Editor's Picks: April 1st, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Family First: Cucked Slut Signs It Away For Her Step-Brother’s Cock

Happy Spring, my lovely porn pals! This beautiful weather has me in the mood for something soft and romantic for this week’s Editor’s Pick. April Fools! There are no tender moments in my pick this week—only tender flesh from rough manhandling! Kink.com doesn’t offer sweet little nothings; they dish out heavy doses of hardcore bondage, taboo scenarios, and totally twisted tales of downright delicious debauchery! This tasty morsel depicts the power struggle between two step-siblings; one is intent on selling his deceased father’s home, while the other is still mourning the loss of her mother. But wait, is there something just a little off about this pair? Of course there is! She is desperate to keep him in her life, and angry that he’s with another woman when he should be with her! She tells him that she belongs to him, will do anything for him. Her total submission is more than he had hoped for, and he immediately takes advantage of the situation. What follows is the depraved domination of a grieving step-sister by her perverse step-brother and his slutty girlfriend.

Signed Away featuring Seth Gamble, Ashley Lane, and Vanessa Sky

Sexy as hell and looking so adorable in those glasses, Seth Gamble plays the role of the deviant step-brother. He changes from sweet and cajoling to hard and domineering in a flash, his hand wrapped around Ashley Lane‘s throat and pushing her to her knees on the porch. She’s a cheeky step-sis and he’s going to put her in her place and force her to sign the papers to sell the house. Seth pulls his cock out and crams it down Ashley’s throat, his fist wrapped up in her hair, fucking her mouth like it’s a pussy. He strokes in and out of her mouth, his balls slapping her chin as he forces his entire cock down her throat. Seth uses an electric wand to administer painful shocks to Ashley’s creamy flesh as she chokes on his dick. Next, Ashley is bound and suspended, helpless to get away as Seth uses the electric wand, a cane, and various other implements to redden her tender flesh. She cries out in pain and the Seth tells her to keep her mouth shut so his girlfriend won’t hear them. Finally, Seth gives Ashley what she really wants—his cock. He slides into her from behind, her body bound so tightly she cannot move, her panties crammed into her mouth so she cannot speak. He fucks her hard, slamming into her pussy and totally dominating the selfish little bitch. Seth fucks her hard and allows her to cum before leaving her bound and suspended on the porch, her pussy pulsating from her powerful orgasm.

Seth Gamble fucks a bound and suspended Ashley Lane

Seth finds his girlfriend in another part of the house and tells her that Ashley needs more time to think before signing the papers. Much to his surprise, girlfriend Vanessa Sky wants to help him relax, so she gets on her knees and sucks his dick! How hot is it that she’s sucking his dick right after he fucked his helpless step-sis on the porch?! But it’s not just Ashley that gets rough treatment from Seth—his girlfriend is treated to some face slapping, ass spanking, and pussy paddling. Vanessa begs for his cock as he spanks her, begs to cum as he he harshly finger fucks her, and then screams through her orgasm when he finally allows her to cum. He finally gives her what she wants, fucking her doggy style and making her cum all over his cock. Next, sweet Vanessa is on her back, hands and ankles bound together, her pussy and ass totally exposed. Seth fucks her pussy in missionary position but cannot ignore Vanessa begging him to take her ass, and soon slides balls deep into her asshole. Seth even gifts his lovely lady with a DP, her ass filled with his cock while her pussy is stuffed with a vibrator on high speed. After shaking through yet another orgasm, Vanessa is left bound and panting like a dog as Seth goes back to get those papers signed by Ashley.

Seth Gamble fucks Vanessa Sky in the ass

Of course Ashley is still refusing to sign the papers! Seth has her bound and gagged, her tits covered in clamps, and a vibrator teasing her already tortured cunt when Vanessa walks in the room! But Seth is pleased to discover his lady is fine with the methods he’s using on his step-sister. In face, she wants to help! She begins sucking Seth’s cock while looking directly at Ashley, torturing the girl by claiming what she desperately wants. She taunts her as she sits on Seth’s cock and takes him deep inside her freshly fucked ass, telling Ashley that she’ll never have her step-brother’s cock again. Seth lays back and lets his lady do the work, his cock being squeezed by her tight asshole as Vanessa slaps Ashley’s face and demands she sign the papers. Vanessa is at her most brutal, her most vicious moment when she tells Ashley she’s about to cum and wants to hear Ashley screaming as she cums. Bouncing up and down on Seth’s cock, Vanessa reaches out and pulls both ropes attached to the clamps on Ashley’s tits. Every one is ripped from her body in a flash and she screams in agony, Vanessa looking on with a grin and she grinds her pussy down on Seth’s dick. Needless to say, they get her to sign the papers. And afterward, they celebrate by fucking and making her watch. They even make Ashley suck Vanessa’s pussy juice off Seth’s cock—how humiliating. Ashley begs for Seth’s cum as she watches him fuck Vanessa, and she opens wide to catch as much in her mouth as possible when he shoots his load onto her face. Looks like Vanessa and Seth have themselves a new plaything. What a good little step-sister she is now!

Seth Gamble and Vanessa Sky torment Ashley Lane

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Jeffton Banks: Stuck & Fucked

Summer Hart in Stuck & Fucked from Summer Hart Studios

Since it’s April Fool’s Day I feel like it’s only appropriate that I picked a movie that involves trickery. Summer Hart is one of my favorite clip artists posting content on HM these days. She’s a redhead, she’s voluptuous, she’s sensual, and I love her voice (and moans). Stuck porn is always a silly premise… but the power dynamic is out in the open and it is easy to digest. A power imbalance is a really powerful weapon in porn—even if it’s not something we’d ever dream of in real life. In this, Summer’s big squishy boobs get her caught under the bed. A silent passerby notices she’s wearing a dress and, well, decides to help himself to a heaping helping of Summer. She’s at times incredulous, into it, and nervous. There are two cameras and we get a good splitscreen between her facial expressions (and titties) and her ripe rump being fondled as she’s fucked. Dude blasts on her juicy ass, tosses her panties on top, and leaves her stuck as ever (maybe for someone else to pass by).

Summer Hart in Stuck & Fucked from Summer Hart Studios

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