Jada Kai Interviews Cindy Starfall

AAPI Heritage Month on HotMovies continued on Wednesday, May 25th when host Jada Kai joined self-made sensation Cindy Starfall live on the HotMovies Instagram. Cindy discussed the culture-shock of coming to the US as a foreign-exchange student from Vietnam, rebelling against her sheltered Catholic upbringing, and learning to have fun and explore her sexuality. Check out their fun conversation below!

Cindy Starfall

JK: Hello. We are live on @hotmoviesofficial. My name is Jada Kai, your host today. We have a very special guest coming up. Her name is Cindy Starfall. She is known for her feature dancing, her amazing porn work. I’m a big fan of her. So I’m very excited to talk to her today. Let me go and get her. We had to do a re-intro because we had a little bit of technical difficulties, but here she is. Let’s bring her on. Hi!

CS: Hi.

Oh my God, you look beautiful. Oh my God, we match.

Oh, blue-on-blue, perfect. See. We have telepathic. Is that what’s it’s called?

Yes. [laughter] When I first logged on, I was wearing a hoodie and I was just like too hot. [laughter]

Yes, I know. This is my first time doing interview on Instagram, like this so we had a little bit technical issues but I’m glad we figured it out.

Yes. It took us no time.

Oh my God. It’s been so long since I seen you.

I know. How have you been?

It was just like yesterday when I was on stage and I saw you there.

Yes, it was… I loved your show. It was Little Darlings. I remember it. You had like a… I was talking to Lana Violet about it, actually, how your shows are so theatrical and so beautiful. And you have like a whole routine.

Thank you. I love Lanas and you know, I just wanna make it entertaining for people that’s watching. And I like putting on the shows and maybe I could be a little bit dramatic as well. [laughter]

Did you have experience like putting on shows before stripping?

No, I never been a stripper before. I actually just go from like a normal corporate setting into porn. So everyone always asks if I’ve been a stripper before, just by the way I was on stage. But no, you know what I just like to dance in my room and just kind of like, I just like to dance a lot. So I think when I’m on stage, I feel really comfortable and it’s weird. Like five minutes before a stage show I get super nervous. Right.

Oh my God.

I start [laughter] oh my God. Like when they start to introduce my name, I just like, “Wait, who is she? I don’t know her.” [laughter]

Before I used to like…

Everybody’s like different.

Yeah, same. So when I used to perform for skating, I would be like praying that the electricity would go out because I would get so nervous.

Yes. What if I trips, What if I trips on stage? You know, like, oh my God, what if like I couldn’t take off my shirt? What if it’s just stuck or something? And sometime like my panty would get stuck on my heels and I was just like, wait I’m not wearing any pants, so I can’t stand up. [laughter] But anyway, it was like stuck on my heels. [laughter] And I’m sure the guys thinking… [laughter]

That’s dangerous.

I’m sure the guys thinking, you’re trying to make it look like sexy by taking it out when you are so like silly. [laughter]

Cindy Starfall

That is so funny.

Like so clumsy.

So do you get nervous like every time you’re about to go on stage?

Yes, girl. I’m nervous right now talking to you.

Okay. Yeah.

Because yeah, I do public speaking in general. I get nervous. So I get nervous before stage show. But when I’m on stage, I feel like I belong there. I like all the music I picked out. I love when you girls come see me. And it’s just so beautiful to see my friends down there, like to see someone I know. I’m not the best dancer, so that’s why all the props, but I just like to have fun. So I think when you come to my show, it’s more about having fun than seeing like pole dancing.

Yes, yes, yes. Like you have such a stage presence. It’s so like fun being at your shows. I think I’ve been to like two of your shows and they’ve both been like…

I’m so happy…

So good.

You could come. I’m so happy. And it’s so nice to see you. I still remember the first time I see you at convention.

Yes. [laughter]

You were wearing the little thing, on your thingie.

I can’t believe you remember that.

Yes, you were just like… I keep going like that. [laughter]

I had fidget spinners on my tits at AVN. And Cindy just kept on playing with them and I was such a new model. And you were so nice to me.

Yeah. It was so like… No, I mean, like we have to support each other, you know, like all the girls in the business. I like to support them. I like to empower them. I want them to do whatever the heck they want to do. And that’s what I like.

