Jada Kai Interviews Lana Violet

AAPI Heritage Month on HotMovies continued on Thursday, May 19th when host Jada Kai joined industry veteran Lana Violet live on the HotMovies Instagram. Lana discussed growing up in a Filipino household, discovering her love of BDSM and being a Domme, and how to approach her if you recognize her in public. Check out their fun conversation below or on our YouTube!

Lana Violet

Hello, we are live on HotMoviesOfficial, I’m your host Jada Kai. We are celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month all month long. Today we have a very special guest, her name is Lana Violet. I’m excited, we have worked together in the past, but it’s been a long time since we’ve chatted, so you guys get to know her, we get to ask her some questions. Once we’re done chatting, you guys can throw in some questions and we’ll answer them at the end. Hi Lana.

Hi. Hello!

Hey, how are you doing?

I’m great, I’m great, kind of busy, but good, good. How are you?

It’s always good to be busy.

Yeah! So what’s up? What are we celebrating?

We’re celebrating Asian America Pacific Islander Heritage Month, yeah baby!

I’m a Filipina.

Yes, you’re 100% Filipino, right?

To my knowledge.

I know I’m just telling, I was like I think I’m a 100%, but I don’t know.

You know, it’s funny, I bought the 23&Me Kit in 2018/2019, and then I found that they were selling the data, but now since it’s 2022, I think I’m gonna do it again and figure out what I am.

Wait, so you did do it?

No, I bought it, but at the time people were talking about how they were selling the data. I was kinda iffy about that, but now since it’s 2022, I think it’s less relevant, so I wanna do it now, I really wanna know what my whole scope is.

Yeah, I have no idea, past my grandparents. My mom, I actually just found her paperwork and she lost all of her files because of World War II, everything ended up getting destroyed and I was like oh my God, I had no idea that her birth certificate was gone and everything like that.


Do you speak Filipino, or Tagalog?

Very little. I know more Spanish than I know Tagalog. I never learned Tagalog. My mom’s originally from Ilocos Norte. I know some words, but I couldn’t speak it.

Do you know more Spanish?

Yeah, I know more Spanish just ’cause I grew up in a Mexican neighborhood.

I’ve been watching Spanish TV shows lately, so I’m trying to teach myself.

Like novellas?

No, I’ve actually been watching this show called Elite, and then what else? Money Heist I binged.

Elite is very entertaining.

You’ve seen it?

Oh yeah, I’ve seen it. I love the show, I love the actors, I’ve only seen like a few episodes. I’ve seen the episode where the guy has intercourse with the dad. [laughter]

Yeah, so I know more Spanish than Tagalog or Ilocano, but I do know one Tagalog phrase that I learned to be respectful. But my mom told me, even if you say it there, it’s such a grammatically correct way to say it, they’ll know that you’re an American Filipino. So, even if I have a perfect accent and everything, because it’s such proper grammar, they’ll know that I’m still American Filipino. So, at least I tried. [chuckle]

What is it?

Let me see if I remember… [Tagalog phrase] Which is basically, “It is very nice to meet you.” And that’s it girl. Do you know any Tagalog or Ilocano?

So yeah, my family spoke Tagalog because they were not too far from Manila. But there’s city Tagalog and then there’s regular.

Yeah, amidst all the hundred languages in the Philippines, there’s so much…

Yeah. It’s crazy. I didn’t realize, I thought there was only the one.

What part are you from? So you said that your family is mostly in Manila.

Yeah, not too far from Manila, but a super, super small town, and I feel if I say it everyone’s just gonna know where my family is.

Okay, yeah so, you don’t know any Tagalog either huh?

No, and then my parents didn’t want me to have a Filipino accent, so they were like, “You’re only gonna speak English.” ‘Cause my dad really wanted to be super Americanized.

Totally understand, I get that. It’s kind of funny, my mom, she’d be like, “How come you don’t know Tagalog or Ilocano and everybody else does?” I’m like, ’cause I was never taught [chuckle] I know the language and the amigos, and the amigas, from the fiestas, I didn’t learn anything at home.

My friend learned Tagalog watching Filipino drama.

Oh, what’s that one famous show? Oh, I can’t think of it right now, I’m sure somebody will, but there’s that one famous game show in the Philippines… [Tagalog] Or something like that. Anyway, yeah.

Did you grow up with a lot of Filipino traditions?

