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Miles Long is an adult industry fixture with a career spanning decades and more awards and accolades than he can count. In a place and time where Asian men were not common in adult entertainment, Miles succeeded at having a successful feature dancing, performing, photography and directing career. His Filipino heritage is a great source of pride, as well as his ability to excel in a fiercely competitive industry that he fell into on a whim. In our series of celebrating AAPI performers, HotMovies’ own Judy Hologram sat down with Miles to discuss the evolutions of his career, exceeding others’ expectations of him, and working towards accomplishing everything on his life’s bucket list. Get to know the man behind the camera below, or watch the interview on our YouTube!

Miles Long

JH: How are you doing?

ML: We got it!

Thank you for doing this! I’m really excited about it.

No, it’s my pleasure, ’cause there aren’t that many of us in the business, so it’s kind of special when we can talk about it and celebrate it and let people know there’s more than meets the eye, I guess. You know what I mean?

Yeah, exactly. So can you introduce yourself for everyone?

Sure. Hi everyone, my name’s Miles Long. I started out in the adult business at around 1999, just like the Prince song, and I started out in front of the camera originally, but then as we were, my ex-wife and I got in business together, and we were a very large feature dancing act that toured North America. And we got into business because we were introduced to the adult film business by a very legendary entertainer named Dyanna Lauren, who was a Vivid contract girl and a director. And she saw our show and was like, “Wow, you got an amazing show, but I get paid more money than you, because of course, the amount that a feature dancer gets paid is based on the number of butts they can put in seats and the amount of liquor sales they can make.” So we’d made friends with her when we were both featuring up in Canada, and she said, “You know, if you ever have the interest, if you thought about maybe hopping in front of the camera, maybe doing a few movies, you know, that would really help you with exposure, it might be something you might be interested in.” And my ex-wife and I kinda look at each other and went, “Well, we’re pretty freaky-deeky. I mean, give it a try. See what it’s like, I don’t know.”

So, we drove all the way down to LA, and this was back in 1999 when they were first figuring out the genre of POV, which is a very standard genre now, but then it was brand-new. So we roll onto this Vivid set, and there’s 30 guys standing around and lighting trucks and sound, and they’re trying to figure out how to mount cameras on these different arms in front of me and around me and above my head, and figure out how to make it look like it’s an immersive POV experience. So it was a very long day. And I guess, the word around the water cooler is I did pretty well, because the guys were like, “Hey, you know, you outta stick around here, you’re pretty good at this. We’re gonna give you some more work.” So, we started out originally doing that, and then I decided to pick up the movies, and then when we go and tour. We would throw out the movies on stage and do contests for the stuff, and I started to notice as I was going to the different companies that the guys who were driving the Ferraris and the Lamborghinis were not the guys that were doing this. And so my light clicked on, and I’m like, “Really, we’re those guys.” And it turned out that those guys were the guys who own the product and were distributing the product, right? So I said, “Well, as fun as this is, I would like to move behind the camera, because I would like to have some nice stuff too, right?”

So I started off initially as, back then, we still made movies that people had sex in, because there were broadcast deals like Playboy, and so on and so forth, so you needed very expensive cameras. Cameras over a quarter million bucks, cameras that are half a million dollars to shoot, and you had a couple of camera guys and you had a director cart, and you had monitors, and you had a sound guy—you had a big movie-making experience. And none of those companies own that stuff, they rented it from somebody else. So I bought two of those complete packages and I rented it to all the big companies, and that built a job in for me because somebody had to be the Assistant Director, or the Technical Director, ’cause somebody had to hook all that stuff up and know how to make all that stuff work, how to troubleshoot it. And I got to sit behind the director cart a lot. And that’s where I noticed that some of the folks… Maybe, let’s just say that they were not the target market for this content, but they were shooting it, right? And so I was the consumer of this stuff, I was the target market before I got into porn and started performing. So I noticed sometimes, that was a shot, but it wasn’t the shot I wanted to look at.

So one time, and this is a very good friend of mine, who’s been my friend and mentor many years. He’s lives up here now, he’s not in the adult business, he’s actually in the CBD business, but very legendary director named Michael Ninn, who people mostly referred to as “the Steven Spielberg of Porn.” And he had always encouraged me, not just when I was a performer, but when I chose to move behind the camera. And so, one year we were flying an entire crew to Hungary to shoot a movie, and I had to get the very expensive Carnet, which basically is a piece of paper that says, “I’m taking these cameras and we’re going to your country and we’re gonna shoot over there, but what we’re getting done and boxing them back up and I’m taking ’em back to my country.” And so it’s like a big expensive cartage document, and with 11 pelican cases that I was shipping over there. And we got there and his intent was to hire a local camera guy to be the second camera guy, and I bet that guy was great if you were a talking head doing a news story. But he was totally out of his elements, shooting some beautiful naked women having sex. So Mike looked at me and said, “You’re fired, get up and show him what you got, Miles.” And I did, and he was like, “I got my new camera guy.” So that’s what started my progression of moving up the food-chain behind the camera, and originally it was a camera guy, but then he encouraged me to move into directing. He got me my first directing deal, actually with Scott, at New Sensations, and directing features, and then I moved more into the gonzo market.

