Editor's Picks: April 29th, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Milk

Hey guys, got Milk?! Oh man, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist! This week’s Editor’s Pick is provocative and fun: the best combination for all your sexy-time needs. Pure Infatuation has really put together a tasty treat for your viewing delight, and it’s sure to make you cream your jeans in no time! Okay, okay, I’ll stop now. But seriously, this quickie clip features big natural breasts covered in milk and a BBC that delivers a load of cream right on time!

Jackie Hoff is a sexy cow

Jackie Hoff is the cutest damn cow I’ve ever seen! She shows off her adorable cow outfit in the opening sequence, looking delectable as fuck soaking in a tub filled with milk. Then Will Tile, the sexiest milkman I’ve ever seen, pours a jug of heavy cream on Jackie’s tits and the sight of those big beautiful breasts dripping with thick cream is incredibly hot! And a bit of foreshadowing, for all my literary fans out there. Jackie moves into the bedroom to warm up for her upcoming delivery. She grabs two toys and gets cozy with her legs spread wide. She wastes no time pushing the dildo deep inside her hungry ass, mewling in pleasure as she does so. The purple vibrator works on her sensitive clit as her asshole is stretched wide to fit Will’s massive cock.

Jackie Hoff masturbates

The sexy milkman finally arrives to deliver his load of cream, but first the adorable cow had to fuck it out of him! Jackie gets busy slobbering all over Will’s massive BBC, taking as much down her throat as possible. The good little cow even pays his balls the attention they deserve, sucking them up into her mouth like a greedy little whore. She climbs on top for cowgirl position (how fitting!) and rides Will’s cock like an animal! (haha, okay, I had one more in me, I guess) She bounces on his cock in long strokes, spreading her ass cheeks to show off that stretched asshole. Will takes control and spoons Jackie, fucking her deep and hard. He takes her breath away when he fucks her missionary style, his dick disappearing into her body like a magic trick. But it’s not until he flips her over and dicks her doggy style that he finally dips into that ass. Will pops his giant cock head into Jackie’s ass and immediately begins to thrust as much in as he can. At first the little cow can only take about half Will’s length, but before long he’s got his cock in her ass balls-deep, fucking her tight hole in long, satisfying strokes.

Jackie Hoff does anal with Will Tile

Jackie loves that dick in her ass so much! She reaches back and urges Will to pound her harder, saying, “Thank you, sir” when he obliges. She groans in pleasure, enjoying every inch of his rock-hard cock in her tight ass. Will’s got his own corny jokes while he fucks his little cow, asking her if the ass fucking he’s giving her is “udderly delicious.” Haha! Good one, Will! They switch to cowgirl again and the naughty little cow bounces on Will’s cock like she’s in a bouncy house, her big tits rising and falling with her, slapping against her chest as Will’s balls slap against her ass. The good little cow squirts a few times during this clip, thoroughly enjoying her ass being stretched wide open. When Will can’t last another second, he pulls out of that deep dark ass and shoots his much deserved load of cream onto the cute cow’s big tits. Jackie is so cute with her tits covered in cum and a big smile on her face. She looks into the camera as she rubs the hot cream into her flesh and gives us a sweet little, “mooo” before the clip fades to black.

Jackie Hoff gets her big tits creamed by Will Tile

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Jeffton Banks: Casting POV 3

Apryl Rein in Casting POV 3 from Doghouse Digital

I’ve found religion, and Her name is Apryl Rein. From her entertaining and bizarre pre-scene conversation with director Mike Quasar (who just seems like he’d be fun to talk to), to her looks, to her onscreen beginner’s awkwardness, I am smitten. With just a handful of scenes under her belt, it remains to be seen what becomes of Ms. Rein, but all of the makings for a long and successful porno career are there. Now’s your time to convert!

And, like with Apryl, that’s what the rest of Casting POV 3 has to offer: fresh-faced (some with a little more time in adult than others) young women with loads and loads of charisma and gorgeous looks getting paired up in POV scenes with established male talent for a taste of what’s yet to come. Madi Collins talks about how hot it was to hook up with a near stranger outdoors in a parking lot during a concert before ultimately taking a load on her ginger patch. Jazmin Luv confidently exclaims, “I am the table!” when Quasar tells her he wants to see what she brings to the table. She’s not wrong, and delivers the scene with the most zazz and screen presence. And Freya Parker tells a funny anecdote about how she went to her agent with potential screen names only to be told that they were all horrible—only to finally find her moniker by use of an online baby name generator.

This is a fun, no-frills production. It’s shot well and features dependable male talent that never take the focus away from the starlets showing off their stuff. Quasar is amiable in the interviews but does a good job navigating clamming up and directing the action as it happens. All in all, it’s a great opportunity to witness your soon-to-be-favorites up close and personal before they make it big.

Jazmin Luv in Casting POV 3 from Doghouse Digital

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