Oh, Simbang Gabi, have you ever celebrated Simbang Gabi?


I’m probably the wrong person to ask about this, but basically it’s a Filipino Christmas. They do a celebration before Christ is born and then a celebration afterwards, I don’t know the meaning of it but it’s called Simbang Gabi.

Okay, I love Filipino Christmas decorations.

Oh, the star and everything.

Yeah, the star, my mom had one and it was just all shells, it was really pretty.

Yeah, oh, all the shells.

And the tinsel ones too.

Yeah, I remember those.

Lana Violet

But I hate the smell of tinsel for some reason.

Of tinsel? I guess I never really associated it with a distinct smell. That’s interesting.

Yeah, I think all tinsel just bothers me.

That’s interesting. You know how like cilantro, not many people can eat cilantro ’cause it’s soapy… Maybe it’s like that…

Yeah, me.

You’ve got me curious about that, I’m gonna go look out for tinsel and sort of smell it and see what it smells like. [laughter]

Do you like cilantro?

I love cilantro, I just had some, I love cilantro. I’m very fortunate.

Oh, gross.

So you don’t like it?

No, awful.

Does it taste like soap to you?

I don’t get the soap thing. For a while, I kept trying it to see if I like it because they just put it on everything and sometimes they don’t tell you. But I’ll always try it and for a while I had like this soap from Pier 1, it was like cilantro lemon zest or some shit and then I was like, “Oh, I definitely taste the soap thing now that I use it.” But I kind of got past that and it’s just too overpowering. I’ve never had cilantro, my mom and dad never made that. We definitely had Filipino dinners every day though.

Okay, I definitely had that rice every day, adobo. Okay, do you have a favorite Filipino dish?

I like adobo and of course lumpia, like everyone.

Adobo is easy. Pinakbet, I love pinakbet. I can’t make it.

And puto.

Oh, puto that’s good. The sweet stuff. I always forget the name of it, but basically it’s pig’s fat and pig blood. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Oh yeah, no. [laughter]

I loved that stuff forever and then I remember I found out what it was and then I stopped eating it and then I got over my feelings and would eat it when it’s there. But yeah, I used to love that stuff with rice but I didn’t know what it was, and I used to love it. Yeah, so that’s a very classic Filipino dish, I don’t know what it’s called though.

And then also after, my mom at least would only cook Filipino food and then I would like bring it to school and then people are like, “What?”

Were you one of those Filipinos that would bring like trays of lumpia for the Christmas party?

Yes, yes.

Same. [laughter]

Did you get bullied for it?

Oh, yeah. It’s the smell. “Oh, she’s coming,” and it’s like, “Oh, I know.” Or it’s just like it’s expected if you’re Filipino you’re bringing the lumpia ’cause there’s like four of us in the class so we were bringing the lumpia.

Yeah, I feel like I didn’t get over it, like I was so embarrassed about it probably until after high school.

Yeah. I hated doing it. I remember, ’cause I was pretty rebellious so I wouldn’t do it, but the teachers would ask my mom, like they would actually ask her like, “Hey, could you bring it?” And my mom would bring it. [laughter]

Oh my God.

I remember me being a rebellious, crazy teen. I was just like, “No, I don’t wanna bring it anymore. It makes my locker smell. I don’t want to.”

Were you rebellious in general growing up? Were you promiscuous?

I was a pretty good kid up until the sixth grade and was influenced by social peers, and then in high school I realized there was a life outside of Jesus and I completely rebelled.

Was your family super religious too?

Super Catholic, I went to Catholic school my whole life.

Same. Not my whole life because my parents got me into skating like by the time I was in third grade, we moved for skating or whatever and that’s when I left Catholic school because they couldn’t pay for both skating and Catholic school so they were like, “But we’re gonna make you go to youth group and be a part of the church.”

Did you get confirmed?


My mom tried to get me to do it. She would drop me off and I would just leave. I did all the religious stuff and I remember in high school confirmation was next, and I asked, “What’s the reason for confirmation? What’s the purpose?” And the priest said, “If you wanna get married in a Catholic church you have to get confirmed.” I’m like, “I don’t wanna get married in a church, I want to get married on a beach.” So I figured I don’t wanna get a confirmation, so every time my mom dropped me off I would leave. And when she found out was when I was supposed to be confirmed.

Oh, you rebel.