That’s amazing. Yeah, you’re so supportive. And it’s like, especially in the Asian community, we all have to kind of like support each other because I think it’s a little bit hard for us sometimes with like families and stuff. And you know, like of course we have like a lot of pressure and whatnot.


So it was good to have like a friendly face in the industry.

I mean, it’s like a pro and cons being an Asian in the business. We have less competition, yeah. But then we also need to work extra harder to even put our name out there because not many people know a lot of Asian girls in the business, and you just have to hustle. And that’s what I tell the new girls more like being consistent, just being really out there, find your niche. And I mean, our niche is already Asians. People love you and me because they have the Asian fetish. But how do we go beyond that, you know? How do you make a brand out of that? And I feel like to succeed in this business, you have to control your career.


It’s not what the director wants you to do. It’s not what your agents wants you to do. It’s not anybody, it’s your own. Sometimes this is why I hate… not hate, but like sometimes I get nervous public speaking, ’cause like, I feel like my English is a little bit like… [chuckle]

No, your English is perfect. Yeah. I totally understand what you’re saying that, at the end of the day, you have to live with yourself and you’re not gonna be like, coming home to your directors. You have to be happy with yourself at the end of the day. So you have to like make yourself happy and do what you want to do, and…

Yes. And so like what’s the cost of fame? When I got in a business, even when I saw my first scene, I was just like, you know what? I’m not gonna lose who I am. I’m always gonna be who I am. I’m not gonna do anything to betray my friends or not sleep at night, because I need to get that fame. Eventually, if people love me for who I am, then I will succeed. And I feel like that’s what I’ve done. That’s how I stayed sane in these ten years in the business.


I know time flies by so fast. I was like 23. [chuckle]

Oh my God. You look so young. That’s good.

[chuckle] Thank you.

You’ll be playing stepsister forever. [chuckle]

Oh no, no. [chuckle] Probably they will cast me to be a MILF. But I think I just need bigger tits to be MILF… Like bigger. So, it will be like, hello…

[laughter] That’s so funny. So, talking about, since it is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, I wanna talk about your story a little bit. Some people know, some people don’t, but you moved here from Vietnam when you were 15 or 16, right?

Yes. I came here on a foreign-exchange program.

Okay. Yeah. My niece did one actually to Spain when she was younger. Were you dreaming of that, like in elementary school?

Yes. The start of coming to America, it sounds like a start of a porno, a foreign-exchange student… you know? [laughter] When I tell people that they always have that look like, “Oh…” [laughter]

Cindy Starfall porn star

Like, is this a porn scene?

No, no, this is my real life. It’s not a porn scene. Yes, I did come here. I was born and raised in Vietnam. It’s a South city in Vietnam, so it’s not the North Vietnam. But I come here at 15 years old to do my foreign-exchange student program. So, I remember Vietnam a lot, but it was definitely a culture shock for me when I come here because the food was different, I didn’t have any friends, I didn’t speak English. And it was definitely lonely for the first year because everything you say to me, I need like subtitles and dictionary and all that stuff…

Wow. So you learned English here. Like…



I had to, because I have to talk to people like you, so I can pick up the way you speak. If I hang out in Westminster and at the nail salon, I probably won’t speak like this. [chuckle] I’m telling you, I will be the only Vietnamese that don’t know how to do nails. [laughter]

That’s wild. Okay. So you went… Was it a public school or a private school?

Well, my family’s very strict, so they sent me to an all-girls Catholic school.

Oh, wow.

Again, it sounded like a porno movie. [chuckle] It just sounds so like…

You’re like, “My life is a porno.” [laughter]

Yeah. I went to a Catholic school girls, and it was because there’s all girls, so my family just make sure I don’t get in contact with a boy. I came here, I went to a Christian school. I lived in Oregon for like a year, but it was so cold. It was so cold. And I was coming from tropical Vietnam. Like, I was freezing, God. So I was like, I gotta move somewhere else. So they found me a school in California. And yeah. So, but it was…

Did you really say that? Were you like, “I am not living here anymore. It is way too cold. Send me somewhere warm.”

