Jada Kai Interviews Ember Snow

AAPI Heritage Month on HotMovies continued when host Jada Kai joined her friend and popular performer Ember Snow live on the HotMovies Instagram. Ember discussed her love of feature dancing, incorporating Filipino traditions into her life in America, and what being an Asian porn star means to her. Check out their fun conversation below!

Ember Snow

JK: Hello. We are live on @hotmoviesofficial. I’m your host, Jada Kai. Today we are wrapping up our Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month series with no other than Ember Snow. She is a feature dancer, she is a porn star, she is a content creator and I’m very excited to catch up with her today. Let me go ahead and invite her and I’m also gonna drink some water. [laughter] For those of you that don’t know, there’s a little question mark button right there on the right hand corner. If you wanna ask some questions, that’s where you do it. If you ask in the chat, it’s a little bit hard to find at the end. So you can do that throughout the interview and we’ll get to them at the end if they are appropriate questions. Alright, I just invited her in.

ES: Oh shit. [laughter] Hi.

Hi, welcome.

Thank you. It was ready on my face, I don’t know what happened. I’m new at this. [laughter]

No worries. You have that perfect natural sunlight on your face. Good placement. [laughter]

How are you, girl? My goodness.

I’m good. How are you doing?

I am finally trying to just chill for now before it goes crazy again in July.

Oh, things are about to go crazy again? What’s happening in July?

July, I am going to three different states in one month.

Ooh. So you’re still doing all the things in America. Like…

[laughter] Kinda, kinda not… I mean, two of the things that I’ll be doing in July are going to be more personal.


And then of course I’ll be in Miami for Exxxotica and that’s it. [laughter]

Nice. Did you go to XX2?

You mean X3?

Or no, I thought XV just happened in Miami, like…

Oh, actually yeah, I did… No, I missed that one. I went to… Where was I? I think I was feature dancing either in Ontario or San Diego when that happened…

How has your feature shows been going?

It’s been pretty good. They’re tiring, but I see it as a way for me to meet up with some of the fans in a deeper level. I can do things that I can’t do in conventions, but, excuse me, I can also just do it as a cardio. [laughter]

Nice. That’s so…

It’s crazy. [laughter]

That’s the most like beautiful form of cardio. [laughter]

Oh my God. You get bruised girl, there’s like… It’s inevitable.

Did you start feature dancing after porn or did you start before and then get into it?



No, I did it after. I mean, this whole thing started when I got into porn and then I got into cam modeling, content creator, then feature dancer.

Yeah, we started pretty similarly. We were like, “Ooh, let’s get into porn,” because we saw cam ads on PornHub stuff and that’s how we both got in. We were talking about that and we were like, “Oh my God. That’s exactly how I started.” [laughter] I love that.

Fun stuff.

So after quarantine you have been traveling around the US and it sounds like you haven’t stopped. What’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled to?

Surprisingly, Monument Valley. You guys know where that is? It’s in… It’s beautiful out there. When I went there that was like the first time, that was the first time I ever saw sunset that was red. Like…


Yeah, I’ve never seen sunset when it’s like just… The horizon is red.


It’s like a bloody red and then there’s orange hues to it. So I was just like, “Oh my God, this is so beautiful.” And with everything that was going on around there like the sand is red and a lot of stones were like, they had like these red hues to it as well. So yeah, that was…

Ah, cool. Where is that?

It really is, no, I swear. I know it seems like it’s lowkey, but it’s just like, it really is… I didn’t think it would be that beautiful, but then when I went there I was just like, “Oh my God, this is actually really beautiful. And it’s so peaceful there.” Usually the beach is like my peaceful place, but it was nice there.

What state is that in?

I’ll tell you later.

Okay. Yeah, we’re not gonna… [laughter]

It’s kinda like part of my secret haven in a way. I’ll tell you later.

Ember Snow

Okay, cool. [laughter] I love it. Yeah. Are you more of an outdoorsy girl or more of a not outdoorsy girl?

I’m more of an indoors girl. Yeah. I’m actually more of a homebody. I do like going out. I admire nature ’cause you can find a lot of things that are just magical when you go to different parts of this country, whether it’s in a grassy place, or you’re going to see a lot of rock formations, or the beach. It’s incredible, it’s sometimes miraculous really what you’re seeing. But mostly I would stay at home if I could, but it’s not like I’m going to not go somewhere where nature is.

