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We’re celebrating AAPI Heritage Month on HotMovies with a series of Instagram Live interviews hosted by Jada Kai with models of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage. In the first interview of the series, Jada sat down with Brenna Sparks to discuss her Laotian roots, her favorite aspects of sex work, and the troubling way Asian women are represented in porn. Check out Jada and Brenna’s fun discussion below, or watch on HotMovies Instagram or YouTube!

Brenna Sparks

JK: Hi everyone. I think I’m live right now. Okay, this is so exciting because this month is May, which is Asian American Pacific Islander Month heritage month, and today we are going to have Brenna Sparks on here. She is the crypto queen, porn star, cam star, and she is our number-one group dream girl, we are going to connect her right now. I’m so excited. You guys are gonna love Brenna. Okay, give me one second…

BS: Oh my god, hey.

Yeah, hi. I was nervous that this wasn’t gonna work, I was like, I’m gonna ruin this up. [laughter]

This is like the first live duo live interview, so I thought I was gonna mess up. [laughter]

‘ve done it before in the past, just for fun, but never on like such a big account like this. Yeah, everyone Brenna is here.

Hi, hi everyone thank you so much for joining us. [chuckle]

Yeah. Okay, so we are celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. I decided to have Brenna on. We have been friends pretty much since I’ve joined the industry. [laughter]

I love Jada. She’s so much fun.

Okay so Brenna is 100% Laotian, correct?


Yes, okay since it is Heritage Month for us, I just wanna talk about our culture a little bit. What are some of your favorite traditions?

Let’s see my favorite traditions, I guess, sometimes during Lao New Year we’ll go to the temple and we’ll make a huge celebration. People drink, they throw water at each other, what else, my favorite traditions… I love the house parties they’re always having… I feel like Southeast Asians always have the craziest house parties. They’ll do karaoke they’ll drink they’ll play card games. So…

Are Laotians pretty big partiers?


We love playing card games. All the moms and dads are on the floor gambling.

Is mahjong a big game that you guys play too? Because in the Filipino parties—I’m Filipino—there would be very similar, lots of drinking, lots of food, but then everyone in the basement, they would just be going so hard on mahjong.

They don’t really play that. I’ve actually never played that, but I’ve only seen it…

I don’t know how to play. I feel like a bad Filipino. [laughter] Okay, and also, Brenna, I want to introduce you to everyone now that more people are going in here.

I’m trying to read all the comments ’cause they’re going so fast…

I know like it’s… Everyone wants to join us and be live with us [laughter]. You guys can send in questions through the Q&A section on here, and then we’ll see it and then we’ll get to that at the end. But anyway, so now that more people are in here, I wanna introduce you a little bit better. You are a mega porn star, mega cam star. I saw that you were just nominated for the Cammy Awards as best crossover performer.

Yeah, yeah, I cam like once in a blue moon.

Yes, but when make your appearance on cam I feel like you just steal the show. It’s very noteworthy when you go on live.

I’m gonna cam more then. [chuckle]

But you’re recognized as top crossover performer, which I think is so deserving because you…

Thank you.

You’ve definitely made a huge influence for the cryptocurrency market in general because everyone is like, I don’t really understand it, but you’re like, “I know how… I know how this goes.” [chuckle]

I feel like not as much as I used to be, ’cause now I’m more focused on just my sex work… But yeah pretty much before like years ago, I would, I definitely felt like I was pushing it a lot more. Now, I feel like I’m just repeating the same stuff, [chuckle] yeah.

I wouldn’t say that, I think that you are always a good guide to how crypto works in the industry. Have you, come out with, or are you going to come out with NFTs in the future?

I kind of try to experiment with some, but I’m still learning about NFTs. I’m not huge in NFTs, but I did dabble on a few. I sold some, so that was fine. [laughter] I feel like I want to make more like utility-based NFTs, like maybe give extra perks for everyone that buys one of mine or something.

Oh yeah, that would be good.

I don’t know what special price [laughter]

I feel like you’ve been traveling so much, which has also been very exciting.

I just got back from New York City, I would say like, two days ago and I was sleeping for like 15 hours. [laughter]

Where’s your favorite place that you’ve been?

The favorite place I’ve been to? I would say, in the US, it would have to be, I love New York City, but I’m a little biased because I’m from Connecticut. I love New Orleans. The food there is really good. It’s spicy. Lots of good music. Nashville’s pretty cool too. The honky tonks are fine. [laughter]

I love it. I love myself a country boy.