[laughter] I was excited to get confirmed. I was like, “I’m an adult now.” I didn’t know that that was one of the levels you had to reach to get married in a church or whatever. I didn’t learn that part, I guess.

I asked the priest and he told me that and I’m like, “Well, if that’s the only reason, then why? What’s the point?” I even picked my confirmation name, which was also going to be my porn name, but…

There’s a confirmation name?

Yeah. So you get to pick your own name for confirmation. And you can technically go by it because you’re an adult now. So it’s like getting re-baptized, kind of.

[laughter] Was it Jada?

No, no, no. So my confirmation name was Carmen and I was just gonna go by that.

Any particular reason why Carmen?

Lana Violet

My aunt passed before I was born and I thought it was a sexy name, but I was like, “I can’t make it my porn name.” [laughter] You know what I mean? How did you pick your porn name?

Originally it was Shauna Skyy. Shauna was the name of this girl that I thought was really pretty growing up. And then Skyy, ’cause I was drinking a lot of vodka at the time. And then my aunt was like, “You look like a Lana.” And I’m like, “Okay.” And then we were trying to figure out my name. We were trying to do a porn street name thing. It didn’t work out, the pet name. And so we were going through colors. I’m like red, blue, violet, so purple kind of worked. So we went with Lana Violet.

Oh, so you almost went with the formula porn name?

Yeah, it was very generic. I don’t know if it’s still up, but I was looking for jobs on SexyJobs.com and my name, I just put it really quick Shauna Skyy, the girl, and then I was drinking vodka, whatever.

Is that how you started in the industry? You were on SexyJobs.com?

In a sense, yeah. I’ve wanted to be a stripper since I was like 13. But when I met my agent at the time who I met through SexyJobs, she was telling me about the business and how I can make more money from there. And yeah, instead of stripping, I just went straight into feature dancing. And it’s kind of funny because my whole goal was to get into stripping and I didn’t get into stripping until later, later in life. Until like 2015.

But you did it the right way because you started stripping as a feature dancer, yeah?

That was an incentive of why I did the adult business. My agent said, “If you create a name for yourself, you can feature and make more than a house girl.” I’m like, “Oh, cash dollars. Sounds great to me.” So yeah, I actually started in the business first, went into dancing and then eventually went into dominating BDSM, which is most of my time now.

Do you feel like you live like a BDSM lifestyle outside of the sex business?

Not like your typical aesthetic per se. I’m not… Well, I am walking around in garters, but like, [laughter] I do. What I can say is most people don’t initially think like I have that kind of persona, but I will say it will come out—my domineering side, my directness, my bluntness—will come out in certain things. I may not be whipping somebody, but I’m very direct with what I say.

Are you always a Domme? Or are you a switch?

Now currently I’m more of a Dominatrix. I started off as a sub. I only wanted to be a submissive. And then I remember they were trying to hire me for Dominatrix stuff because Asian’s such a huge thing, as you know. [laughter] And so I was so nervous. I’ll shout out Glenn King from MeanBitches. He was my first Domme scene and I was nervous. I didn’t know what I was doing, didn’t wanna do it. And then from there I just kind of got used to it and I love it. Now, I just wanna be a Dominatrix. I only do submission work very rarely.

I feel like that makes you a really good Dominatrix. It’s kind of like the photographer/model concept. Like if you start off as a model or vice-versa, you really understand what it’s like to be in that position. And it makes you more aware of how the other person is feeling. So I feel like as a sub and a Dominatrix, you know what it feels like to be a sub so you can be very cognizant of being a good Dominatrix. That makes the other person feel more safe.

Yeah, completely agree.

Wow. That’s so cool. I didn’t know that you were focusing more on just Domme stuff.

I love the domineering, empowering kind of vibe and energy. Nothing too abusive or degrading per se. I have a lot of empathy because I used to be a sub, so I understand—especially a lot of butt stuff—’cause butt stuff is my favorite: taking and receiving. [laughter] So I have a lot of empathy. I get it. I understand. I understand prep work. I understand toys and stuff like that, so yeah. But it’s fun stuff.

Lana Violet

Do you have any advice for someone that’s just entering the BDSM world?