Yeah, for sure. For Asian American Pacific Islander month, I just wanted to talk about where you’re from and all of that good stuff. You’re a Filipina. [chuckle]

Yes. Yes, I am. I am Filipina, I’m in the… For those of you guys who don’t know, the Philippines is basically divided into three islands. The biggest one is Luzon and then the next one is… Actually, you know, the one that I really know is like Mindanao, that’s the place where you shouldn’t go, and then Visayas is the next one to Luzon. I am from Luzon. I’m kind of like… Because my father is from Marinduque and my mother is from Pampanga. So if you guys know where that is, Kapampanga are usually known for like the best cook, I’m not though. I’m just… [laughter] I’m not. Growing up, I could have inherited all of the good stuff that my mother cooked but I was just… I was a bit of a rebel. Like I’d rather help my father out when it comes to fixing the TV or the computer.

Were you a tomboy?

Yeah, I was a bit more of a tomboy instead of be like, “Yeah, I’ll help out with cooking.” [laughter]

Did you just hate the kitchen? I was stuck like helping, like both of my parents made me help them do whatever they wanted me to do. [chuckle]

Oh, okay, so you got a mix of both. With me no, I tried to avoid the kitchen as much as possible. It’s not like I never helped my mother at all but it’s like… I would find excuses to go elsewhere other than the kitchen [laughter]

Yeah, my mom always had me cutting lumpia and like all of the vegetables for hours and hours and then my dad would have me like hold a screwdriver for him.

Did you know how to wrap the lumpia?

Yes. Do you not know how?

Yeah. Yeah. I do know how to, I know how to do it tight too, not like the loose kind.

Okay. [laughter]

I also did the… ‘Cause you know how there’s also fresh lumpia, so the the wrapper is like made from scratch?


Yeah. I knew how to like do that too. I knew how to… [chuckle]


I did, now I forgot girl. [laughter]

Well, I feel like you’re like made and you say you can’t cook, but you can really cook, but I tell everyone like, “Oh, I can’t cook,” just so I don’t have to cook for them. [laughter]

No, I really don’t. I mean, if I probably dig into cooking again, then it may come back, but girl I don’t even know how to cut like, like chop vegetables. I’m kidding. At least I do know how to do that. [laughter]

That’s funny. Do you do a lot of Filipino traditions?

No, I don’t. And some of them are so simple, like Adobo, it’s so simple how to do, so I heard, but I don’t know. [chuckle]

I actually love it. It’s like all the cool parts, it’s super easy.

Yeah. But that’s like one of my favorite, not really. I miss it, because ever since I moved out of my parents’ place, I haven’t really had any of the Filipino dishes and I’ve tried looking for some places, but it’s so hard to find because the best ones are usually homemade and yeah, nobody’s cooking like that for me anymore. [laughter]

Do you do, outside of food, do you do any other Filipino traditions or anything like that?

I used to go to church [laughter]

Yeah. I was a church girl too.

Yeah. I used to… [chuckle]

Very religious. So we both are kinda rebels. Would you say that you… When did you start rebelling? Well, I guess since you were a little not cooking for your mom.

Yeah, you can say that, ever since I was like young I would, but I can’t really give you a number because I don’t remember exactly… But yeah, since I was a kid.

And you speak full Tagalog, so you definitely…

Yeah, I still remember, but it’s mostly because I was surrounded by a lot of relatives who spoke in Tagalog, so English, it came slowly, it developed very slowly but yeah, it took the relative…

Ember Snow

Is it your first language?

Yeah, Tagalog is my first language.

Wow. That’s so cool.

Yeah. And I still understand my mother’s dialect, which is Kapampangan. I do speak a little bit of it, but for the most part I just… I understand it.

Wow. I remember we did a scene together and you were doing a little dirty talk in Tagalog and I was like, that’s kinda really hot. [laughter]

Was it, oh my God. Some of the like the body parts or even the word… Can I say it? [chuckle]

Yeah. Say it.

Yeah. Even the word “fuck,” like it sounds so weird in Tagalog. [foreign language]

Is that “fuck?”

No, that’s “motherfucker.”