It’s really pretty, Oregon. Nope. I love Oregon, the food and the scenery is so pretty, but it’s so cold. I’m so used to like a hundred degree and humidity weather. And now we’re coming, that’s like 30 degree and that’s feels like… I’m ready to pack my bags and go back to Vietnam. [chuckle] But when I come here it was like lovely sunshine. So I’m like, “Yay,” you know. But it was definitely difficult. I took ESL class for like two, three years.

What is that?

English as a Second Language. They basically teach you like, you’re in an elementary-like grammar, how to speak in the way American speak. Because in Vietnam they teach us more British English. So, “How do you do?” [chuckle]

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Not like, “Hey…”

“Hey, what’s up?”

Yeah. Yeah. That’s exactly the first phrase people say to me, and I don’t understand because when people say “What is up,” I break it down like, “What is up?” And it’s more like, “The sky, I don’t know.” [laughter]

You don’t see it? [laughter]

Yeah. I take it literally, you know. [laughter]

Yeah. I mean it… Like, honestly, it doesn’t make sense. [laughter]

Now I’m getting used to all of your slang. [chuckle]

So did you move like from an all-girl school to another all-girl school?

Yes. I went from a Christian academy school in Oregon, and then I went to a Catholic school that in San Gabriel Alhambra area in California. Yeah. So it’s like all-girls, that’s all I hang around with. Maybe that’s why I got my love for the girls. [chuckle]

Cindy Starfall porn star

Oh. Did you feel like that’s really when it started? Like, you felt…

I feel like… Yeah, I feel like I’m more attracted… I mean, I love men too, but I’m also attracted to women. I start seeing the different beauty that you guys have. And we just know how to pleasure each other because we’re both women and we just kind of know like what turns you on. So I would consider myself a bisexual.

Yeah. Okay, so I went to Catholic school when I was a lot younger. And then I…

You did?


Oh my God, that is a porno too. [chuckle]

I had like a cute little uniform. I wore like mid-thigh socks, but… Yeah, my family was also very strict with me, which kind of made me a little bit more rebellious after school. I was always a good student and I was skating a lot. Did you feel like you were a little bit rebellious being in such a strict school?

Yeah. I know there’s always that inside of me, a rebellious, because my family was super strict it’s a… They’re business people and it’s always about image and, “Oh, don’t do anything to ruin our name.” It’s always, “Don’t do this. Don’t do that. Don’t say this. Don’t say that.” It’s very like structure-like. So I live my whole life to people keep telling me what to do. Like you should do this, you should marry this guy. You should look at this guy. You should talk like this. You should sit like that. It started getting to me, and it started getting like it was driving me crazy because I feel like I lose control of my life. I couldn’t decide where to go. I didn’t have much friends because I’m not able to go out that much. So I was very sheltered and I think porn helped to get back my life, because I’ve been able to take back the control and do what I say. And I think that’s why it’s kind of helped, because my whole life has been being told what to do, that in porn I didn’t want to be told what to do anymore. I wanted to make my own money and have the freedom, and whatever decision I make that’s my own decision.

How did you come across porn?

Actually porn found me, because… it’s actually a funny story. When I used to work at the corporate company, HR call me in one day and tell me, they know that I was webcamming on the site at night. I wasn’t even like a full-on porn performer. It was just like a webcam model and just like no name, webcam model. And somebody, like a hater, sent my pictures to my HR company. And it’s not even their business, because I didn’t do my webcam at work. [chuckle] So it was like my daytime. And then my nighttime is my webcam because I got cut out of allowance from my family. So I had to actually pay for student loans. So I say webcam is good additional money, so anyway…

How’d you find that? Did you have friends that were doing it?

No. I just watch a lot of porn, so like webcam is a porn. [chuckle]

Yeah, I saw it like on YouTube and that’s how I found out about it.

Yeah. And I was like, “You know what, let me give it a try.” But I didn’t think anyone would find out. And then one day that HR called me in and that was the same day I just… And it was just like none of their business, because I feel like they were discriminating what I do off work, like off the clock. I work 9:00 to 5:00 and then after 5:00, I just feel like I could do whatever the heck I want. I didn’t mention both company. You know what I mean?

Right. Yeah. It’s like, you wouldn’t care if I was bartending, like, why would you?