I got really into psychology because that’s really what it is. It’s just understanding the psyche, and the mind of a person, their needs, their wants, and what attracts them to this type of act. So I’m not saying you have to go to college to get a Masters or a Bachelors, but it’s 2022 there’s Google, there’s a lot of resources out there, do a little quick search on psychology of the mind. There’s even great articles nowadays about BDSM and the psychology of it. So just get yourself familiarized first and follow some good Dommes. There’s a lot of good Dominatrices out there.

Did you have Asian role models growing up in the industry?

When I got into business Lana Croft was getting out. And she gave me some really good advice. I admired Katsuni and Tera Patrick. I enjoy Katsuni’s porn career. That’s what initially attracted me to her. And I also really appreciate her trajectory outside of it, how she’s gone off of it, how she’s doing mainstream videos, and she does holistic healthcare. So I really admire that because that’s the direction that I’ve been doing. Yeah, I would say those were Lana Croft, Tera Patrick, and Katsuni were three influences that come to mind initially.

You’ve been getting into health and fitness a lot recently. Are you training people now too?

Yes, I have a side business. I train people but I just say “trainer” because it’s all-encompassing. But when you think trainer, people assume a class trainer, and that’s not what I cater to. Mine’s more breath work, meditation, corrective exercises, so very more physical therapy.

Oh, that’s beautiful. I’ve been trying to be a little bit more consistent lately.

Well, I’m sure you’ve been training like crazy because of your skating, because that’s intense.

No. It was so much easier.

I saw you were gonna be in the Olympics. I’m like damn, she was one of those Olympic athletes as a kid, training like crazy.

I think that since I was an athlete there was always pressure to train for a competition. And it was very focused, so every day I have to go because everyone else is, and I didn’t want to fall in front of people and embarrass myself. [chuckle] But now I’m pretty healthy. Yes, I do have to get naked in front of people, but it’s different because I don’t have to perform on days that I don’t want to.

There’s no goal so the motivation is lost and inspiration is dull. Yeah, I feel that. But I’ve seen your videos. I like them.

Thank you. You too. Sometimes I see your stuff and I’m like, “Okay, I should go to the gym.” What number Instagram are you on?

This is my only one luckily. I first started my Instagram in 2013 and then I took a break. I wasn’t on my Instagram for almost two, three years. I went back and deleted it. But then two, three years later, I realized… I still have my saved password, and I still have my account. So I think with that break, luckily, I didn’t have a chance to do anything wrong. But now I have five marks. One of them, it’s literally just my sage stick. Not even, just the sage stick going like this. It got solicited.

I wonder if they thought it was drugs or something.

I tried fighting it and they’re like, “No, this goes against our terms and conditions.” So I’m just a yogi on the internet.

Did you quit Instagram on purpose? Like, I’m not doing social media, social media is the devil?

It wasn’t so much that social media was the devil. I stopped the adult account and was trying to focus more on health and fitness. So I took a break from this, but it’s a long tumultuous story, but I just realized the adult business and XXX is just a part of me. I love it, I always find myself going back to it. That’s why I never say I retire because I’m always in it somehow, someway. Whether I’m dancing, featuring, dominating. I’m always in it somehow, some way. So it was more so I needed to take a break from the business, than another business and when I realized that the adult was still a part of me, I wanted to get back into it and see how I could still incorporate it into my life.

Are you on a feature tour right now?

Not currently. No. I think the last place I went was Chicago. Usually if I’m going to be in a city, I post it on Twitter.

What do you think makes people so drawn to Asians in BDSM?

I think the Asian Dominatrix aesthetic is a taboo in and of itself compared to the Asian submissive, because we’re so used to Asians being submissive. We’re used to that. When you put the Asian into a dominatrix role, it switches that. So it makes a taboo another taboo. So I think that’s what makes it really super curious, if that makes sense.

What songs did you feature dance to?

One of them was “Supermassive Black Hole” and the other was “The Recipe” by Dr. Dre. I had a whole flight attendant outfit. That was fun. They had poles all the way up to the ceiling. I like when the clubs have different feature acts, like an aerial, a loop, a Lyra, a pole. You can just tell like it’s an entertainment club, so that’s exciting. They’re ready for a show. The last one I was at there was a girl that did fire. She would blow fire from her mouth and she… I don’t know if you’ve seen them where they wear like a metal belt and then they start like sawing themselves and the sparks come out. You see people tipping. [laughter] It’s really cool.

