Editor's Picks: April 15th, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Natural Beauties Vol. 16

Hey there guys and gals! I assume you’re all loyal weekly readers of the Editor’s Pick, and just can’t wait to find out what we’ll suggest next. My pick for this week comes from the ever-wise, ever-creative geniuses at Vixen. If you’re not already familiar with their work, you must be brand-spanking-new to porn. I mean, seriously, everybody knows about Vixen! Known for their gorgeous film locations and stunning female talent, Vixen has certainly built a brand to be proud of. Natural Beauties 16 features four lovely, all-natural performers guaranteed to whet your appetite! From the beach to the bedroom, these ladies prove that the location is always beautiful when there’s a sexy, wanton women in your arms.

Nancy Ace poses by the ocean

Things start off beautifully on the beach, the incomparable Nancy Ace posing in the gorgeous blue water. Martin X meets her there and she drops to her knees to suck his cock eagerly. But she is a woman who knows what she wants, and she rises to tell him, “Lick my pussy now,” as she removes her bikini bottoms. She lays back on a palm tree that extends out over the water, her lithe body stretched out gracefully. The scene is beyond beautiful—the ocean stretching as far as the eye can see, Nancy gasping in pleasure as Martin licks her pussy, and the sounds of the water lapping at the beach. It’s perfection. He first enters her from behind, Nancy facing the expanse of the ocean as Martin dives into her pussy like a drowning man. They end up in the sand, Nancy grinding her pussy down on Martin in cowgirl position until he cums inside her. Nancy raises up and her hot creampie drips out of her freshly fucked pussy. This is by far my favorite scene of the film!

Martin X fucking Nancy Ace by the ocean

The film continues with Jazlyn Ray next. Too sexy for her own damn good, Jazlyn doesn’t have to try very hard to seduce her sister’s husband, Mick Blue. He stands behind her and reaches around for a handful of her big, natural breasts. He teases her nipples with ice cubes and fingers her pussy as she is still grasping with the surprise of his advance. Mick pounds his wife’s sister in several positions, finally giving her his hot load right in her slutty mouth. What a naughty sister she is! Stefany Kyler is next, her pussy getting filled to the brim poolside by Chris Diamond. Picture it—it’s nighttime and the horny couple are seen only by the light of the pool, their bodies writhing in passion, glistening with sweat. Chris’ cock is long and thick, making Stefany’s gorgeous eyes roll back in her head over and over throughout the scene. This clip ends with Chris staring into Stefany’s eyes as he cums inside her pussy. The creampie drips out slowly before the couple jump into the pool to cool off. Finally, petite cutie Lulu Chu is trying to convince boyfriend Oliver Flynn to invest more money in the stock market. In order to calm his frayed nerves, Lulu did what we’ve been doing to make men relax since the beginning of time—Lulu gave Oliver a blowjob! Of course, once those lips were wrapped around his cock, Oliver just had to have it all. Lulu sucks him off and swallows his cum, sending him back to bed fully relaxed. Later, Lulu wakes Oliver to tell him their prediction was right and they’re rich! Oliver and Lulu celebrate their success seductively, sensually, slowly. They’re celebration culminates with a hot creampie for the Lulu, the sexy money maker!

Jazlyn Ray rides Mick Blue cowgirl style

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Jeffton Banks: Black Widow XXX

Lacy Lennon in Black Widow XXX from Wicked Pictures

My appetite for super hero content is infinite—doubly so when it comes to super hero porn. We waited and waited for something, anything, to drop… and finally Axel Braun delivers! Axel is the best there is at what he does, and what he does is very nice! That’s a little Wolverine humor for you all. But I mean it: Axel’s formula for super hero parody porn is as developed as anything in the industry can be. He captures moments that come from the films, inserts comic book characters (or the comic book version of characters) that aren’t always in the MCU or DCU flicks, creates little humorous asides that poke fun at the mainstream Hollywood versions, creates jabs at his own continuity and filmmaking, and adds in-jokes that only comic aficionados are going to get. And all the while, he understands what keeps us coming back for more—seeing these larger-than-life characters who parade in skin-tight outfits as sex-crazed iterations of themselves. The only way that they can scratch their itches is with other super folk, and that creates some really interesting dynamics.

So while I maybe would have liked seeing some characters other than Deadpool (who admittedly was integral to the meta humor in the script) and Captain Marvel popping up, there was still more than plenty Widow action to be had. Lacy Lennon again shows why she’s one of the most magical actresses we’ve had in porn in decades (especially in her hilarious interpretation of the now-famous Black Widow kidnapping/interrogation scene from Avengers). Her fuck skills are also super on-point. And I think her bodysuit that exposes her gorgeous ass might be the pinnacle of porn parody costume-dom. All four scenes of this one are worth a watch, but I especially recommend the finale—a Deadpool-Taskmaster fuck-off with a pair of Widows!

Lacy Lennon and Elena Koshka in Black Widow XXX from Wicked Pictures

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