Lotus Lain Interviews Avery Jane on HotMovies Instagram

For Black History Month, HotMovies teamed up with veteran performer Lotus Lain to interview Black performers and adult content producers to highlight their perspectives on the industry and their unique achievements. In the eleventh Instagram Live interview, Lotus talked with Avery Jane about shooting porn in Europe, her sex worker activism, and just how much she enjoys gangbangs and double anal. Check out Lotus and Avery’s discussion below or watch the video on HotMovies’ Instagram and YouTube!

Avery Jane

LL: Hey, we’re live. Welcome, welcome. Let’s get you guys funneled into the show, and of course, I’m your girl Lotus Lain. I’m here the hostess for today as I speak with Avery Jane coming up. Let me get her in here. Happy Friday everybody, thank you for joining me.

AJ: Hi. [laughter]

Oh my goodness. Happy Friday.

Happy Friday. Happy weekend.

Yes, yes, I’m so excited that you’re my interview for this Friday, and I just have to say, I’m so excited just about you in general—any time someone brings up your name—so thank you for being here.

Oh my god, thanks for having me. Let me get my little tripod situated.

Yeah, situate it there. Let me let you get comfortable. I will go ahead and just compliment the colors, I’m loving the pastels on you.

Thanks. I was in a very pink mood today. It’s a pink life. Life is just pinks and reds for me.

Oh, is it? Okay, I love that, I love that. [chuckles] So what are you up to today on this glorious Friday? What you got going on for the weekend?

I am in Vegas right now, enjoying some Vegas weather, it’s kind of cold here though.

Same here in LA, same here. It’s starting to get warm, but my hands are freezing.

Yeah. Yep, here in Vegas, I am actually shooting my first-ever exclusive shoot tomorrow where I’m booking out talent and doing my own production, and it’ll be 100% owned by me.

Oh, nice. Okay, this is exciting. Are you able to give us any details of who we can look forward to you working with for your first production that you’re coordinating yourself?

I just booked a bunch of cute boys that I think are phenomenal and I gotta have a gangbang.

Oh yeah.

[laughter] Yeah, birthday gangbang; it’s my favorite way to celebrate.

Oh, is your birthday right now, coming soon?

In March, it’s March 11th.

Okay, so it is coming up. So if you guys are hearing that, that means Amazon wish list, that means gifts are in order. [laughter] I’ve got a spoiler.

Link in my bio.

Yeah, there you go, exactly. Oh my God, so that’s cool. You’re planning this around your birthday, big gangbang. That’s so exciting. What other fun, exciting scenes are on the horizon for you? Because I feel like you just came into this industry and you hit the ground running, you already went to Europe, so tell us about what you still need to get into.

I know, right? I’m starting to run out of ideas of stuff I wanted to do, ’cause I feel like for me, Europe was a big, big one, and then since that happened now I’m kinda like, what next? So really, I’m just trying to move into production, move into getting my own official website up and running, completely owned by me. I’m trying to get up my own production off the ground. Eventually, once I build myself more and make more connections, I think it would be great to also get my own type of agency up one day in the future. I’m thinking long future plans.

Oh awesome. You’re already answering future questions of mine too, are you a psychic? You’re already in the next level.

It’s that Pisces mind wave.

Hey, I love it, I love it. Okay, cool. Well, Pisces mind wave, take me through how that was on your European trip. We were talking a little bit earlier this week, but tell the fans how it is to go and shoot in Europe, especially for a Black woman. Not too many American Black performers make their way over there, so let us know.

Yeah. It was really, really interesting because when I first got there, they kind of did let me know, they were like “So listen, we don’t really shoot Black women, not that we don’t want to.” They were like, “We just don’t have that many Black female performers here in Europe.” There’s a small handful who were… They are Black women, but they don’t quite look like me.


Not to invalidate their blackness, but there’s a few Black women that they shoot who will be lighter-skinned, or they’re much thinner and lighter skin. I’m basically was kind of the first dark-skinned, thick Black woman that they’ve shot… I don’t know if I wanna say ever, I think maybe they’ve shot Kira Noir before years ago. As far as like…

Different look and body type than you as well.