Yeah, I don’t mind. So anyway they make it so uncomfortable that I decided, “You know what, I’m gonna go full-on porn after that.” And no, not porn, but like webcamming, so I decided to quit. And on that same day I went to a swinger party and anyway it was like my friends tease me. It was like this like underground, all shady. And we were watching out for the cops. And I remember, I don’t know if I can say this on Instagram. I remember I was like sucking someone else underneath the bartending table. But I was just doing it for fun. And then I met a guy, a hustler who was an executive and he found me, he said, “Have you ever done any adult work for magazine?” And I said, “I haven’t.” So he put me in a Hustler magazine. So that’s how my career took off from there. I feel like God just kind of looked out for me, that they found me at a swinger party on the day that I decided to quit my boring job. So, yeah. [chuckle]

Wow, so you always watched porn and stuff. I feel you were one of my first… Like you got me actually watching porn.

Really? I’m so happy. I’m so happy.

Cindy Starfall

Like you and Asa Akira porn, because I was like, “There’s no one I can relate to.” Before that, because I didn’t watch that much. So like everyone on the front page was White people [chuckle] and I just didn’t feel like I could be… I never looked at myself as sexy or like, you know what I mean? And then I had like you and Asa and I was like, “Wow.” [laughter]

I think every woman is sexy in their own way, so I don’t like when fans compare you or, “What do you think that so-and-so is doing? What do you think of her?” I don’t like that comparison because we’re so different in separate ways, and how we control our career in separate ways, and how we grow. So it’s like, I’m just taught on, “I do me, this is me. I only worry about me. I don’t worry about what my competition or other girls doing.” Like, if you are doing what I want to see, you doing well, and I’m so happy you decide to join porn, mainstream porn. I’m so happy that you took that step because we do need more Asians in the business.

Yes. Before this, I only thought there was one look to be pretty. And you showed me like, “Wow, there is other types of beauty and everyone is kind of beautiful in their own way.”

Yeah. Not everyone’s the same. I mean, some people might not like my accent. Some people might find it’s cute. It’s everyone has their own girl. [laughter]

That’s so cool. So were you promiscuous? Did you start finding your sexuality before you were in your HR?

I always feel like there’s a sexual side of me even before, you know, like all that job, HR, webcam job. I used to masturbate under the bed or something, so no one could hear me, or masturbate in the shower. It’s always something in me that I feel I need to be let out. And that’s why I love this job, because I get to do that on camera. But most importantly, I like to surround myself with, you know, like whether it’s swinger people or sex-positive people, because I feel like you guys don’t judge me for what I do. We kind of, we all kind of do the same thing and nobody like be judgemental or anything. It was just more like, “Oh yeah, really? Oh my God, you just had a gangbang. That’s so cool.” It’s something, you know, like it’s just so easy to talk about it versus like I’m with someone else that I can’t talk about it.

That’s cool that you’re always like open about your sexuality, because I mean, I just like was not in touch with that for… That’s why I joined porn so late, you know, [laughter] because I was like not…

It’s never too late. It’s never too late.

Yeah. It’s never too late. [laughter]

Yeah, I think in my 20s, I worry about what people think about me more. But now in my 30s, I’m like, “I don’t give a fuck about what people think about me anymore.” The more like… Like if people have a problem with what I do, it’s their problem, right?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

It’s like, if you have a problem with me being a porn star, me having an OnlyFans or anything like that, it’s your problem. If you have a problem, I don’t wanna deal with that.

Yeah. At the end of the day, it’s your life.


And if you have a problem with me, well, I don’t, so…


If you wanna stress out about that, that’s on you.

Go ahead and stress out about it. ‘Cause you know they will also be the one that following you as well. [laughter]

Did you have Asian role models growing up?

Asian role model?

Yeah. Like people that you looked up to, like I looked up to you. [laughter]

Oh babe. You’re so sweet. Well, I loved Asa. Like when I went into the business, she was the only one that really give me the career advice and really tell me, you know, “If you wanna make it, you have to be consistent.” And she gave me all these tips, like behind the scenes. And I love that. She loves looking out for us, because I did idolize her, you know? I wanna be like her, I just… But then I realized, you know, when I came in, I don’t wanna be like anybody. I would just wanna be me.