Oh, okay. How do you to say “fuck?”

You say [foreign language] Yeah, exactly.

Oh, see what I mean? You know how to say “motherfucker.” [laughter]

It sounds so weird though.

How do I say it again?

Well, if you’re gonna say, “Fuck me,” it’s supposed to be… How do you say it? I know how to say “Let’s fuck.” [laughter] [foreign language] Or something like that.

Nice. Thank you for that Tagalog lesson for today.

I would just say it in a Taglish like… [foreign language] Yeah, exactly. ‘Cause it sounds a little better than just. [foreign language] It’s so so fucking weird.

[laughter] I know that I love it. Well, what does it mean to you to be an Asian porn star?

To me, it’s embracing where you’re from but still doing all the naughty things that a porn star would.


So embracing that you are Asian.

And then also embracing your sexuality.


That’s beautiful.

That’s what it means to me.

Did you have a lot of Asian role models growing up and like in the industry?

Yeah, a couple of them were… Or well a few of them are Asia Carrera, Kobe Tai, Kaylani Lei. [chuckle]

Ember Snow


Yeah, they were like my, “Someday I wanna be like you” role models.

For sure. Yeah, they’re amazing.

Yeah, I used to watch them a lot before I got into the porn industry, which… And then when I finally got into the industry, it was like, “Oh my God, I think I’m a little late now, ’cause this is not what I have really been watching.” [laughter]

What do you mean a little late?

Well, ’cause back then, they had a lot more budget with their productions and stuff like that and it was a much smaller community as opposed to how it is now. This content creating was nothing like it used to be before. I feel like the girls would just have to do scenes instead of have an outlet of their own work. I think the first one who actually did it was Asia Carrera and then Tera Patrick started doing their own stuff.

Oh. Oh.

Yeah. So when I got into the industry, it’s just like, “Oh wait.” It’s not just production anymore and now there are different revenues that you have. You have clip stores, you have cam modeling… And then OnlyFans just started, I think it was like five years ago and I didn’t… [laughter] I knew nothing about OnlyFans, I was just like, “This is confusing and different other girls… ” This was when OnlyFans was actually… You can access it through your phone.


And so yeah, I didn’t know. I didn’t know that you have all these other revenues.

Yeah. Do you prefer working on set more or do you like doing your own content? What’s your favorite part of your job?

[chuckle] A little bit of everything, because on set, I get to also meet new people and also I can never turn my back on the production companies ever because that’s how I got started, and I will be forever grateful to everybody who hired me. And yeah, it’s fun to have a setup already and yeah, some certain positions already, ’cause I already know. And then it’s also good to have freedom to do whatever it is that you want. So it’s good to have a combination of a little bit of everything. So I can’t…

Yeah. I guess this job is what it is because of all the pieces.

Yeah, it’s like a puzzle. It’s like a puzzle piece for everything, but it also depends on what your goals are in the industry, whether it’s just you becoming one of the top cam models or one of the top content creators or one of the performers.

Yeah, for sure. I feel like it’s nice to show up on set sometimes when it’s like, “Oh, I don’t have to worry about holding the camera or setting up the set.”

Oh yeah.

It’s like, “Why aren’t you appreciated like a lot more versus when you’re doing your own content creating,” and it’s like you’re running back and forth from behind the camera to front of the camera and…

Oh God, yeah. ‘Cause when you do your own content, you’re not just performing anymore, you’re also directing and producing.

Yeah. You have to wear so many hats when you’re doing your own content.

Yeah. It’s a lot more work as opposed to being on set, it’s just you’re just showing up there to perform and you don’t really have to worry about anything else. And if somebody cancels, so that’s not my problem. [laughter]

Yes, for sure. Like… Guess you have to find someone else. What are the most favorite roles to play when you’re performing?

Roles? Oh man. I like when it’s just very generic. Like I’m a college student or your neighbor or your classmate, nothing that labels “Asian.”

Do you get more scenes as the good girl, or do you play the rebellious girl more often?

I feel like I play more of the rebellious kind because I like being the aggressor. So usually… And especially nowadays, I feel like I’m getting it more now instead of back then there were more good girl kind of roles. But it’s hard for me, it’s hard for me to just let the other person do what they want with me, I’m just like, “I wanna do something back at you, God.”