[laughter] Yeah. In terms of go outside of the US, I would say Berlin is pretty cool. Berlin is cool. I wish I got to experience more of Korea. What about you?

I would have to agree. I really like the East Coast, but I’m also biased because I grew up in Delaware, was born in Philly. For some reason, I thought you were born in Chicago and I was like, looking at your stuff today. And I was like, oh my God, I didn’t realize that you were born in Connecticut.

All my bios are wrong. Everyone always says like Las Vegas, but it’s okay. [laughter]

Okay. So we’re pretty much neighbors, everyone. I’m talking to you guys the audience, but we never see each other because Brenna is always touring the world. [laughter]

We were supposed to go bowling [laughter]

I know. I, okay, so we were all supposed hang out on 4/20, but I fell asleep at like 4:25. [laughter]

Oh. And I was tired. [laughter]

But going back, I also think that New York is really great, but maybe not to live, just to visit because bagels. [laughter]

We definitely have to take a little road trip for something.


Arizona. Cause they have like really cool caves. Maybe we could just go camping [laughter]

Yes. It sounds so fun. I’ve noticed that you’ve done a lot in the industry. How long have you been in the industry for?

I started stripping at 19 and I’ve, let’s see… I did nude modeling. I tried webcamming for like a day. I think it was like a live Jasmine and I really hated it [laughter] cause I feel like I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. So I absolutely was just like, “Okay, nevermind, I don’t wanna do this.” And then I didn’t touch that site actually ever again. [laughter] And, let’s see. I did sugaring, pretty much everything. I got into porn in 2016 and then I did MFC and obviously right now I see clients, and OnlyFans. [laughter]

What’s your favorite part of sex work?

My favorite part of sex work right now is like, I have a lot of free time to do whatever I want. The money obviously is really good. A lot of people I meet because I do in-person sex work are really good. They’re really chill sometimes. Like they’ll do multi hours and they’ll take me to really cool restaurants. One even took me to karaoke nights.

Oh, fun.

Yeah. That’s so fun. And I get to travel. I feel like, pretty much having lots of time is probably the best part of this industry, and I meet really cool people.

For sure. It’s nice being your own boss, but I feel like it’s also very hard being your own boss.

Oh yeah.

Have you seen the meme that’s like, “I quit my 9:00 to 5:00 now I just work 24/7.” Do you feel like that’s valid?

I definitely feel like that, because there’ll be days where I won’t respond to emails or like my OnlyFans messages for like days [laughter] because I’m so busy. I know that’s a horrible habit, but yeah. Or I’m like always constantly thinking of new content to create.

Brenna Sparks

I know.

It’s always never-ending… [laughter] Or sometimes I burn out, burn out is huge. That’s why I mentioned earlier, when I got back from New York City, I was sleeping for 15 hours. [laughter]

I also slept for 15 hours, I slept a lot this weekend…

What were you doing?

I’m sleeping a lot apparently Friday and then Saturday, I just slept for like 15 hours, which is crazy. Oh, cheers!

[Holds up drink] Lemonade.

I have coffee. Which I don’t know if having coffee is good when you’re like… a little bit nervous.

Oh my God, I hear coffee actually… When you drink coffee, it intensifies the orgasm.

I also heard that it helps you last longer in bed, which makes sense because like, energy and stuff like that…

I have to try that.

Yes, maybe I’ll do a little experiment. Like, have sex without caffeine and then sex with caffeine, maybe we can test it out and be like, does this work? [laughter]

Yes, I would definitely be your… What’s the word? Your research partner in this. [laughter]

We’re basically scientists now everyone. Okay, so I saw a new thing that you’ve been doing, and I saw that you started doing sex vlogs…

Oh, yes.

They’re so cute. That’s so original… Adding all your content, I know that you do everything from behind the camera, in front of the camera, you do all your editing, and you run your OnlyFans yourself, and is the sex vlog staying part of that. Is that gonna be a new thing with your content?

I am definitely having lots of fun shooting. I kind of want to give people like… in-depth taste of my life and like, what I’m doing when I’m there, like, what it’s like being with me [chuckles] I don’t know, I guess people are curious, I feel like I don’t talk a lot, so…

I love seeing it. Yes, I want you to keep doing that because I love following people’s vlogs…

We could do it together.