Cindy Starfall

That’s good. When you moved from Vietnam to the US, did you hold onto like any Vietnamese traditions? I know that you’re also part Thai and Chinese. Do you also celebrate any of those traditions?

Well, we celebrate more T?t, which is our Lunar New Year, so I celebrate that. But we don’t have many holidays. I know this in America, you guys celebrate holiday like every month, but we only have like one big holiday, which is the Lunar New Year. And so that’s when, I would dress up in ao dai. Ao dai is a traditional dress. And then you go and have fun. You play with fireworks and it’s just like the stuff and year and new year. And that’s like my favorite, favorite time of the year. So I would say I still keep the tradition, but I still also embrace the American way as well.

Yeah. What’s your favorite part of your culture?

Oh, the food. Oh my God. I, maybe I eat too much. Like the food is so good, if you haven’t tried Vietnamese food… I love Vietnamese food, but I really need to try Filipino food though. Like I haven’t had a good chance to do that.

Oh yes, yes, yes. My best friend growing up in from like all my school years, she was Vietnamese and her mom would make the best food. Like to this day I cannot find pho as good as hers like she would make tofu taste like amazing, which is like lemongrass or…

Yeah, oh my God.

Like, how do you make literally everything just taste so good?

I know, I have to slow down ’cause it’s a lot of carbs and salt. So I have to kind of like, “Ooh, slow down a little bit.” But it’s definitely my cheat meal or when I… I don’t know if you do this, I stress eat a lot, if I’m stressed…

Oh my God. Yes. It’s the worst.

Like the best thing a man can tell me or text me is, “Have you eat or are you hungry?” Like I literally, if I’m in a bad mood, I would just be like, “Yeah, bring me food.” [laughter]

Yeah, yeah, yeah. For sure. [laughter], that’s so bad. Do you cook as well? Like, can you make you any Vietnamese food?

I do.


I do love to cook on my free time a lot, and I’ve been trying to cook more, just be more healthy. I like it and you know, I watch a lot of MasterChef shows, so I try to make… I like plating, it’s all good and stuff. And then I’m all like, “What am I doing?” I’m just making it for myself, while taking pictures.

Sometimes I pretend I’m on a cooking show at home and like, I’ll be like, “What do I have left? And like, I’ll try to make it…

Yes, that’s crazy, like in my kitchen, you know, and you’re pretending there’s Gordon Ramsay just like yelling at you…

Screaming at you.

Like, “What the fuck is that? Is that an overdone Ramen or something?” [laughter] But you know what? My cooking is good and I do love cooking Vietnamese foods. And whenever you come over, I’ll make you some food.

Yes. That’s amazing. I was listening to one of your interviews and I thought it was so funny when you were talking about how you moved in with your host family and the sister made you a peanut butter jelly sandwich and you were like… [laughter]

I know it was, I’m sorry, whoever love PB and J, I like it now, but it was the most disgusting thing that I had ever tried. I mean you gotta think about like I never had it before in Vietnam. Like we… Vietnam culture, you wake up, breakfast is pho or a rice plate…

Rice, yeah.

Or some type of noodle ball. So it’s so like that’s what I eat every day. And here you give me like a sandwich in the middle of something fruity and then like peanut, it was just disgusting. It was just one of those culture shock I had. And now I learned to embrace it. [laughter] But God, I was starving for a month in America, because I just didn’t know what to eat. And because I came in Oregon first, they didn’t have much Asian food. And my host family was so White. [laughter] So they didn’t make me much Vietnamese food so I was so sad, but now I start to embrace it.

So what were the first foods that kind of, where you like, “Oh, this is okay.” [chuckle]

Okay. I didn’t like the peanut butter and jelly. That was my first time also having pizza. We didn’t eat a lot of cheese in Asia.

Yeah, there’s no cheese in Asia.

Maybe that’s why we’re still short. [laughter]

But there’s no cheese whatsoever. There’s no pizza. And I have like a string cheese, the one when you tear apart. And I was like, “Oh, that’s gross.”