That’s so funny, I always play… Whenever I get scenes I feel like I always get the oblivious a lot like not you girl.

That’s kind of…

Maybe that’s just viewed as my personality. [laughter]

It’s cute though. It’s cute and at least you’re not labeled as just like that smart Asian geek, you know. [laughter]

Yes. Okay, so let’s dive into some of the questions that people have for us.

It’s fun. Okay, it’s fun being the aggressor, that’s why I smile big.

And you look so innocent, it’s always like a plot to it, so what, it’s like, “Wait…”

Yeah, hence my name. [laughter]

Oh, yeah, is that… How did you pick your name?

It’s kind of a long story. The first time I saw or experienced snow, I fell in love with the sight of it, and I was actually with a friend that time and we were just fucking around like, “What if I were to be a porn star? What would be my name?” I think Yuki ’cause Yuki is Japanese for snow, but I’m just like, “No, I’m not Japanese, I’m Filipino, so maybe just snow.” And because November is such a significant month for me, I was like, November Snow and then I found out September Reign exists already, so I was just like, “Oh wait, no, I can’t actually do that.” So I was like, “No, I think I’ll shorten it to Ember Snow because it’s a contradictory.”


Snow is so pure and white but the Ember part melts that down. So that’s where it came from. It’s not just a street name or my real name.

I had a good… You know the porn generator name? I think mine was Carmen Elsinore was mine.

What was the last name? Elsinore?

Yeah, it’s like your middle name and then the street you grew up on, that’s supposed to be your generated porn name.

Oh my God. We should have been like… ‘Cause the common last names in Tagalog are like Cruz, Santos?

Like Rodriguez, yeah, very stylish names.

Yeah, Vazquez, it should have been like something Vazquez or Cruz.

Ember Snow

When I first started I wanted to keep secret, like my identity really, really hard. So I didn’t want people to know that I was Filipino, so I was like… I just Googled Asian last names and that’s how I ended up with Kai because I thought Kai went well with Jada.

It worked. ‘Cause when I first met you I was like, “Is she actually Filipino or is she maybe Thai or Indonesian?”

I was just at the nail salon and the lady did not believe if I was… I told her I was Filipino and she was like, “No, you’re Thai.” And I was like, “I’m not lying to you, I promise.”

Do you want my birth certificate?

I know, for real. Okay. So Bernie had a question, he said, “Do you have any hidden talents?”

What would you consider a hidden talent? I always say just sing in the shower, but it’s not like I sing professionally or anything like that.

You were in theater though, did you sing in school?

No but I was… Because I went to church, I was part of a choir.

You are… I think our second choir person in here that we’ve had on this series.

Are you serious? Who was the other one?

Leo Vice.

What? Oh man.

Yeah. You guys could be doing a choir scene together.

Yeah, I was in the deeper part, I forgot now what they call it, but yeah, I was in the deeper part of the women’s section.

I was in chorus but I never made choir.

It’s just church though, I mean anybody can really sing in a church.

Maybe because I’m not like brought up, bred once in a while.

I wanted to do that too.

Yeah, whenever I would wear a cute outfit, I’d be like, “Okay, I’ll do it.” “During your free time what are your favorite hobbies?” This question is from Jabar.

I like to watch a lot of movies and TV shows and…

What channels do you usually go for?

Lately, they’ve been like true crime or anything that’s really based on true events or inspired by true events. I do watch the popcorn movies but…

What defines a popcorn movie? Just like drama or…

No. Like Top Gun [laughter]

Okay. Got you.

But I don’t know, I’ve been more… Something about the true events that really… What’s the word? It’s magnetizing for me.

Yeah, for sure.

It’s really fun to watch all kinds of characters who you never thought would actually be existing as a person but they do somewhere out there.

Bernie wants to know what your top three favorite bands are.

No, I am so bad with favorites. [laughter]

Okay. No favourites, she doesn’t have to.

I can’t choose any. Fuck. Maybe if I can just…

Okay. There’s another favourite question?

There we go. Oh God, favourite Filipino?

Favourite Filipino dish.

Oh, okay, that one I can give you. It’s kare-kare.


