Editor’s Picks: August 5th, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Slut Training – Erin Everheart

Hey guys! I’m so happy you’ve come back for another edition of Editor’s Picks–it’s the place to go to find all the fodder you need for your spank bank! I’ve chosen a doozy for you this week featuring a big dicked stud (you’re welcome, ladies) and an insatiable cock slut (you’re welcome, guys). Named after its leading man’s main male performer, Richard Mann’s World is an amateur studio with a lot of talent, a lot of class, and a lot of ass! With a well endowed leading man who dominates pussy like a lion tamer, and one bottomless slut after another, this studio churns out some seriously hot content. With clips generally running thirty to forty minutes, it’s easy to watch the whole thing while you get one in for the day! I mean, this is self-care, folks. It’s totally necessary to rub one out at least once a day! So grab a seat, make time for some you-time, and get busy!

Richard Mann has a huge dick, so all the girls want to see if they can take him balls deep. It’s a challenge, you know? Knowing all the ladies want that massive meat, Mann put together the Slut Training series, gathering all those cute little sluts and fucking them silly! The newest addition to the Slut Training troupe is petite blonde beauty, Erin Everheart. This little minx has been slutting it up since college, got into porn because she’s just so damn horny, and has been waiting anxiously to work with Mann. She’s here today to get all three of her holes stretched! Erin starts with her mouth, trying to stuff as much of that cock down her throat as possible. Mann lays back and enjoys as Erin sucks his balls, licks his dick like a lollipop, and spends some time rimming him, running her tongue between his asshole and his balls. What a good little cock sucker!

Erin Everheart is crazy for Richard Mann's giant cock!

When it’s time to try the second hole, Erin climbs on top of Mann to ride him cowgirl style. She is in awe of his giant dick and can’t wait to slide down on that long pole. Erin’s eyes widen in surprise when she lowers herself halfway onto Mann’s dick, and when he thrusts up into her fully, she gasps at the shock of being filled to the brim. Mann takes control, fucking up into her pussy with long, strong thrusts. Erin moans with pleasure as her cunt is stretched wide and deep, her pussy cream coating Mann’s cock as he uses her hole. It takes a few minutes before his entire cock is buried to the hilt, but once he bottoms out, he’s able to fuck her deeply, his balls slapping her pussy each time he buries himself inside her. And while Erin is loving having her pussy pummeled, she’s here to have all three of her holes used, and she’s ready for hole number three!

Erin Everheart rides Richard Mann in cowgirl position.

Erin reaches down and pulls Mann’s cock from her pussy and directs it toward her asshole. With a big push and a grimace on her face, she pops the head into her tight ass. She begins to move, lifting up and pushing down again, her ass swallowing more and more of that dick until she’s got about half of it in her bowels. Mann tells her to take her time, pinches her nipples and encourages her to take the whole thing. It doesn’t take long before this little cock slut has every inch inside her ass. Still in cowgirl position, Erin holds her body above Mann and he fucks her from below, his cock sliding in and out of her asshole quickly, deeply, deliciously. The pair move into missionary position next, Mann’s big hand on Erin’s throat as he fucks her pussy and then her ass. Doggy position follows, Erin’s braids clenched in Mann’s hand like reins as he rides her ass from behind. He digs so deep into her ass from this position! Amazing! They spoon briefly, this position allowing for some incredible close-up anal shots! Mann asks Erin if she’s ready for his cum and she begs for it, telling him she wants to be covered like a filthy fucking slut. No problem! With both her holes gaping from use, Mann explodes his hot load onto Erin’s face, her mouth catching as much as she can and then slurping his cock to suck out every drop. This little slut is already trying to book another session with the legendary Mann!

Richard Mann fucks Erin Everheart in the ass!

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Love Shovel: Slutcore – Pussy Pounded In Pastel

I like my porn bright and colorful; maybe even with a little bit of bedazzle to it. Throw in a fresh face with a smooth pussy, big tits, add a thick, hard cock in the mix and we are talking abut this week’s pick; Slutcore – Pussy Pounded In Pastel which also features some fine booty clapping, twerking and everything else you’d expect from a XXX scene.

Luna shows off her bod

Luna Legend, dressed in sexy fishnets, and a pastel-shaded, grey-colored hair, enters the room and strips. She mentions that she’s only been doing porn for 6 months but she loves sucking big dick. Set to a nice trap beat, she opens her pussy, and massages it with a star shaped wand.

Enter tattooed studTyler Toa who enjoys kissing and tasting Luna’s pussy. Judging by the sounds she is making and the look on her face, she is pleased. Next she puts her mouth where her money is and shows off some superb blowjob skills. With Luna on the couch and Tyler standing he drives his cock into her. The chemistry between these two seems sincere.

Luna performs with bright, white sneakers on for the entire scene, and she does look extra cute in them, taking Tyler’s cock between the stretched open whole in her fishnets. They switch between doggy and standing missionary position. In the moment before climax, while taking it from behind, Luna puts on her colorful, large framed glasses, probably to see where he is cumming from.

Luna gets it from behnd

In the end Luna kneels before him like he was Zod and takes a massive load all over her open mouth and glasses. I hope she lives up to not only her performance in Slutcore – Pussy Pounded In Pastel but also to her last name. I hope to see more of this Legend as she does have a natural knack for the porn industry.

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