Exactly, so they kind of let me know that right off the bat, like “This is something new for us and we were gonna see how it goes, we’re gonna see how the sales go, how you do on the website.” And everyone was very, very cognizant of like,”You guys, she’s American and she’s Black. Don’t offend her. Don’t say anything. We have to be on our best behavior.” Because they’re still trying to catch the wave that we are in America. We were having a conversation…

We understand race relations in the way that Europeans never really dealt with the way that we have that unique history here. [chuckles]

Exactly. They were asking me, “What’s politically correct? Or do we say African-American? Or do we say Black?” And someone was like, “No, no, no, don’t say Black.” And I was like, “No, Black is fine, I’m Black.” I was like, “We’ve already been through that in America, where we had that weird time ten years ago where it was like saying Black is offensive, we’re African-American.” But I’m like, “No guys, that’s done. Black is fine.”

Yeah, we’re back here.

Yeah, exactly, I was like, “Black is good. I’m Black. Call me what I am.”

Really cool. I’m glad that they were open-minded and wanting to learn, as opposed to taking it in a form of being stand-offish, kind of wary that you’re a Black American women and you’re gonna educate them about stuff in a way. They were open to it, and I love that. That’s really cool.

Oh yeah, I was even trying to convince them to let me do Black-on-Black scenes, because everybody had gone interracial. And so I was like, “No. Give me an all-Black gangbang. Let’s knock it out the park.” And it ended up not happening.

So how did…

But they did took it into consideration. They really did. And we talked about it several times, and it also depended too on what talent was available, who could shoot what day, who was already shooting. But they did take it into consideration and they listened to me when I talked about it.

Avery Jane for Tushy Raw

And what was the actual reason why that didn’t end up working out? ‘Cause I don’t want fans to think it was because the company was not willing to shoot Black performers together. What was it that actually ended up being the respectful surprise?

So I won’t say his name, I won’t say anybody or point anyone out for the sake of their work. But I was gonna do a group scene with a few Black men, and one of them dropped out because it was a piss scene. It was scene where they were going to be peeing on me, peeing in my mouth. I was gonna be drinking a lot of pee. It’s very much like the hot-piss degradation. And one of the Black performers dropped out ’cause he said, “I won’t pee on Black women.” He was like, “I refuse. I don’t wanna pee on a Black woman. I don’t like that implication. I just don’t wanna pee on a Black woman.” And the fact that he was so cognizant of that and aware of that… And so then after that it was like, I think all the other Black performers were already scheduled to shoot that day, so then they just made it a Black guy and a White guy. And so I was like, “That’s fine, ’cause at the end of the day, I’m just here to have a good time and enjoy myself and experience this, and I won’t limit that to the person’s race.” And I was just really appreciative that he felt that kind of respect for me.

Yeah. I’m really appreciative of him for that as well, because not just respect for you as an individual, but just respect for the implication of what it would mean for Black performers, Black porn, Black-on-Black porn.


Doing that if that’s 100% something comfortable that they wanna put out in the world that is their brand, and that’s probably not his brand.

Exactly, exactly. So it was cool to see everyone kinda make their request and get to speak what they wanted. And it was a really cool process. It was a great time.

I’m loving to hear that, because you never know, especially in countries where the language barriers are different, and where we haven’t seen a lot of American talent necessarily—especially in the Black part of the talent pool—travel over there and have, not just experiences in general, but a positive one. So I really love hearing this. What studios did you shoot for over there?

I shot for one… So Legal Porno is the big umbrella brand, and they have several studios under the Legal Porno name.

Yeah, break it down for us, ’cause we consumers out here. We get so confused, we don’t know who’s who.

Exactly. So the whole umbrella brand was Legal Porno. And under Legal, I shot for Giorgio Grandi, who is @XFREAXX on Twitter. But it’s Giorgio’s studio. He is also a toy maker. He produces these really cool, big, huge anal toys that I’ve actually used before in scenes.

I think I’ve seen those ones.