It’s a little bit different from the norm, but I like it that it can be heavy. For those of you guys who don’t know what kare-kare is, it’s a oxtail with some vegetables, mostly green vegetables, and the sauce is made out of peanut butter and something.

My mom used to make it with butternut squash and it was really good.

Oh, really?

Yeah, she would do it with butternut squash and then she would do string green beans, so…

Yes. I think there’s also eggplants and bok choy.

I’m allergic to eggplants, which is weird.

Oh, you are? What happens?


Okay, you can tell me later. Bananas make my tongue itch, kiwis, and I think oats. But lately, when I’ve eaten something that has oats, like weeds, I haven’t had any allergic reaction yet, so I don’t know.

Maybe it’s gone.

I hope so.

Sometimes pineapples and apples make my throat itchy.

Oh, really? Oh my God. Yeah, I think it’s allergic reaction.

Someone asked if you like being called “Ate.”

No, I don’t. [laughter] Actually no, I don’t mind because I am the oldest, so I’m used to being called Ate.

Someone called you Tita.

Yeah. That’s too much. No, don’t.

[laughter] Because of my outfit, I was wearing a coloured dress and they were like, Oh my God, Jada you look like a Tita. No.

Oh my God. Yeah, no, too much.

Ember Snow

I was like, touché for sure. I definitely did though.

At least they didn’t call you manang or something like that.

I don’t know what that is.

[laughter] I think it’s usually what we… Well, in the Philippines we usually call older ladies manang.

At least it is not like don’t look manang.

Yeah, no. See, it doesn’t even sound sexy, mom is sexier. Mommy is sexier.

Oh yeah, that is pretty sexy. Someone asked, “How do you like to prepare for scenes?” I’m not gonna ask the rest of the question because it’s not appropriate.

Oh, wow, you guys need to go to church. How do I prepare for scenes? It depends on what the scene is. I ask a lot of questions, like I need to know who I’m working with, what the plot is, who’s directing because you will have a better idea on how the scene is going to be, if it’s going to be a Gonzo scene or if it’s going to be a romantic or passionate kind of scene. So I ask a lot of questions. That’s how I mentally prepare. And if I do have an idea who I’m working with, I look them up just to have an idea of what their size is. Nowadays I got to the point where it’s just like, okay, so it looks like this but how does it really look in person? But still is…

Do you feel like a lot of people look different in real life?

Well, it also depends on the angle, because it may look bigger than it actually is in person or sometimes it’s the other way around where it’s like, “My God, you are a lot heavier,” Ladies are just like, “What?” [laughter] But it still gives an idea how they’re really like. But yeah, I just ask a lot of questions. It must be so annoying for some people, but I like to know everything, what the call time is, where is it going to be, especially since I travel to LA now, I need to know if it’s going to be in the valley or the city, like downtown, so I can figure out a hotel there or the other place.

Do you usually drive or fly?

I usually fly but I’m gonna start driving.

What music do you usually throw on your playlist when you’re going back and forth?

Rock. It keeps me awake. Yeah, it keeps me awake.

That’s a good genre to road trip too.

Yeah. Especially when it’s loud.

Yeah. I kinda turned to podcasts when I started road tripping a lot, but yeah, like late nights are definitely be thrown on some hardcore rock. On Instagram stories someone asked, “What keeps you going every day?”

Family. Family keeps you going every day. A lot of you may not know this, but I didn’t just get into this industry for a quick buck. I’m trying to invest in the future, not just for me but also for my family, because one, my parent is not going to be any younger and I have a sister who’s actually deaf and autistic, so I have to take care of her eventually once the other parent goes away. So it’s not just for me, it’s also for family.

Aw, that’s so beautiful. Yeah, you’re so hard working.

[laughter] Thank you. Thank you. I try to also have fun instead of just thinking of it as, “Oh God, it’s work.” Because when you get to that mindset, maybe you start hating what you’re already doing. If you find what’s fun about what you’re doing, then you’re never gonna have to go to work ever in your life.

Yeah, you’ll never work a day in your life as long as you love what you’re doing.


Are you a size queen?

No, I’m not. [laughter]

What size do you prefer?

5 to 7.