I tell folks, the adult business is very much like most businesses, and I equate it to surfing, and they kinda look at me quizzically, but bear with me I’ll explain it. When you go out to surf, you see thirty people sitting on boards talking, and you see two people to look back and go, “That’s my wave.” And they start paddling. And in business and in life, you wanna be those two guys who are surfing, not 30 guys talking, watching them surf. So I recognized the trends from featuring big movies to more gonzo-oriented stuff, and I moved in that direction before the bottom fell out. And then when I was doing that, had a really good time, the mid-2000s, I started to see the trend became more internet-based companies, and I got hired away from that gonzo market to originally Brazzers, but then successive, other great internet companies. And then, that’s what sort of made that name for myself as me being behind the camera and being successful doing that as well. And during that time, that’s when people encouraged me to pick up a still camera because in the gonzo market, the director was required to deliver a box cover, so I had two very close friends of mine, Chris Streams being one, very well-known photographer, director on Evil Angel, and Laurent Skye, who was Michael Ninn’s photographer, but also a very well-known director/photographer over at Blacked and Tushy now. And they both encouraged me to pick up a still camera and showed me a few things, and then I developed my own style, and lo and behold, that’s something that’s really transcended the adult business in the adult market space. Because these days, I shoot billboard campaigns for casinos and nightclubs and gun companies and car manufacturers, and I just shot a cover and centerfold for Playboy, which is a big deal for me, and they’ve bought another half a dozen layouts for me and I’m shooting a cover for FHM this weekend. So it’s really helped me diversify into not just being pigeonholed in being a performer, or just a camera guy, or just a still guy.

Miles Long & Emily Willis

Great, and it’s also AAPI heritage month. Can you tell me a little bit about your heritage, as well?

Sure, sure, it’d be my pleasure. So a lot of folks maybe didn’t realize this just by looking at me from face value, but my dad’s Filipino, I’m Filipino. I’ve been Filipino all my life, and I’ve been very fortunate, because my dad came from a very, very humble background. In fact, in one of the years I went back to the Philippines when I was a teenager, he showed me the place where he grew up. And literally, it was a slum with no doors and no running water and garbage everywhere. And he was able to pick himself up by his bootstraps, come to America, make a better life for himself and his family, and he’s done exceptionally well. He’s a real-estate mogul now, and he’s always instilled in me a drive to be successful, to have work ethic, to shoot for big dreams, not little dreams. So he’s always encouraged me to do well in this business. And then of course, sink my money in real estate, which is what I’ve done. So it’s worked out really well ’cause I’ve got something to look forward to, and also to look back on and go, “Well, I’ve done a few things.” ‘Cause the reality is, there’s not that many of us Filipino-Americans in the business, and it’s nice to be one of the fellows that actually came from where they were, and it’s a good role model for people.

Did you have any Filipino or Asian role models in mainstream media growing up that you looked up to?

I think one of the biggest ones that people will always look very reverently at is Bruce Lee, because he was the first person to really break that mold and not label himself the way other people wanted to be labeling him. People all my life have told me that I couldn’t do things, and I’m sure that’s the same with you as well. And one of the things I’ve always told people through my life, and maybe it’s because I came from very humble beginnings, and I had to drive to be successful because of it. Maybe it has a lot to do with the fact that I spent a lot of years in the Army, and they just ingrain in you that nothing is impossible. The limits that you have are the only ones that you set for yourself. And I always tell people when somebody tells you you can’t do something, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it, it just means they can’t do it. That’s it. So you should never limit yourself to what other people are never gonna accomplish, because there’s nothing that you can’t do unless you put your mind to that and then you’re right, you’re not gonna do it ’cause you told yourself you couldn’t do it. And he was one of the original people that broke that mold. They didn’t wanna give him a role in Hollywood. He said, “Fine, I’ll go back to Hong Kong, I’ll make my name there.” And lo and behold, there’s nothing wrong with an Asian-American lead character now, and it’s because of him.

Did you have any role models in adult when you were entering the industry who were also Asian or Asian-American?