Oh yeah, that sounds fun.

I don’t know, maybe a thing like, hanging out with Jada [laughter]

For sure. Work-wise, do you like that you have a lot of time because of sex work and making good money and stuff like that? What is your favorite thing to do? Is it content creating, is it performing on porn sets?

My favourite thing to, lets see, I feel like the reason why I like creating my own content is because, I was kind of also sick and tired of the stuff I was shooting with mainstream companies. It was always like Asian massage video [laughter] something like that. I don’t mind Asian massage, it’s just like it was constant… And I felt like it was like a huge theme of just Asian… [laughter]

Yeah, it was like, “Oh, I have to put on a kimono again.”

Yeah, I wore kimonos. Or they’ll be like, fucking Asian on the title. [laughter] Let’s see, I like cosplaying, dressing up, I like making just a bunch of different ones in my head. I like having fun with that. Also I just enjoy traveling to random areas, and right now I wanna go to obscure areas like Maine and just having fun there, or like Rhode Island. [laughter]

I love how Maine is obscure to you.

I know it is, but I feel like no one’s like, “I wanna go to Maine.” [chuckle]

That is true. I was on the East Coast and I’ve never been to Maine. I feel like it’s cold there, and… I don’t know.

I don’t even know Delaware. [laughter]

Okay, so the thing about Delaware is… Okay so everyone thinks that it’s kind of a small town where no one is. But Delaware is in like, is on the East Coast. It is in between New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, so it’s kind of like close to all the big cities, and I feel like it has a lot of city influence. It is suburbia, but it’s like suburbia of all of those cities.

Yeah, Connecticut is kind of the same. I feel like it’s a little boring, but it’s nice. And every time when I tell people I’m from Connecticut, they’re like, “Oh, it must be like Greenwich in the really rich area.” It’s like, “No, not at all.” [laughter] They have like some of their ghetto areas too… [laughter]

Same with Delaware, you want it big, but it has a little taste of everything too. I feel like it’s like city and then there’s Southern Delaware, which is like, it’s like the country. Let me go through the audience’s questions and then…

Can you hear my loft music? I have a little slight lofty music…

Oh… It is nice. That’s what I listen to when I’m studying, because usually, well not studying, I don’t fucking study, what am I talking about? When I am doing emails, and working, and stuff like that, I’ll put on music. I’ll put on a good and lo-fi playlist on.

So, look it’s a party in my room. [chuckle] Can you see it, yeah?

A lot of… Oh, yeah. [chuckle] I’m going through the questions right now. A lot of them are a little bit too dirty to bring up on the convo.

[laughter] You’re just hurting your eyes with the questions?

I’m like, “What platform do you think that we’re on right now?” Someone asked us if we would do scenes together. They obviously don’t know us well enough.

Oh, my god.

Brenna Sparks

Brenna and I, actually, we met on set for Team Skeet, yeah? Is that where we first met?

I feel like we already were following each other. We’ve been following each other, but I think that was the first time…

We met in person?

No, no, no, actually, we were hanging out at that one apocalyptic party.

Oh, yes. Everytime I was looking at those pictures, and we were wearing like nurse outfits… And it was like, it was so funny that we had an apocalyptic party before that, and we voluntarily wore face masks.

We got to love those pictures. [laughter]

Yeah. Oh, someone asked a really good question. They said, “What are the faults in your line of work that could be improved?”

The faults… that’s a good question, the faults. Which one? In terms of escorting or in porn sets? I would say the faults right now that could be improved in porn shooting, there’s money in porn. I would say in sets, definitely eight hours on a set is ridiculous, and so we should definitely need to get a raise because of function. [laughter]


I think people need to practice better hygiene. I definitely think abusers need to be called out more. I think agents should stop pressuring people to do scenes they don’t wanna do. There’s a list that can go on. [laughter]

Do you have advice on that, on agents pressuring performers? And as a performer, what you can do to keep that from happening?

I think definitely mention it with your agents. But simply, I would probably just walk off if I felt uncomfortable, but I know some people probably do not feel like they can do that. I have brought up scenarios where I was uncomfortable and upset on sets, and my agent was very accommodating to that. So I think it’s a case-by-case, but definitely don’t let agents walk all over you, you know?

