Editor's Picks: April 22nd, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Introducing The Fucktoy

Hey guys! I’ve really been digging this new studio we have, so I wanted to share it with you so everyone can get in on the fun! Being so new to HotMovies, Red Heaven Media only has five titles live so far. And it was their very first live title that caught my attention—Introducing The Fucktoy. With a title like that, how could I not check it out?! An amateur, all-girl cast, featuring kinky fetish fun? Sign me up! Coming in just under 50 minutes in length, it’s short enough to watch comfortably in one sitting, but long enough to provide you with plenty of time to… ahem… finish. Let’s dive right into this European treat and show these kinky cuties some love.

Leia Organa, Ashleigh Doll, and Amber West play with their fucktoy, Olga Cabaeva

Seasoned MILF, Leia Organa, has invited her friends over for an afternoon visit. They know that Leia has something very exciting planned for them, but they have no idea what it is. The blonde and beautiful couple, Ashleigh Doll and Amber West, are given glasses of wine as they settle in on the couch. After a little teasing banter, Leia exits the room and comes back with the surprise. She is leading the lovely Olga Cabaeva into the room on a leash! Olga crawls toward the couch on her hands and knees and is presented to Ashleigh and Amber. They fondle and examine their submissive fucktoy, the three woman talking about her as if she weren’t in the room. They use her for their pleasure—resting their feet on her, having her undress them and worship their feet. Leia spanks the fucktoy’s bare bottom as Amber uses a pinwheel on her tender flesh. Olga grimaces in pain as her keepers play with her body, remaining silent and docile, like a good little fucktoy should. Pain is just a precursor for pleasure, however, and the women are soon using a vibrator and their mouths to tease and tantalize Olga. After writhing through a couple orgasms, Olga is directed to kneel in front of Amber and lick her pussy. Leia holds Olga’s hair tightly, pushing her fact into Amber’s hairy bush. The women take turns with the fucktoy, allowing her to lick each of their pussies before the box of dildos is brought into play. They use one after another on Olga’s soaking wet pussy, fucking her with progressively bigger toys and forcing her to orgasm over and over. This clip is sensual and erotic, the women using their fucktoy however they choose. Ashleigh and Amber are lucky to have a friend like Leia who invites them over for a little afternoon delight with her new fucktoy! Now that’s a friend you want to keep!

Olga Cabaeva is submissive to Leia Organa, Ashleigh Doll, and Amber West

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Jeffton Banks: California Dreaming

Jane Rogers and Oliver Davis in California Dreaming from Erika Lust and Lust Cinema

Happy Earth Day! I’ve been on a bit of a Western kick these days (side note: Duck You Sucker might be too long but it’s an underrated Leone movie), so when up popped California Dreaming from Lust Cinema I was all about it. It’s the first Erika Lust title directed by Inka Winter (who, awesomely enough, has a very like-minded studio on HotMovies you should keep your eye on called ForPlay Films). The film stars Oliver Davis as a well-meaning but misguided sort who is always looking to be out saving women. The flick starts with a flashback of his wooing and subsequent relationship with Jane Rogers (who I have a massive crush on). Inka is really good at depicting little moments of young love… but also the times in which Oliver’s actions diminished Jane. And when they have sex? Goodness me! They have tremendous chemistry… and the sounds Jane’s pussy makes when she’s bent over the couch and taking Oliver in demonstrate how into it Jane’s whole body is.

We head back to the present, where Oliver is headed through the alien, desolate landscape of broken down buildings and chaparral on the way to the Palm Springs-ish area of the Southern California desert. He discovers an Old West town (played by real-life wild west stand-in city, Pioneertown), and proceeds to enter a saloon. Magically his clothes change to a cowboy get-up and the saloon is packed with residents of the time. The costuming and props are excellent, the non-sex roles are handled very capably, and there’s an honest-to-goodness bar brawl scene in the flick.

It is there that Oliver meets the stunning Maya Woulfe (who won a place in my heart months ago with her performance in Daddy’s Girl 3). Following a botched attempt at saving Maya, Oliver discovers she is a woman wanted for murder. From there, the two bond on what we can presume is Maya’s last night on earth before her trial. The sex is passionate and deep and absolutely conveys a tone of somberness—that she is fucking to forget her troubles. In all, it’s a really good movie. It is perfect for couples, but you will not regret wanking to this if you’re by yourself.

<a href=”//hm.adultempire.com/3293656/california-dreaming.htmlhttps://imgs1cdn.adultempire.com/res/bn/hmblog/maya-woulfe-oliver-davis-california-dreaming.jpg” alt=”Maya Woulfe and Oliver Davis in California Dreaming from Erika Lust and Lust Cinema” class=”center”>

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