[laughter] I love this conversation. That’s so funny. It’s like you should have seen my face, but I start to love it. So I ate a lot of junk food. I found a vending machine. It was the best thing I ever seen from Vietnam. We don’t have vending machine, not like Japan or anything like that. So seeing a vending machine, something that just give me snack as I wait was good. I was just like, “It’s amazing.” But I didn’t know how to use it, right, nor do I know how to… Like my English, to even ask how to fucking use this thing? So I just sit there and watch people insert money and just, I’m a really good observant girl. So I would just watch them, “Okay, he insert money here, and this is where he gets it.” So that was like, I ate a lot of junk food, because the snack you guys have, really good snacks. [laughter]

[laughter] I love that. I remember when I was going to Europe for the first time and their vending machines were so different. They had like beer and condoms and cigarettes, or no, it was in Romania actually. And they had all these things in their vending machine. And I was like, “Oh my God.” And I was at the airport and I was taking pictures of everything that was in the vending machines, because I was like, “This is so crazy.” [laughter]


And the Romanian police were like, “You can’t take pictures at the airport.” And they were just trying to arrest me, but I just thought this vending machine was so cool.


So you’re not the only one that loves vending machines.

Yeah, the ones in Japan have used panties and stuff like that.

I know, you can get cupcakes and…

It’s so cool. But in Vietnam, you don’t have… We didn’t have technologies back then, maybe now, but we don’t… Vietnamese people don’t really embrace technology that much. It’s how they used to live ten years ago. They kind of still live that ten-years-ago technology these days. So I do love America for all the technology and the convenience that you guys have.

Cindy Starfall

Were you living in the city of Vietnam or like more like I guess the countryside?

It’s not like a city, more like, not as big as Saigon. I’m not sure if you know, it’s like Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City. It’s like it’s right here. Then I’m more down South Champa. Champa is a smaller city, but it’s still a city, not like the village or something.

Oh cool.

Yeah. So I never work in a rice field [laughter]

Yeah. And then when you moved to Oregon, it was more… Was it also like city? Was it crazy just going from a big city too, or from country to crazy big city?

Yeah. Everything there was just a shock for me. It’s because it’s like a full housefull of all these foreign-exchange students and everybody from Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore. And it was just… Like everything just culture shock for me almost. Like Portland is so big and all these food trucks and it was like…

Always raining [laughter]

Yes, always raining. And I say, “How you rain this much?” It’s crazy to me, because in Vietnam people ask me what season and you’re like, “Yeah. Vietnam only have one season. You got hot, hotter, or hottest.” So it’s always hot. [laughter]

Does Vietnam have like a monsoon season?

It does, but it’s rain for like a day or two, but that’s pretty much it and…

Yeah, it’s like monsoon season all year. [laughter]

Yeah. So I got spoiled, but here I kind of… I enjoyed again now. I’m still going back there like once a year.

Oh, that’s amazing. That’s so nice. That’s so crazy how you have transitioned from Vietnam to the US and have taken over porn, and you’ve just fit in so well, you know what I mean?

It is crazy when I think about it, because if you saw me the first few years in America, you would be like, “Whoa, like her accent is so strong.” I don’t understand anything, and I had to use like one of those electronic dictionary, ’cause I have to type…

Aww, that’s so cute.

I would need you to spell it out so I can punch it in. [laughter]

Aw, wow. Your English is so good now.

But I have to like, you know what, in order to be succeed, I need to be out there and really learn the language and be more open-minded, because when I first came here, honestly I hated America. Everything is so new to me and when I got into porn I was like, “Oh, I don’t know, because a lot of people, all the girls are so pretty, I don’t think I’ll make it just, how would people understand me?” Like people just… I feel like they wouldn’t embrace because I sound so different from the rest of the girls, but luckily I made it so. [laughter]

Yeah. That makes you like so unique.

Yeah. So I was just like, “You know what? Actually people do like me, because maybe I’m different.” And I try to keep my natural look and I wanna be different because I don’t wanna look like another girl. So thank you so much for loving me for who I am.

Oh my God. Of course. Let me dive in and see if we can answer any of the fan questions. Some of them are not appropriate. Someone… I wanted to know this from you too. “What keeps you going every day?”