That’s interesting. I don’t know that I had a lot of male role models that were Asian per se, but I had a couple of key friends and mentors coming up that really encouraged me and told me to not pay attention to other people that said, “You can’t do this,” or, “You can’t do that,” or, “You’re not gonna make it as a performer. You can’t take stills, or you can’t direct. You can’t perform and direct at the same time.” There’s all of these things that people will try and label you simply because they can’t do it, or they couldn’t imagine themselves doing it. And for sure, those folks are still my very close friends today, for example, Michael Ninn, you know? We still talk every couple of weeks to see how things are going. He’s always encouraged me to branch out into mainstream and do other things as well. Laurent Skye has been another one. Chris Streams has been another one. They’ve always said, “Hey, buck the trend, do what you want, don’t do what other people will tell you can be done.” ‘Cause half the time those people, as soon as they see you to make money doing it, they’ll do it too. But before that, they’re like, “Oh, that’ll never work. That’s dumb. You should never do that. Don’t waste your time.” You know?

In that same vein of accomplishing things that you were told you can’t do… What do you think in your career, is it that you’re the most proud of accomplishing?

I think it’s always being relentless and never settling for, “Okay, I’m comfortable, I’ll just keep doing this.” If there was something that I wanted to do, even if I didn’t know how to do it yet, I go find out how to do it and go do it. And it’s just been something that’s been a goal of mine, I guess, not just since I was a little kid, but probably the army has helped a lot with that as well, because I always felt it was my obligation to fill my brain up with all these experiences that I wanted to do… So if I wanted to go scuba diving, I took the class, I got certified. And now I own my gear, I go scuba diving. I wanted to work on cars, I didn’t know how to work on cars originally, I learned how and then I learned how to work on motorcycles, and now I’m doing a mainstream TV show on the Roku network for the Lingerie Fighting Championship. It’s me working on cars with my famous gal-friends and joking around about it. And that’s really led to a lot of interesting opportunities with car audio and car stereo and car equipment manufacturers that have sponsored the show, which is pretty cool.

Miles Long & Phoenix Marie

Who do you think are the greatest Asian American porn stars of all time? Besides you…

Well, I think without exception, Asia Carrera is amazing because she was one of the first and she was ground-breaking. I think Kaylani Lei is to, because she was a Vivid contract girl for many years. There’s been a lot of legendary girls that have come along the way… Actually, I shot with Asia Carrera for Playboy TV in my early career, which was pretty cool. So that was pretty special, ’cause that’s somebody you look up to when you see on TV and you never think, “Oh, one of these days I’m gonna be performing with them.” Right? You wouldn’t have though that, you know? It’s nice to see folks that are newer that have come through, like Jada Kai as well. So it’s nice to that sort of sprinkle of Asian-ness, if you will, that has come through and kind of blossomed. And it’s become more than just a niche market, which is pretty cool.

Do you have any thoughts on Asian representation in adult? And do you think that there’s any room for growth or things that can change?

Well, I certainly think there’s room for growth in every area, and really you’re only limited by your own vision, because I’m sure there are some very pretty girls that I have seen in Australia now that are Asian that are talking about coming over here, and I think they would be a great addition to the performers that are out there as well. But, I also think part of the problem is there is no school that will teach you or no business degree that’ll teach you how to be successful as a porn star. And there’s no real person who has a vested interest in that, besides you, as you know, the performer or director or both, or content creator on one of the fan’s channels and stuff. And so part of the problem we have is there’s no, sort of, conduit or path to really kinda help mentor you along the way. Like, “Do this, but you probably should stay away from this. And you wanna try to encourage yourself, but you also wanna kinda grow in mainstream, and look for co-branding experiences at nightclubs or with men’s health stuff,” or all of these other things that are components that go into how to make yourself successful at branding, not just being a performer. And sadly, a lot of times, you don’t find that help when it comes to your friends, or friendly competitors, or even your agents, because a lot of them don’t have a vested interest in your success other than the commission that they’re making.

You know what I mean? And so, I think that’s sort of the toughest, sort of, experience or growth that you go through when you get into this business, is to figure out how to do that on your own, ’cause really nobody’s gonna tell you. But on the other hand, if you can do that, it’s one of the reasons why some people blossom beyond their wildest dreams, because they didn’t spend their money on 200 Louis Vuitton purses. They bought real estate, they invested wisely. They built a brand around themselves, and all of a sudden somebody who’s making not just a dildo of their parts or whatever, but they’re also making shirts and making other kind of branding stuff, and it can be very, very lucrative if you keep navigating it well…

What do you think makes for a great porn star?

