t any foreplay; she just throws Manuel’s bedsheets to the side and starts grabbing and rubbing his cock with her latex glove on. Before we know it, she is fingering his asshole—dirty-talking and taking control of the situation.

But he quickly matches her lust with his own Manuel-ness. As the scene progresses he gets her squirting and eyes rolling. She pants, “I’m your fucking whore. I need your cum inside of me. I need your cum inside of me.” One of the perks of being married to the director, eh Manuel? Kenzie Anne is our currently reigning Best New Starlet, but she handles this scene like a seasoned pro.

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