I’m good with just 5 to 7 [laughter]

Yeah. So my question was, “Are you able to have sex with an average person between 5 and 7 inches?” [laughter]

Yeah. I thought after being in the industry for long, I would get used to the bigger sizes, but no, it’s not. It’s like I still, I feel like I get devirginized every time I get fucked [laughter]

You get what? Devirginized, what?

Devirginized, deflowered all over again.

That’s so cute. [laughter] Did you get in touch with your sexuality… Were you a late bloomer or were you very, like, “I’m a very sexual person,” and you knew that like from the get.

I want you to guess.

I feel like, I don’t know, you’re pretty freaky so… [laughter]

Thank you.

Because sometimes people are super freaks when they find out that they’re sexual later. I feel like you started becoming a freak after high school.

You’re right [laughter] I was a late bloomer.

Ember Snow

Yeah, how did you figure it out?

Started watching porn [laughter], I had a friend who also, actually not a friend. She was more than a friend. She was a girl who I was dating at the time, she was like, “Have you ever touched yourself?” And I was like, “No, why would I do that?” And she was like, “‘Cause it feels good.” And I’m just like, “What? Isn’t it better when somebody else does it for you? Isn’t it different?” And she’s just like, “Just try it.” And then I got to this mindset of like, if I know my body really well, if I know what feels good for me personally and I know how to do it myself, then I won’t need somebody to do it for me. I mean it’s good, sure…

You might have found your independence.

Yeah. I was just like, it’s good to have somebody do it for you, but if you already know how to do it, then you’re not always going to be looking [laughter]

For sure. That’s good advice.

That goes for men and women, not just one or the other.

And then it makes it easier when you can coach your partner too. This is what I like, do that.

Yeah. And it’s okay if you actually talk during sex. In my personal life, I do admit that I tend to be a little quieter than usual, but it’s okay to tell them what’s going on, what feels good, what would make it even better instead of… ‘Cause I know a lot of women have a tendency of faking orgasms. No, if you want to be better, you need to tell your partner what the fuck is going on.

Yeah. Otherwise, they’re gonna keep doing that thing that they think you like but you don’t actually like.

Yeah, exactly.

eah, you’re definitely fucking yourself over and keeping yourself away from lots of good orgasms if you’re faking orgasms. [laughter] I was talking about this a little bit before, that because I was a late bloomer I thought that I was orgasming… [chuckle] So I didn’t know that I was faking lots of orgasms before I actually did…

Oh, my God. I didn’t know the difference. I didn’t know what an orgasm was.

Yeah, I was like, “Oh, this all feels fucking amazing, so…”

Yeah, just like, “How do you know?” [chuckle]

And then you are like, “Now I know.”

Yeah, now you know. Now you know what an orgasm really is like. Back then I was mistaking an orgasm for squirting, because guys ejaculate. So I thought that’s what it means to orgasm and I was just like, “Oh wait, no, it’s not like that, it’s just a feeling that you figure.” [laughter] God, I didn’t know. I didn’t know what anal was.

You didn’t know what anal was?

[laughter] There were a lot of things I didn’t know.

[laughter] That’s so funny. Okay, let’s see if we can find any more questions. Someone asked what your worst scene was, but that’s a negative question.

A what? A worst scene?

Yeah. I mean, unless if you wanna talk about it.

Nothing. [laughter]

But what was your best scene?

What I would describe as best scene? It goes back to favorites because it’s just… I don’t know, a lot of the scenes that I’ve done are unique in their own ways that I’m just like, “I don’t know what the best scene would be.” I don’t know, I can’t give you that answer either. [laughter]


When I orgasm.


The scene I was with Jada Kai.

Ember Snow

Oh, yeah.


Okay, for those of you that want to see Ember’s feet, later, later. Save yourself, we are not gonna see it right here. Oh, okay, “I think I saw you drinking Starbucks earlier. What were you sipping on?”

What? Me? No, I wasn’t in Starbucks. Oh, no, this was Panera.

Oh nice.

Someone did ask though, “What’s your favorite Starbucks drink? Can I buy you Starbucks?” Yeah, you can buy me Starbucks. You’ve already bought me some Starbucks. [laughter] My favorite, it depends if it’s hot or cold.


If it’s cold, like the weather is cold, then I would prefer hot mocha.


