10 Reasons Why Fans Love Girlfriends Films

Great scripts, fantastic talent, and a lot of TRIBBING! In existence since 2001, Girlfriends Films has risen from a small, niche studio to a game-changing force in the adult industry. HotMovies is thrilled to be able to offer GFF titles EXCLUSIVELY and hardcore fans—for lack of a better word—eat it up. So much more than just girl-on-girl sex, revered and often imitated, GFF has really changed the way fans and studios look at lesbian sex on-screen. Here are ten reasons why HotMovies and fans around the world LOVE Girlfriends Films!

“It All Started With Girlfriends Films…” – AVN

1. The Authentic Sex

Girlfriends Films has a well-earned reputation for presenting authenticity in the sex portrayed on-screen. Girl-on-girl sexual pairings in most mainstream studio porn is usually both obligatory, and kind of an afterthought. The lesbian sex in GFF can have an almost documentary feel to it. The sex is also always presented with grace and an understanding of the relationships on-screen. GFF can really make the viewer feel like a fly on the wall, and we mean that in the best way!


2. The Tribbing

You’re never too old for a little sex ed! What is tribbing? “Tribadism” is a sex position resembling a scissoring position, as woman rubs her vulva against her partner’s body for those kick-ass sexual kicks—especially for stimulation of the clit. We really don’t see that as often as we should in girl-on-girl pairings, but GFF scenes are guaranteed to give you some sexual (and emotional!) tribbing sessions. Swoons!


3. The Stars

Many careers have been made at GFF, both old and new, such as India Summer, Magdalene St. Michaels, Zoey Holloway, and up-and-coming starlets, like the lovely Gracie Gates. This studio really gives fans some of the most talented female performers in the business.


4. The Storylines

GFF never shoots a script twice, and it shows. How could fans not love those epic power struggles, those sexy realtors, and the cavalier, old-money town of Thornhill? If Joan Collins or Linda Evans had taken a different career path, they would be right at home in many of the ongoing storylines from GFF.


5. The Community

Marvel fans watch out! Of course, GFF brings the single men in, but the other half of their customer base is with couples and lesbians. With forums and newsletters, fans of all walks of life stay tuned in, appreciated, and have formed their very own community of GFF superfans. After fourteen years, fans are still taking, interacting, (sometimes critiquing), and sharing their love for their favorite stars and scenes from Girlfriends Films!


6. The Direction

There’s always something special going behind the camera at GFF! Avoiding mindless sex-fests without any attention paid to relationships or seduction, along with adding eagle-eyed attention to detail, the direction always makes each scene engaging and sexy as hell. The direction behind the camera for GFF is almost always spot-on and giving the fans exactly what they want!


7. Chemistry

The sex is realistic and the casting is always inspired, giving fans sexual pairings that are bursting with chemistry. The models are very involved with the director in dictating how the sex scene will be shot, and there are no interruptions as they proceed with the scene. The women on-screen are always comfortable and committed when they play off of each other, and the sex just melts off the screen because of it. It’s called fire ladies and gentlemen, and it’s HOT!


8. Experienced Women Are Sexy

Girlfriends Films really helped normalize pairing young cis-female models with older, experienced women. They’ve showcased MILFs from the beginning, proving fans love to watch seasoned stars giving younger women an “education” they won’t soon forget!


9. The Orgasms

We all fake it once in a while, especially when you’re an actor on a studio set shooting a sex scene. However, the “O” faces in many GFF scenes will make you a believer. These women are making each other cum, and often! Fans should take notes. There have been some epic orgasms from this studio!


10. Their MASSIVE Catalog

Girlfriends Films was founded in 2002 and is still going strong. With a popular VOD website and DVDs always going into production, there’s always more to come. GFF is hoping to have 1,000 movies under their belt by 2024! At this rate, they might just make it to see the heat-death of the universe! And their fans will continue to watch in droves…


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