Well, for sure, the number-one thing is attitude, because there are lots of pretty girls everywhere, whether they’re working in Vegas at gentlemen’s clubs, or are servers or at a day club or an FHM model or in Playboy, right? But you can be a very pretty girl and have a terrible attitude. And if you don’t love what you do, you should go do something else. Because this business is just like any other business, it’s not for everybody. It’s a tough business. It’s a tough mental business, it’s a tough business on yourself, your emotions, your relationships, your family members, and you have to be a very disciplined person, not just professionally, but mentally, in order to survive it and flourish. So I think all those things are really important, but it really boils down to attitude, because if you have the attitude that’s positive and you have a drive to be successful, you will find a way to do it here, just like any other thing you’re doing in your life.

Miles Long and porn stars

Do you have any cultural traditions that you hold close to yourself and that are important to you?

I think when it comes to cultural traditions for a while, every Christmas, I would go back to the Philippines and spend it with my extended family, and it was really kind of a special thing because first of all, they don’t really get to see me, and second of all I don’t really get to see them. And it gave me a chance to give back to my family, my extended family that come from very humble beginnings. You know what I mean? And it really helps you give a perspective on your life, and what you outta do to give back to not just your family, but your community and your culture and the world as a whole, and I think traveling in general is an important component of that. And I didn’t really realize that until I was in the army and I went to a lot of places. But that’s the point where you realize how fortunate you are to be in a country where literally you could be anything you want, and you could make a lot of money doing it, right? Because there are just some of those opportunities that are not present. If you lived in a third-world country, you just could not make a living being famous on the social media platform. You would be too worried about where your next meal is coming from, or how you’re gonna get water for the day, and so… Truly, most Americans, I think, don’t really realize how lucky they are until they’ve spent some time overseas and realize what it’s like to not be that lucky.

Do you have any bucket-list travel destinations that you wanna go to?

Oh, for sure. And these days, my life is filled with bucket-list experiences. For example, I’ve always wanted to go to EDC in Las Vegas, and I had postponed it for a long time, and this last weekend was EDC, I finally went… You know what I mean? This last year, I wanted to go to Sturgis. It was a dream of mine to a trailer my bike to Sturgis and drive around on Main Street and drive around places. I did that last year. So any time I have a bucket-list thing, I make a plan to fill it. I’d still love to go some places in Asia. I’d still love to tour some places in Eastern Europe that I haven’t been… Places like, I don’t know, Romania and Bulgaria, and stuff I haven’t been to yet. Even though I’ve been to Hungary and Czech Republic and Slovakia, and a lot of those places, and they’re absolutely beautiful. I always love to visit places I haven’t been.

You have a number of movies on HotMovies that you have directed, what do you think are your must-see movies?

Well, for sure, I think Full Service POV 14 has Luna Star on the cover. That’s full of a lot of incredible scenes. And she and I actually, a couple of years ago, we did a POV vacation series for BangBros. That was literally a legendary vacation that we did, where we went on a cruise ship and we were having sex on the side of the cruise ship, on the railing on our private balcony. And we were rented these zipline things and we’re zipping naked through Mexico and stuff. It was just a crazy epic experience, riding ATVs naked and stuff. So, that’s something you definitely wanna check out too. That was an incredible one, so I think for sure, you wanna do those, for sure.

Alright, do you have anything else about your heritage or your career that we haven’t covered that you think that our readers should definitely know about?

I don’t think so. I think we’ve covered most of the sort of interesting highlights of my career. I think it’s pretty special just because I would have never thought when I got in the business in 1999, this was just, sort of a means to an end for us to do something else. And after a couple of blinks, it turned out 22 years later, I’m still performing, I’m still directing. At this point, I’ve won every award there is to win, I’m in four different halls of fame. I don’t think there’s anything left for me to accomplish, other than to just be my happy self and try and give back where I can, and I’m happy to do that, ’cause it seems like a lot of the kids these days could benefit from some good life experience and some good mentoring, especially in this business, ’cause the good advice, sometimes it’s hard to find, you know?

Do you have any final words for your fans at HotMovies?

Sure. You know what, never stop striving to do all of the things you always wanted to do. If there was something out there that you thought to yourself, “Man, before I’m on my death bed, I always wanted to do this.” Don’t make plans for it for two years from now or ten years, figure out a way to do it this year. And make that list and keep adding to that list, because that’s what keeps you young and keeps you interested, and it keeps you setting goals for yourself. And I’ve done it all my life, and I think it turned out pretty great, so I can highly recommend it to everybody else.

Miles Long, Tanya Tate & Briana Banks

Well said. That’s all I have for you. Great interview.

Perfect, thank you so, so much and I really appreciate you taking the time to talk with me.

You’re welcome, thank you so much, you have a great rest of your day.

Alright, bye.

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