I forgot the name. I know it’s under his @XFREAXX Twitter, but I forgot the name. Is Wonder Toys maybe? I’m like I…

But I know exactly what you’re talking about; they’re monstrous and incredible.

Yeah, he actually took me on a tour of the toy factory. So I got to see how they manufacture their toys from start to finish, and I got to meet all the manufacturers and look at their prototypes, and these are the ones that we’re not gonna sell, and this was a test run and… It was really cool. I was like, “I’ve totally used your toys before on other women who’ve been here in Prague before. I’ve used these in scenes before. So it’s an honor to get to meet you and see the process.”

Oh, hell yeah. Good, good experience there, seeing a factory, a toy factory. Was this in Prague?


Okay. And what other studios did you shoot for?

I also shot for Czech VR Network. It was my first VR scene. For some reason I haven’t booked a VR scene here in America yet, at all.


And so I went all the way to Europe and ended up booking my first VR scene in Europe.

Hey, well, maybe the VR companies here stateside will see that, and then they’ll see what they’ve been missing out on and have to book you. [chuckles]

I hope so. I hope so. That’s the hope. [chuckles]

That’s really cool. Alright. So now you’re back here, you’re here in the States, you’re here in America, you’re about to get ready to shoot your own wonderful, fantastic stuff, which is so incredible. But I wanna go back to the beginning. Many people don’t even know this about you and I’s history: we met before you joined the mainstream porn industry. One thing that I really admire about you, especially your being so new in the industry, and before you even got into it, you’re a very active sex-worker activist. So why don’t you tell people how we met and what we were working on at that time? [chuckles]

So we met years ago when I was working with SWOP LA. SWOP is a grassroots org. It is Sex Workers Outreach Project, and I was on the board of directors for the Los Angeles chapter for a short period of time. Yeah, ’cause back then, I was out stripping, and I was experimenting in different areas of sex work, and I was having a lot of trouble, and it was a big-time struggle. I was struggling for survival, I was struggling to make ends meet, and I kind of ended up meeting up with people who were a part of SWOP, and they were like, “Why don’t you join us, and fight for yourself, and for others like you, and let’s try to make it better?” And so I joined that, and I did some advocacy work. I learned a lot of cool stuff, I got to meet amazing people like you.


Yeah, and it was cool. It was a really good time. And it’s kind of sitting on the back burner now because I’m finding myself in a career, but I’m like… I always believe in advocating for what I believe in, so I’m always gonna run my mouth when I get the chance.

Which I love, but I was gonna say, even though you may feel like the advocacy is on the back burner, I certainly don’t feel that way. I think that your career trajectory—the way that you speak openly and honestly online—is a part of that advocacy just in itself, especially for new performers that are probably newer than you. They are the ones watching you, being inspired by you. It’s gonna be really cool for them to see that you don’t have to keep your mouth shut, and be a silent sex robot when you first join the industry. [chuckles]

Exactly, that was my thing. I started out as an independent content creator, and I was very cognizant of I’m not really the mainstream type: I’m too dark, I’m too alternative for a dark-skin woman, I’m on the thicker side. I just don’t make sense in mainstream realm. So I really just focused on myself, and focused on my content, and focused on building my brand, and getting who I am as a person out into the world. And then somehow, I guess the internet, and the world just took me really well, and I was able to infiltrate mainstream. [chuckles] That’s what I call it. I call it infiltrating, because I was the underdog. I was never supposed to.

Avery Jane

I was gonna ask you, how do you feel, since you had those real thoughts in your mind, knowing what was stacked against you—Black woman, different body type, different look, and all of this stuff? How does that feel now, that you feel like you’re actually gaining traction and making a name for yourself?

It’s weird, it’s like I took everyone else’s doubts of me into consideration, but I never doubted myself. I was like, “When I say I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna do it.” [chuckles] And so I did it. And I was like… Of course, it took a few years, and there were hurdles, and I had to work hard for it, but I’mma do it.

You’re a beautiful, fun, spirited person though. What were some of the hurdles that someone like you came across? I know the things that I had going, going through the beginnings, but what were some of the challenges that you face in this moment in time?