Lana Violet

I went to see Cindy Starfall, who we have coming up next week. She brought a whole pool out and baby oil, and that was so dope.

I love that act.

Let’s see if anyone has some questions.

What’s up, ya’ll?

What is your most memorable scene?

Ooh. My gangbang for New Sensations. Why? Because I love gangbangs and that’s the only gangbang I’ve ever done.

Do you do gangbangs in your private life?

After the age of 20, no. I haven’t.

I’ve done a reverse gangbang.

Done that. But never a gangbang? Would you be interested in one?

I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m straight enough for that.

[laughter] Yeah. Because for me, my mindset is like, “All of these men for me? For me? For me? Come on.” So it’s a tragedy I’ve only done one in my career.

Are you gonna plan another one?

If I were shooting for another company, I’d be open to shooting a gangbang for sure. And I’ve never shot a DP, so I’d be open for that as well.

It would be cool to see gangbang where you’re Domming.

I’ve done something like that. Four subs, and I was pegging all of them, like one after the other. It was private, we didn’t record it. It’s not on video.

Someone asked, “What’s your favorite place that you have traveled to?”

Currently, Maui Hawaii, and a fun one, North Carolina Airport. It’s a really pretty airport.

I drove to North and South Carolina, and I love it there. People are so nice, very pleasant. They are on a little bit on too slow of a pace for me…

They’re very chilled.

I love it there. It’s so mellow.

I’ve never been outside in the state, I’ve just been at the airport transitioning flights, but I remember just like there were trees in the airport, there were rocking chairs that you could sit and look out the window. I thought it was, and just from how you’re describing the state, it was very much that just serene and chill and ambient vibe.

Someone on Instagram stories asked, “What’s it like having a relationship outside of sex work?”

If I’m really into somebody, I’m very honest. I put everything on the table like, “Hey, I’m in the adult business, this is what I do.” That way, if they’re cool, they’re cool, if they’re not, they’re not. If I’m into someone and I’m really serious about them, and they’re uncomfortable with me shooting with other people, then I’ll stop shooting with other people just out of respect, not so much like they’re telling me to do it, it’s more so that I respect them. I respect our connection. I want us to get deeper. It’s not a huge thing for me. Honestly, it would be ideal if I had a guy who I could shoot with whenever, but unfortunately, the guys that I am interested in don’t wanna shoot because of tattoos, names, whatever.

What’s your method of dating? Are you an online dater?

I’ve had phases. So there was a phase where I was doing the dating apps, this was probably in 2014, 2015, and to me, that’s when dating apps were amazing. I met really great guys, really amazing connections, really good people, went off of it because I was dating somebody and then went back on and I just felt like it wasn’t that great. So I haven’t been on dating apps lately. I met a guy at the gas station the other day. Mostly I meet people at the gym, or if I go hiking.

Lana Violet

I don’t know how to talk to people at the gym. I see people that I really wanna be friends with, I see girls and I’m like, “Girl, I feel like we could be friends.” I will awkwardly like…

I don’t approach guys. I just work out, the guys will approach me and if I’m interested, I’ll talk to them. If they bother me during a workout I get super pissed. I’m like, “Do not fucking talk to me.” If they’re respectful and they come up to me afterwards. Cool, we’ll talk. I’m the same with the girls, sometimes there’s girls that just… I admire their form and I just wanna workout with them, and I wanna talk to them, but I don’t know how to say hi.

I feel like I have no social skills.

I have to put myself out there in order just to practice socially, just ’cause our work allows us just to be and to do all the stuff on technology, so it’s hard to be social.

If you meet someone at the gym, usually one of the first questions people ask is, “What do you do for work?” Are you honest or do you have a fake job?

I have many jobs. So I just list the other ones that aren’t adult. I have many incomes, so I just list one of them. It’s not lying, it’s just not the whole truth.

It looks like we have some more questions coming in. Someone asked if you were coming to New York any time soon?

I love New York. If it wasn’t so expensive and there were so many rats, I would live there. To be completely honest, the taxes are higher, there’s rats there… It used to be the cold…

I think it’s cold.

The cold never bothered me, but now ’cause I work during the winter, I can handle it, I’m fine, I actually enjoy the snow. It really is now the rats.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in LA, Southern California, and the biggest reason why I didn’t even wanna go to New York was because it was cold. I don’t know. Maybe just ’cause I’m getting older my, you know, immune system’s different. I’ve been in New York when it was cold it wasn’t as terrible. I mean, granted, it was only a few times, but now I feel like the cold isn’t what’s deterring me, it’s really more the rats and the high taxes.