Yeah, ’cause, I don’t know, I can’t just drink coffee alone, I need to have a mix of it. So I prefer actually having chocolate mixed with the coffee. But if it’s cold, lately, I’ve been ordering Blonde Vanilla Latte. Blonde Vanilla Latte.

I thought you were always a tea girl for some reason.

I am, but if I go to Starbucks, then it’s like I need to… Or not I need to, but I’m more inclined to order something that has to do with coffee. Because if I do order tea, it would be either chai tea or just hot tea.

I love dirty chai iced.

Yes, that’s what I had. That’s what I had earlier. It’s iced chai tea latte.


It’s always a lot sweeter. It’s a lot sweeter than the Starbucks ones so… Anything that has to do with sweets.

Yeah, very true. I feel like… I forgot what I was gonna say because I’m reading and trying to look at questions at the same time. I think we got to all of the questions.

I know you missed some from the people who are actually commenting here, but I’m just like, I think they missed that they needed to click on the question mark down below.

Okay. Did you want to answer any of the ones that you might have seen?

I don’t know, let’s see. I would have to scroll all the way. Unless you guys are willing to ask me again or ask Jada again.

I think we got them all. On the stories, yeah, people are just asking your favourite food.

Favourite food I can answer to.


Favorite food I can answer to. My favorite food is pizza.

Wait, what do you put on top of your pizzas?

A lot of meat. [laughter] Sorry.

Don’t be sorry.

I know you’re not a meat person, so I’m just like, “Sorry.”

Everyone thinks that they are offending me but you can eat whatever you want. [chuckle]

That sounds like, “What do I eat when I’m in front of her?” Oh, there’s a question, “Any plans of feature dancing in New York or anywhere near?” New Jersey, I’m planning on… Not planning, but I’m pretty sure when I go to Exxxotica they might ask me to feature dance either on a Friday or Saturday. It’s usually on a Friday. Am I doing anything before that? I think Detroit, Detroit in November. Yeah, I just… If it’s anything before that, I don’t know.

Is it a spoiler if I ask what your set songs are?

No, because it changes all the time.

Oh, okay. I didn’t know if you had like a choreographed routine to like a specific song. So you like feel out the vibe and then you pick your songs.

Yeah, it kind of depends on the city. Like if you go to Texas and you go to New York, different vibe.

Oh, okay. Yeah. So you probably wouldn’t wanna play like hardcore rap in Texas.

I tried to incorporate it. I used to be just like a rock girl all the way round, but now I’m just like, I feel like I need to incorporate some pop and rap into this music sets that I have, but when it comes to rap it’s like it has to be something like Linkin Park. So it’s still rock with some rap.

Yeah, I guess they are like a rock-rap band.

Yeah, they are. I don’t know, I don’t listen to a lot of rap and hip hop.

Yeah. Well, that’s cool. I’m glad you’re… I mean, do what you do. It seems like a good strategy to kind of like feel everyone’s vibe before you go out there, probably it’s a lot better. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me today.

Thank you too. It’s good to see you.

Very good to see you. I just wanted to know if you wanted to promote anything. Obviously, you have your feature shows coming up, but you know, any of your social medias, your sites.

Yes. So please follow me here on Instagram. It is @Ember4Ever, and please spell it correctly. It’s E-V-E-R because there’s a fake one who spells it the wrong way.


Just look for the following you guys. And I even have like a little story, story thing that says no catfish or… It’s a catfish with a sign to it so that it proves that this is legit guys, this is me. And can I say Twitter?


Okay. So Twitter is @EmberSnowXXX. All of the other links, especially the ones that like rhyme with OnlyFans, it’s there. It really depends what you guys are into. If you are more of a cell phone guy, there’s a site for…

Yeah, you got your Sext Panther, right?

Exactly. Sex Panther. Or if you just want to, I don’t know, something like a pay per view kind of thing, then just go on ManyVids, but if you want like a Netflix November, go to OnlyFans. [laughter]

Perfect. Thank you.

Thank you too.

Everyone go on and follow Ember. She’s touring, she’s doing all of the things, she has all the sites. Go and check her out. Thank you for answering everyone’s questions today. Thank you for hanging out with me and celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month. We’re wrapping up this series beautifully. I had so much fun with you. Yay.

Yay. Thank you.

Thank you everyone.

Take care. Bye!

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