Right now?


I think right now, my biggest hurdle that I kind of face, and take really personally, is I consider myself part of the freshman class of porn stars right now, and…

Oh, sure?

It’s hard for me sometimes to see my White counterparts who started around the same time as me, and it seems like their career is just like that, because they have those privileges. And so I’m like, “I do have to work twice as hard to get half as much as what they get.” And I have to constantly remind myself, you can’t compare yourself to other people, and it’s not a race, it’s not a competition. And while it does kinda sting, that I have that self-actualization, where I’m like, “If I were White and doing the same exact stuff I’m doing now, I could potentially probably be a millionaire at this point.” But…


The cookie didn’t crumble that way, and I kinda have to accept that, and just keep working towards it. So it hurts sometimes to get overlooked for people who I know don’t have as much of a stage presence, or performance quality, or…


I’m gonna be real. I’m gonna be real. I’m not dissing anyone, I think everyone’s phenomenal in their own right, but I know what I bring to the table.


And I know that it gets overlooked simply because of how I look. I know there are certain directors and producers that I would be perfect for their sites because of what I specialize in, and what I do, but they won’t feature me because of how I look. And it’s like I just kinda have to deal with that and continue to pave my own way, in my own lane, and that’s why I’m like, “I can be outspoken, I can say whatever I wanna say.” ‘Cause at the end of the day if mainstream decides to kick me out, I’m like, “That’s cool. I’ve already built my name. I’ve already built my brand. I’m gonna keep doing what I do. I’m gonna keep doing my own websites, I’m working towards my own production now, so I’m gonna do what I want.” [chuckles]

I love that you know what you stand for, and that you stand on your own two feet, as opposed to depending on a studio system, or someone to make things happen for you, because that’s really how you are gonna make it, and you’re making it, girl. I love seeing it. So I wanna get into some questions ’cause some people are dropping some questions in the Q&A. This one says, “What do you think the biggest misconception of sex advocacy is?”

The advocacy part. I think there’s a lot of confusion between sex-worker advocacy and sex-trafficking advocacy, and people like to equate the two and lump them together even though they’re two completely separate things.

Yes, 1000%.

Yeah, and so I’m like, “We’re advocating for basic human rights as sex workers, and for our profession to be taken seriously, and for us to be taken seriously, and get safeties.” It’s a whole completely different conversation from human trafficking. The one similarity is the exploitation aspect, but under capitalism a lot of shit is exploitive. So yeah, while there’s overlapping similarities, they’re two completely different things.

Where in our world, we’re making the cognizant choice with our consent to choose to do sex work, as opposed to being forced against your will in trafficking.

Exactly, and then people try to make that equation where they’re like “Yeah, but most people have to do sex work ’cause they’re feeling exploited and they need the money.” And I’m like “Yeah, but don’t we all?” Fast-food workers. Yeah, we’re constantly having the discussion about fast-food workers and do they deserve a livable wage, and no one thinks, “I love working at McDonald’s.” That could be seen as exploitive too, because these are people who need money. We all need money to survive.

Yeah, and they’re putting up with the public shit every day in the drive-through or at the counter just like we deal with the public shit on the internet.


So it comes in different forms, right?

Exactly, so I wish more people understood that.

Avery Jane

So here’s another question, this was anonymous, but it says, “What career would you consider after retirement in the adult industry?” Assuming you ever retire.

Assuming I ever retire… some other career options I’ve thought about…

Yeah, not about after retirement but I would like to think ’cause nowadays porn is like a stepping stone; you can still do porn and still do many other things. So what other stones do you plan to step on?

Right, I love that, I love that. Some of my future stones would definitely be moving into the production side of the adult industry. I’m a big fan of sex shops and retail stores, so I would love to open up my own store, maybe have my own toy company. I also really, really admire all of the makeup artists in our industry, and I’m like, “That is such a skill set.” I would love to go to cosmetology school or whatever you call it, and learn how to do makeup like that, and hair like that. I think that’s beautiful.