That’s a good advice. I feel like with the industry, how it is now, and being able to create your own content, now you have something else to fall back on. So I feel like if you do need to walk outside, you should do so with confidence. I agree with you. I think that’s really good advice.

Yeah, I had a… I would say like one time, it was like years ago, I would say when I first started in the industry. My second scene was like a VR one, and shooting VR was a lot more complicated ’cause you have to pay attention to where the camera is and use lots of words, and the guy’s quiet. [laughter]


It’s like I had no idea of any of that. And I was shooting two other scenes that day, and it was like, we’re working on our third one, and I’m calling my agent like, “Oh, I didn’t know that there was a third one,” and I was a little upset. And I guess at that moment, they weren’t very accommodating. But looking back at it, I don’t think I would ever put myself in that position ever again. It’s just like three scenes in one day was ridiculous. [chuckle]

Yeah, I feel like that some companies think that since they pay you your rate, they think that it’s like, “Oh well, we have you for the whole day now.” I’m like, “No.”

[chuckle] No.

I’m here to do a scene for you, maybe take some pictures.

Oh, my god. [laughter] At least I got paid more. I definitely think that that would be a fuck-up situation if they just give me one rate.

And we’re getting various questions that I can’t ask you.

Thank you.

Someone asked what your favorite Laotian dish is.

There is this chicken noodle soup, it’s called Khao Piak, and my mom makes amazing one. It’s super good, it’s like tapioca-based noodles. I think the Vietnamese, I think there’s this Vietnamese dish, I don’t know how to pronounce it, but they have something very similar where it looks like Udon noodles.

Okay so they’re like big noodles?

Yeah, I also like papaya salad. I love spicy food. Have we ever ate Lao food together? I feel like we’ve never had Lao food together.

I was thinking about that. I remember I was going out to dinner, on a little girl’s day, and I think we had Thai food, but…


I think you got a Lao dish though.

I did? I don’t remember. But we got our nails done I think that day.

Yes, I need to get my nails done right now.

Your nails look pretty, mine are also pink. [chuckle]

Yeah we’re both dating. And someone also asked what your favorite TV show is right now?

Right now, I’m watching South Park. I’m always watching South Park whenever I travel, I feel like it’s just like, I don’t know, it reminds me of home. I get home sick a lot, so I’m always watching South Park [chuckle] on Comedy Central.

South Park reminds you of Connecticut?

No. Just like home, being at home. I just think it’s comforting, yeah.

I got you, like the idea of home.

Yeah, with my cat.

I was watching the South Park episode about the motor scooters. Have you seen that one?

The motor scooters?

You know that, like scooter they have right now, and…

Oh yeah I think I have. [chuckle]

It’s so good. Okay, let me ask more questions.

Also the COVID special…

Brenna Sparks

Oh yeah, that one’s good. Yeah, I like the light. They crack me up so much. Have you been to Australia?

I’ve never been to Australia, but I definitely wanna go. It just I felt like, I’ve never had just like a random, “Oh, I wanna go to Australia” moment.

I know right, I’ve never been, but I really, really, really wanna go there too. Someone just asked “Why do porn companies remove your tattoos?” Wait, do they actually do that for DVD cover?

I heard that happened to a DVD cover for Hustler. They definitely did that, and I don’t know why. ‘Cause I feel like my fans are gonna know, and when they watch the DVD, they’re definitely gonna know I have tattoos. Maybe they’re just trying to do one of those quick sales or something like… You buy the video like, “Oops sorry she has tattoos.” And it’s like, I don’t know, it’s kinda cheap because it’s like, are you trying to say that people with tattoos aren’t attractive or something?

Wow, I can’t believe they Photoshop that out. I feel like it’s… Oh yeah, someone just asked, did they ask you before they removed it?

No, but I feel like had I known that they were going to do that, I probably wouldn’t have shot with them at all.

Yeah, I feel like that’s a big part of who you are. It’s a part of your brand. Do you have a favorite tattoo?

This tattoo right here. I’m always getting complimented on it, it’s The Rescuers. [chuckle]

I just watched that movie you did during quarantine.

It was so cute, I cried.

I gotta watch more of the classic Disney stuff, maybe I’ll go on like a Disney classic movie marathon today, now that I got so much snacks [chuckle] My crunchy syrup. I have so many snacks. So maybe I’ll just invite you over because… Yeah, I bought way too many snacks for 4-20 and I need help.