I think there’s always something in me to make my family proud. I know they’re not proud, but I also I want to show them that I can do it, because when I got into porn or I quit taking their allowance or say no to their arranged marriage or something, I try to prove them that I can make this on my own. Like I don’t have to be back home, I want to make my own money. I will travel the world, I will make a brand out of this. It’s a lot for a little girl to think, because it’s this huge goal that I have and it’s just me, so how do I make this happen? And I want to tell them, “Look, yes, I get away from the family, but I’m still doing fine, I’m not begging for your money again. I’m not like that at all.” So I think deep down, yes, I wanna live a good life who doesn’t and so I can travel. That’s a surface reason, but deep down, I want them to show like, “Look, I’ve done it.” And joining porn is more like a bold statement, it’s almost like an, “FU, for telling me that you didn’t believe in me.”

Aww. That’s so… wow. You stay very focused on your goals, and that’s so inspirational and I hope they do learn to understand that you are a very successful business woman, and you are thriving in this business and you can make your own decisions.

Yeah. And I want to inspire other girls too, who have the same issue of me, who also want to do something that they haven’t done before. But sex is okay, I want you to be able to capitalize on it, capitalize on your name and do your thing.

Yeah. I’m always like literally the only reason why we are all here is because of sex. So can we talk about it? [laughter]

Yeah, but nobody wants to talk about it. It’s always this hypocrite, like, “No, I don’t watch porn, I hate porn.” But ending up watching us and we need to just stop the shaming, the body-shaming or like, “Oh sex work is not a job.” It’s a job, we work harder. I do editing, I shoot contents. Yes it looks fun on camera, they see the 30, 40 minutes laying up the video, but you don’t even know what’s going on about like six to eight hours to shoot a scene. It’s amazing amount of effort that we have to do back, and I say I work harder now than I used to work 9:00 to 5:00 at my old job. [laughter]

Yeah. So I say that if you quit your 9:00 to 5:00 and then you’re just gonna work 24/7.

Yeah. But I’m more happy now, because I get to just do whatever I want, I get to… I don’t have to ask for two-weeks notice vacation anymore. And I think ultimately we all work for the freedom. Right?


We don’t wanna have a boss telling us what to do. And I think that’s why I didn’t wanna go with anybody controlling in a business, like a controlling agent when I have to ask for permission or like really dictate how I live my life.

Yeah. Do you have a lot of people that reach out to you and say like, “Hey, like I’m an Asian girl or an Asian person, and I want to join the industry, but I’m nervous because of my family.” Do you get those messages a lot?

I do, a lot. I get a lot of that and I like get a lot of, “I would like to become a porn star. I want to do a video with you.” And I say, “It’s all possible, but if you want to be a porn star, the first thing I want you to do is really love what you do.” Just it can be really uncomfortable in front of the camera, and I mean you’ve been in the camera before, and it’s not the same. The sex you see is not what the sex you have at home. You have like ten people crew watching you and you just have to be like yourself and be almost numb to the fact that people are watching you taking your clothes off.

Do you feel like having people around you makes you more of a performer or the opposite?

Yes. I would say that like, having people watch me making me more of a performer, because I want to give them a good performance, because when you give a good performance, the whole crew just better. Like it’s a better day for everybody, we do quickly and everybody just be done with their day.


So there work is cutting out like easier.

Yeah, for sure. That’s really good advice for up and coming performers and the Asians who…

So you have to love what you do, obviously don’t do it for the money. Yes, the money is good, but don’t just do it because you don’t think it’s gonna be a job. You think that it will be easy, so a lot of girls do come into the business, like, “You know what? It just, I just lay there and have sex. Like what’s so hard about it?” It’s like, it’s not like that. It’s like, you don’t get to lay…

True, it’s not.

It’s not, you don’t just lay there. You have to perform. Sometime I’m doing crunches because I have to keep my head up in a missionary. [laughter] Just I can’t just like lay back. [laughter]

Cindy Starfall

Yeah. I was just doing this scene and I was like, “Oh my God, my legs like…”

Yeah. Like it’s a lot of like precision that you do to require you to be like freaking gymnastic.

I know. And then on top of that, you have to work out a lot. [laughter]

Yeah. Whenever I get a bed or a couch, I’m like, “Ooh, this is luxury day.” But, but sometimes you get like a kitchen counters, one time I have like a forklift. It was like…

You had sex on a forklift?