I’ve been getting asked that a lot. I don’t have any tours lately, a lot of my traveling is gonna be elsewhere. Maybe at the end of the year, but that’s not guaranteed. If anything, I post my tour dates on Twitter.

I saw a good question earlier someone asked, “What do you look for in a guy?”

Great hygiene, financial and emotional intelligence… Looks don’t really matter, I think as I’m getting older. I used to not like short guys because I’m obviously five feet tall, but I’ve dated like a five… Or I went out with a 5’6″ guy who’s really nice, he was really, really nice. A really good heart.

Height isn’t a big thing for me. I mean, I like really tall guys too, but I’ve never really looked into height but also I’ve never really looked into financial knowledge in a guy.

Yeah, I’m not saying you have to be a millionaire, or billionaire. I went out with this guy the other day and he had a lot of financial success. But he lost it all due to, you know, immaturity. But what I found was that he had the right mindset that even though he lost everything, he can get it back again. And that’s what I really care about. I care about your mindset, your personality, everything else is just the cherry on top. Your looks, you know, that’s nice, but I need someone I can talk to.

Very true. That actually gives substance to the whole relationship.

There needs to be a deeper connection for me personally.

Someone asked if you get recognized in public? And what do you do if you do?

I do. The two times that I remember that I have been approached were when I was working as a bud tender at a cannabis store and it was so inappropriate. They called out, “Aren’t you like… ” in the middle of the store. So rude. If you approach me quietly or to the side, I would probably say yes, but because it’s so public and it’s obviously just to get attention, I’m gonna deny, deny, deny. So I usually just deny, “Oh, you’re just probably thinking of some other girl. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” But otherwise there was another time I got recognized, but I was on a date and he didn’t like that so… [laughter]

So the times I get recognized aren’t exactly the best situations, which is unfortunate. Or like a yoga class. And then on my OnlyFans, some guy would be like, “Oh, it was fun taking a yoga class with you today.” I was like, “Who the fuck was that?” [laughter] You know?

I don’t like when you’re inappropriate about it, like if you’re gonna stop me in front of somebody or if I’m with someone, have some respect. I know one of my friends has kids and people approach her when she’s with her kid.

Oh, that’s a no, no. For everyone in here, don’t do that.

We all know what we do. We’re all aware of our choices and we appreciate the admiration, but also understand that we’re people.

I feel like the best thing to do is to find their fan site and then be like, “Hey, I didn’t wanna interrupt you in your normal life but I thought it was cool that I saw you.”

That gets you a free nude my friend. [laughter] Honestly, if people do that I’ll just give it to you for the respect alone, that’s what I appreciate. I’m like, “The fact that you were respectful…”

Yes. Respect goes a very, very long way.

Very true.

What do you have coming up? Anything that you want to promote before we leave?

Honestly, no special project. Actually I have a project in the works, but I can’t talk about it yet.

Oh, that’s exciting. So make sure all of you follow her on social.

It’s gonna be definitely down the line, but we’re working through it, we’re spreading the seed. But as of now, nothing to promote. If you wanna see my everyday life, just follow me on the social platforms and that’s it. On Instagram, @lanatheviolet, Twitter, @lanatheviolett. I’m on Snapchat, but not really. I have a TikTok, but I’m not on TikTok lately. I don’t really agree with what’s happening with that right now. But yeah. That’s it, I’m on social media. I’m very active on social media when I am. And in terms of projects, nothing coming up, but if I do, I definitely post it on all of that.

Awesome. Thank you everyone for all of the hearts, we love you. Thank you for sending in questions and thank you Lana for spending the day with us and celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. It was cool to talk about Filipino stuff with you.

It was fun chatting with you. I’m gonna find some tinsel and smell it to understand your point of view.

Yeah. You’ll be like what? It smells so weird. [laughter]

Maybe my nose is just up fucked from all the crazy shit I used to do. That’s what I think. Everyone’s like, “Oh, did you just smell that?” I’m like, no. I’m sorry.

Yeah. Ever since I was a kid. Okay I’m gonna send you a Filipino Christmas star.

Alright Jada, loved chatting with you, darling. Happy Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Lana Violet

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