You fucking should. It’s definitely a great way to spend a break from work, if ever you’re thinking about it, is get that cosmetology license and then you can always make yourself look as beautiful as you want to, not just others. [laughter]

Exactly, I’m like that would be a dream come true. And I’m starting to see adult performers doing mainstream acting. I’m like that’s another thing, we can show that while we perform on camera naked, we can also perform on mainstream television sets, and on movies, and stuff like that. And so I’m like there’s so many other things we can do, and graduate to, and explore, and dip in and out of, so definitely looking at all those.

Oh, I love to hear that. Yes. Okay, so there’s gonna be a lot more Avery on our streams and in the media for years to come, it sounds like?


Cool. So since we are speaking during Black History Month, one of the questions I’m asking everybody is, who are some of the Black performers that you looked at before you were a performer yourself?

Okay, so funny enough, I was never really a porn watcher. I was not well-versed in porn performers, I didn’t know too many people, and so for me, it was kind of fresh within the past couple of years when I was working in adult retail. And I have to mention, I have to mention our girl Ana.

Of course. [chuckles]

Yeah, the first time I’d ever seen a Black porn star was on her Fleshlight, and I was just like, “Holy shit, this woman is beautiful. She is magic. I just wanna sell all her stuff every day.” People would be looking at me and I’d be like “Hey, why don’t you buy this?” [laughter] Yeah, and I was like she was amazing to me. And I’d heard of Kira, and again, I was like, okay, I’m starting to see there are Black people in porn; this is representation.


And then, of course, you, from my pre-porn days, when I knew of you. I knew that you were in the adult industry, and so you three ladies were my three guides basically.

Wow. Veterans you’re looking up to, that’s so awesome. I’m glad. Oh my God. [laughter] So that’s really cool. Let’s go into a little bit of the inner sanctum, into the nasty mind of Avery Jane. What would you say are your favorite scenes, your favorite type of scenes to shoot? Although we may already have an idea, what are your favorite types of scenes to shoot? But then also what’s a something sexual that you really enjoy that people may not know about you—a sexual secret?

Okay, my favorite scenes to shoot are anything hardcore, rough, that’s the type of sex I like to have in my personal life, it’s the kind of porn that I would tap into occasionally. I love gangbangs, I love group stuff, I love anal, ’cause to me it’s a little bit more hardcore. Right now I’m kind of obsessed with double anal, just ’cause the fact that I can fit two in there.

Avery Jane

You’ve done it? Wow.

So I love that.

You have done it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m doing it a lot lately. That’s all I wanna do now.

Oh really? Oh my God, they’ve turned you out, you’re a double-anal whore, we love it. [laughter]

Exactly. I try to have normal conversations with people and it’s like five minutes in the conversation, and I’m like, how do I ask these guys if they wanna DP me? How do I just work it into this normal conversation?

Hey, if you don’t normalize it, who else will?

Exactly. [laughter] I’m sure fans who’ve seen a wide variety of my content have probably picked up on it, but one thing sexually that people might not know is I love feet.


And I’m finally starting to accept it. I used to like make fun of foot guys all the time. I’d get on Instagram Live and the foot guys come in hot and they’re like, “Show us your feet, show us your soles, show us this.” And so one day, I was like making fun of foot guys, and one of my crushes commented, and he was like, “But aren’t you a foot guy?” and I was like…

Oh, you were called out?

He called me out, ’cause I was asking for pictures of his feet.

I love hearing that there’s a foot girl in our midst, because you’re right, that is something that doesn’t get talked about often. We definitely know the foot guys are out there, they’re number-one foot freaks. They definitely let themselves known, like you said, but interesting that you’re our first self-admitted… [laughter] We’ve got foot fetishes in the house. [laughter]

I love it so much. Honestly, I think it’s ’cause I grew up dancing, I grew up doing ballet and stuff, and so everything was feet. Seeing the arches in people’s feet, I’m like, “Oh, that’s a good arch. Oh, that would be great for ballet. Oh, they look great in pointed shoes.” We’re on the floor stretching and my face is on the floor, and it smells like feet. I’m just around feet a lot. And so I think subconsciously, as I got older, I’m like, I really like feet. I like girls’ pretty cute little dainty feet, I love masculine, muscular-looking feet. I tell guys all the time, you can step on my face if you want in the video. You can put your foot on my face. I’ll lick it. I’ll suck it.