Yeah. It was like the most like uncomfortable, but you have to still enjoy it, find something, because then there’s you and your co-star you don’t wanna like fuck it up. [laughter]

Very good advice. So I also heard before we wrap up that right now, you are still on tour for feature dancing, right? What cities do you have coming up?

Yeah. So next month I have Sacramento in June and the month after that in July, San Francisco. So those are my two favorite cities in that. I love that we’re after all this COVID stuff that we’ll be able to get back into like a full-on performance, so this will be great. And I’m excited to see everyone so you can get all my tour date on my website at cindystarfall.net.

Awesome. And then you also have a new website coming out, right?

Yes. So I just debuted queenstarfall website, which is, a Dominatrix side of me. It’s like the bitchier, sassy and dominating side of me. And that’s something, you know, I found out in porn that I have, I didn’t think… I always think I’m more submissive, but Glenn King actually brought it out of me, like, “You know you can.” So I made this site specifically for all my slaves and cucks and everybody who has a fetish, because my OnlyFans is more submissive sweet Cindy. But like the fan-slave site queenstarfall is more like, “Bam, like I will be whipping you and… ” [laughter]

So are you a switch?



So I’m a switch, depend on the guys and I could do that and I enjoy doing that. You know, I enjoy being a switch in this part of being an actress. And I like that.

I’m the same. Like I really like being able to play both roles and you’re so good at acting…


**Lana was just talking about Glenn King too.

Lana, yes…

And she was like, “I am a full Domme,” like…

Lana loves being a Domme, and I love her for that and I just… It’s just so empowering when you become like a Dominatrix, but a lot of people ask me, “Are you gonna go full?” I’m not full, ’cause I’m still like half and half. That’s why I created two different websites. So I have to make sure that on queenstarfall everybody who will sign up today or on OnlyFans, actually, if you sign up today, I would give you a free video on my OnlyFans or fan-slave. So if you’re listening, just DM me the word Instagram.


And then I would send you a free video. So I think that’s just two side and I like to just cater to different market.

That’s amazing. That’s so cool. That’s so smart that you separated the two because I’m like, “I gotta turn off some of my fans?”


But it’s good.

Yeah. That’s the problem. I notice on my OnlyFans, I was like… When I’m handling you, it’s just like we have some slave and then we have some, some people that is more dominant and it’s like, the message is kind of mixed. So on queenstarfall, it’s all like Domme-slave and I’m the freaking bitch on there. And… [laughter]

Like, “Why is she so mean today?”

Yeah. So if you like to be humiliated, you would join my queenstarfall fandom site. But if you want me to be a sweet little girl, then you join my OnlyFans site.

I love it, I love it.

It’s like a video game, “Which character do you want?”

Cindy Starfall

Oh perfect, that is perfect. And then you have to subscribe to both if you’re like in a different mood, you know, like… Some days you’re like “I don’t wanna be humiliated today.” [laughter]

Yeah, you know what, I’m surprised, there is a lot of switch out there. Like men there’s a lot of men that are switch.

Oh, I didn’t know that.

But it’s so cool to see one guy over here, like, “Oh, I will, you know, like, fuck you up” and then over here… And then on queenstarfall, I’ll be like, “Oh, you know, would you humiliate me today?” [laughter] It’s so different. And I enjoy both worlds.

Yeah, it is literally two different worlds. Thank you so much for hanging out with me today and celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Thank you so much for you know even asking me, when you asked me and I say, “Yes, I would love to” It’s so nice to be talking to you.

Of course. [laughter] Everyone make sure you follow Cindy Starfall. It’s the @CStarfall, on her Instagram and your Twitter is? What’s your Twitter?

Cindy Starfall.

Okay. Cindy Starfall. Make sure you follow her. Thank you again, Cindy. I hope you have an amazing day. We had such a great conversation.

Thank you, baby. Bye.

Thank you everyone for watching this with us. Again, if you join her fans page, she said that if you message her “Instagram,” then she’ll send you a video, which is very nice. Make sure you check her out on HotMovies.com. Our next guest for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month is Lucky Starr, so make sure you tune in, follow us, then you’ll see what time we’ll be on. I think we’re gonna be on at 2:00 PM on Friday. Bring your questions. Come hang out. It’ll be a good time. Thank you again for watching. Have an amazing day. Bye!

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