What did you do today? Besides coffee.

I went to the gym earlier. I went to the gym earlier.

Oh nice.

I don’t know, I was on social media. I was trying not to be nervous about this…

Yeah, I felt like I was going to have a hard time logging on too because I’ve never done a duo live.

I kind of had trouble, but I think I’ll be able to do it faster next time.

Sorry, hold on, my cat is meowing.

I love how Brenna has her little cam wheel right here. I feel like someone just asked a really good question… Oh there it is, “What do you wanna see changed, so the future generations of AAPI sex workers have a better experience in the industry?” Ooh, that’s a good question.

And ’cause I look, you have a point. I usually like… Okay, well, I was doing a livestream on my OnlyFans a few days ago, so I was using this wheel.

Ooh. What are the things you have on your board?

Okay, so when I do my livestream on OnlyFans, I’ll do like a “Tipper decides the Queen” video. I do like a audio message, maybe I’ll like moan their names, say something super naughty. These are obviously, I’m not sure if I could say that out loud, but like it’s like I can tell this… Bounce titties, spank ass, twerk, there’s a toe suck…

Nice. That is like, a sexy wheel. That is a naughty wheel you got back there.

Yeah. [laughter]

So, someone… This will probably be the last question. Someone asked, “What do you want to see changed so the future generations of AAPI sex workers have a better experience in the industry?”

I feel like we should definitely stop making so much of the stereotypical Asian movies, like massage parlor ones. It’s perfectly fine if that is the performer’s personal kink though, but I definitely feel like we should get chances of shooting other stuff besides just the stereotypes.

Yeah. And I definitely think…

Yeah. A little bit of being so tight casted.

Brenna Sparks

Yeah. And the titles are super… I feel like super racist and so, a little bit. [laughter]

For sure.

Yeah. Like fucking Asians. [laughter]

Yeah. It’s like, I don’t know. I mean, for me when I was younger I never felt like Asians or… It was just different to be Asian. I didn’t really feel like hot or anything. And after joining the industry, I was like, “Wow, I didn’t…” ‘Cause it was like the opposite of that. Now I feel like super fetishized which is cool but also it’s like, “Okay, we’re more than that.”

Also, there’s a lot of performers that aren’t Asians, but they’ll hire them because they look Asian. You know what I mean?

I’ve noticed them. And I said it on Twitter before, and people were like, “Oh, it’s just a fantasy.”

Or it’s cultural appropriation.


When I first joined, I didn’t want people to know that I was Filipino, because I thought they would be able to find my real name faster. But now I’m like, “Oh, I feel bad about doing that. I’m a 100% Filipino. You guys already know who I am.” So now there’s nothing to hide. I’m not gonna pretend that I’m something that I’m not. Do you have anything exciting coming up? Things that we should look out for?

Exciting things coming up. Let’s see. I might go to… I’m trying to do more East Coast cities next month. I’m shooting a lot more content. Yeah, I’ll be home for like 11 days. So that’s fun. [chuckle] Let’s see, anything else interesting… I’m shooting more vlogs, like right now I’m in the middle of editing my New York City vlog.

Is that only… Are you doing that for YouTube, or are you putting that on your OnlyFans?

Right now, it’s only my OnlyFans, but I’m thinking of… I’m definitely thinking of doing like a safer-work one on YouTube. Right now, I’m just trying to learn how to shoot vlogs. [laughter]

Oh, no. Your vlogs are great. I think it’s cool that you started on TikTok. And now it’s like a little bit longer with you talking and being cute and stuff. I love it.

My first TikTok was deleted, so that freaking sucks.

Oh, no, mine was too.

I feel like, yeah. I definitely tagged you in some older TikTok videos and then I think you told me that.

It’s so sad and now it’s like too depressing to get on because it’s like, “I don’t know where all my friends are.” But anyway, thank you so much for hanging out with us and celebrating AAPI month.

Yay. Thank you so much for having me. It is so much fun talking to you and hanging out with you guys. I definitely had a blast.

Brenna Sparks

Yeah, yeah, right. Do you wanna plug any of your social medias, your links?

Just make sure you follow me on Instagram and so you could always get updates on what I’m currently doing. Make sure you follow me on Twitter, @brennasparksxxx. And yeah, click the link in my bio for all the naughty stuff. [laughter]

Bye. Thank you so much for coming on here.


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