Editor's Picks: March 25th, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: David Mack Video 2022 Volume 1

Hey there, friends. In the mood for a little bondage and controlled masturbation? I’ve been a long time fan of David Mack Video and am excited to share this kinky bondage-play flick with you guys. It’s the very first in the 2022 series and it’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from this stellar studio. Gorgeous women flock to David Mack’s house to be bound, gagged, and “serviced” in various thrilling, intoxicating ways. Whether they’re being tickled with feathers, having their nipples stretched and tied, or experiencing body-quaking orgasms one after another, the service is always good when David Mack is in charge!

David Mack Video 2022 Volume 1 begins with lovely Adara Jordin bound and gagged, legs spread wide, and waiting to be serviced. What follows is 37 minutes of footage that will have you asking, “How did she take it for so long?!” David begins to drizzle oil on her body, telling her in his quiet, sexy voice all the things he wants to do to her. He snaps on a pair of black latex gloves and begins rubbing the oil into her flesh. He takes his time, caressing every inch of her body, tweaking her nipples, and finger fucking her exposed pussy. Adara thrusts her hips into his hand and groans with pleasure behind the ballgag. When David finally applies the vibrator to Adara’s pussy, she sighs in satisfaction. David adds a glass toy to the mix, fucking her deep while the vibrator teases her clit. The tension builds and Adara is about to explode, her body lifts off the bed as much as her bindings will allow as she thrusts her pussy up, eager to reach her climax. There is not doubt when she finally arrives, screaming through her orgasm, her body shaking uncontrollably. And that’s just the first of many! David continues to service her soaked pussy, pushing her body through one orgasm after another. When he’s finally done with her, he tells her just what he wants to hear when he removes the ballgag or he’ll put her through another session! Adara is happy to oblige, telling David, “I adore you Mr. Mack,” as she continues trying to catch her breath. Now how’s that for good service?!

David Mack services Adara Jordin

Next up on the bondage bed is blonde-haired beauty, Kendra Folds. David has two sessions with Kendra in this video, each one bringing her to seemingly impossible heights of pleasure. Kendra’s first session begins with her bound tightly, her nipples stretched and a crotchrope snugly fitted between her pussy lips. David walks around his current captive, admiring his handy work and her beguiling cries behind the gag. He releases the tension on the ropes attached to her nipples, and Kendra screams in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the tight noose is removed from her nipples, sensation flooding back now that they have been freed. Kendra bucks her hips, the rope digging into her tender flesh. When David attaches a vibrator to the crotchrope, it adds a whole new level of sensation. Kendra bucks and thrusts wildly, the crotchrope digging in painfully as she builds toward an orgasm from the vibrator. Pain and pleasure swarm through her body and Kendra finally cries out as a powerful orgasm rolls through her. David moves around the bed, unbuckling her bindings, removing the ropes, and then folding her into his arms in a gentle embrace. She has been a good little pet.

Kendra Folds is bound tightly by David Mack

Kendra is back for session two with David, frogtied and totally defenseless. This scene is different in that we get to see David getting his pet ready for fun. She is bound when the clip begins, but we watch him gag her and put a rope around her throat to prevent her from thrashing too much while he has his fun with her. Kendra’s breath hitches in and out, her body tense as David caresses her. She knows what is coming. David brings out the feathers, using them to tease and tickle the bound goddess. The feathers tickle her nipples endlessly, her pussy becoming wetter and wetter as David services her. When he finally pulls down her gold panties, we see that they are soaking wet. But if she thought she was going to be brought to orgasm, she was mistaken! David again uses his feathers to tease and torture, tickling her unprotected pussy with abandon. He runs is oh-so-softly along her clit, making her squeal behind the gag. This continues through the end of the clip, David tickle torturing the helpless Kendra, enjoying every squeak and moan she makes. Once he’s finished, the feathers are as soaked as Kendra’s pussy! Good service, indeed!

David Mack tickles a bound Kendra Folds

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Jeffton Banks: Saori Hara & Miku Oguri

Saori Hara & Miku Oguri from JavHub.com

I haven’t spent enough time in Japan to know if a female pizza delivery person is an anomaly or not, but I know in porno it is. This scene subverts the trope of the pizza-delivery-turned-sexual-encounter on its head in an interesting way. A somewhat shlubby everyman eagerly is doing something on the phone (I don’t speak the language so I only understood after that it was ordering a pizza). When he gets a knock on the door, he quickly undresses completely. Shocked by the appearance of a naked dude at the door, the delivery girl tries to close the door back up, but the guy keeps it open. He has her come in to complete the transaction and she tries to avert her eyes. When the guy goes to pay, he drops the money on the ground. She goes to pick it up and as she comes up, she notices that he is hard. It’s tough to tell then what’s on her mind.

But when he drops the change she provides him, she gets another long look at his now-throbbing and twitching member. We close up on her and her mouth is just quivering at the sight of the (fake) pre-cum just dripping in gobs from his purple head. She can’t help it any longer and, without any prompting, lunges her mouth onto his member to slurp up all that gooey goodness. As they make their way to the bed, it is refreshing to see the woman as eagerly into the interaction as the guy, as opposed to the usual hesitance and shyness that is a hallmark of Japanese porno. She squeals in delight from every grab of her breast and deep thrust into her pussy. She bites her finger and pulls on her pigtails as she’s driven wild with the frenzy of lust. And when the guy busts inside of her, her entire body is quivering. Either her body is a fantastic actor in and of itself, or they genuinely climaxed at the same time (which is a rarity to behold, and really something that elevates a scene to another level). Since this one isn’t mosaic and it’s not punctuated by the woman saying, “No” again and again, it’s a scene I’d recommend to people who think they don’t like Japanese porn. Check it out!

Saori Hara & Miku Oguri from JavHub.com

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