Editor's Picks: May 6th, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Wants What She Can’t Have

Happy May, everyone! There’s finally some light and life and beauty in the world again. So I could think of no better time than the present to share this forbidding film with you. Don’t let that observation turn you off, though. This movie is fiercely erotic and not to be ignored. Pure Taboo creates masterpieces; incredible feature films that just happen to include hardcore graphic sex (and thank the gods of porn for that, am I right?!) If you aren’t already aware, I have a major league crush on Charles Dera. This is real. I would do terrible, awful, delicious things to that man. He is always an intense, dominant force in any scene he performs in. So when I read the description for this clip, I was definitely intrigued to see him playing the role of “innocent married boss, Tim.” Just how innocent can Charles be?

Charles Dera kisses Ryan Keely

Jill Kassidy plays Lola, the slutty bartender in Tim’s (Charles Dera) restaurant. Her evil plan to seduce her happily married boss paints her as quite the little hussy. Charles is wrapping up for the night, his wife (played by the lovely Ryan Keely) is in the restroom freshening up before they leave, and Jill pounces! She teases and touches Charles behind the bar, and then boldly drops to her knees and pulls his cock out of his pants. He tries to say no, he tries to push her away. His wife is here, after all! But Jill is too persistent, and hey, it’s really tough to turn down a blowjob, right? So Jill slobbers all over that cock, and I do mean slobbers! She’s got spit dripping from her chin in no time! Wifey comes out of the bathroom and Charles angles his body just so behind the bar so that she can’t see what’s going on. What’s going on is Jill sucking his cock while he chats with his wife!

Jill Kassidy gives Charles Dera a blowjob

After Charles convinces his wife she should go on without him, he turns his attention back to Jill. The reticent, faithful husband is gone. He takes control and gives that little slut what she wants. He picks her up and sets her roughly on the bar, spreading her legs and pulling her panties aside. His cock rests against her greedy cunt as he gathers some spit for his cock head and then slides deep inside the would-be home wrecker’s slutty hole. He slams into her over and over, using her hole and asking her if this is what she wanted. He puts his hand over her mouth, telling her to shut her fucking mouth so the customers in the next room don’t hear them fucking in the bar. When she doesn’t comply, he crams her panties into her mouth. They take their affair into the bathroom where Jill puts a leg up on the counter, presenting her pussy to Charles. He pushes into her from behind, every inch of his cock disappearing into her tight little hole, his balls slapping her clit each time he thrusts into her.

Charles Dera fucks Jill Kassidy

Later, Charles takes Jill into one of the stalls so she can ride his cock cowgirl style. And then the best part of the scene happens – he has her hands pinned above her head with one hand as he slaps her tits with the other, positioning his cock for another deep dive into her greedy hole. He stares into her eyes intensely as he slams his cock into her over and over, her pussy so wet you can hear the squelching sound it makes even amid the sounds of their labored breathing. When he’s ready to cum, Charles pushes Jill to her knees and strokes his cock until he explodes. Jill says, “Give it to me,” just as her creamy reward lands on her tongue.

Jill Kassidy gets a facial from Charles Dera

If you enjoyed reading about this dark delight, and let’s be honest, of course you did, then you’ll want to see it for yourself. Let me assure you, you will not be disappointed. And unless I still need to sweeten the pot for you, I can divulge that there is a second clip in this film featuring Tommy Pistol as a devout Priest alongside Eliza Eves playing sinful Juliet, the recalcitrant teen who needs some guidance. I think we all know what type of guidance she’ll be getting!

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Jeffton Banks: Fertile Young Things

Amber Moore and Troy Francisco in Fertile Young Things from Deeper

At this point, if you see something from Deeper, you should just drop everything and watch it ASAP and prepare to cum buckets. Deeper movies are so next level that it frankly is becoming tough to compliment them to the appropriate levels without putting other studios down at the same time. Fertile Young Things is no exception. It is, simply put, four perfect scenes put together.

The standouts among the standouts for me were the first clip, where a doe-eyed beauty in Amber Moore seduces a handsome young cop in Troy Francisco. The set up is phenomenally sexy, and their performance is just a 100% pure sexual connection. The other contender for king of kings in the clips is the second scene: where angry actress Ryan Reid hate-fucks producer Manuel Ferrara after not getting the role she thought was in the bag. He sensually dominates her the way Manuel is wont to do, and Ryan gets super into it– and winds up gushing squirt in the process. That one is the first part of a two-parter that continues on with Ryan vengefully makes it with Troy Francisco (inside the super-photogenic laundromat that we previously saw in If It Feels Good 3.

Ryan Reid in Fertile Young Things from Deeper

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