Oh, you love the stepping. Okay, okay, see? You gotta save it for the girls that like it the most. [laughter] That’s wild. Okay, well, I love to hear that about you, and now that I know, I will always have the freshest pedicure in your midst.

Yes, I’ll massage your feet, if you allow.

Avery Jane

Okay, let’s see. So we have two more questions before we wrap up. One is about relationship stuff. Are you a committed relationship, marriage person, or are you more open and poly?

I’m definitely more open. I’m in a weird place right now with using the word “poly” just because I was big in the poly scene in LA for a while, and I kinda don’t really find myself fitting in there either. So I guess, right now I’m at a place where I don’t think I’ll ever be monogamous. I don’t even know… Basically, my relationship status is I am my own primary partner and I’m dating myself, and then I have my satellite lovers, and I’ll always be that way. I’d be open to the idea of having a primary partner, but at the end of the day anyone who dates me has to understand, look, I’m gonna love other people, I’m gonna have sex with other people, I’m gonna do whatever I want, but that doesn’t change that I also love you.

Like no matter what, end of the day, Avery’s gonna get her orgy. [laughter]

Exactly, I have way too much love and affection and sexual energy just to settle with one person or to be like, “Here’s my two or three partners, and that’s it.” I’m a lover of the world, I’m a whore of the world.

Ooh, I do love the whores. So this is our last question here, and it says, “What major changes in mainstream Black porn would you love to see in the future?” That’s gonna be you. You are a part of Black porn’s future, so what would you like to see?

I wanna see more producers, more Black-owned companies, I wanna see more Black collaborations of us helping each other get our companies off the ground and sending each other talents and hyping up each other’s projects, and I just wanna see… Oh, I think it would be great too, if we could get more Black writers in porn. I wanna see Black writers make scripts for us and that depict us as we are and not have to constantly depict us as that person stole something or that person’s the janitor, or… I just want Black writers to write us as normal human beings that we are and celebrate our Blackness in scenes.

I’m with that, I love that. We are as multi-faceted as the world is, and they haven’t even seen all of our different colors and shapes and forms and…


Yeah, I really, really, really can’t emphasize enough how excited you make me for the future of the industry. All the new performers seem just much more empowered and creative and on top of their image and who they are, and that’s really the way it should be, ’cause obviously it resonates with the fans.

Exactly, they wanna see us, they’re fans of us. They wanna see us enjoy ourselves. And I think we can do that best when we’re being our most authentic selves and when we feel safe enough and celebrated enough to be our authentic selves.

Oh my God, Avery, that was a finishing sermon and I just love it. You’re just so smart, intelligent, cute, everything. Please let everyone know where they are gonna find you, where they’re gonna see more of you, and any last closing thoughts?

You guys can find me on Twitter where all the juicy stuff is, and it’s @AveryJaneXO. I’m super shadow-banned, aren’t we all?

You have to literally type the whole thing out to find us.

Yup. You can find me on XVideos, Pornhub. I have my own website. I’m on ManyVids. I have my link in my bio with all of my everything on there. Yeah, and just my closing thoughts is, thank you, Lotus, and thank you HotMovies for putting this together and putting thought and effort and organization into this and really, really making it a point to highlight so many of us this month because there are… There’s so many of us. It seems like there aren’t ’cause we get featured this much as opposed to…


There’s so many of us doing great stuff…

Avery Jane

I haven’t even been able to speak to all of us, but I really love that HotMovies is in the middle of the interviews posting other Black performers along their feeds, so yeah, they’re killing it, we’re killing it, we’re gonna be…

Doing it.

So I’m just so happy.

Yes, thank you, thank you for having me.

Yeah, thank you, Avery.

Yay. Bye guys!


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