Editor's Picks: August 26th, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Dirty Talking Ebony Slut Takes Hot Facial

Welcome back, gang! Here we are again with your trusty Editor’s Picks to add fodder to your spank bank. You’re welcome, in advance! My pick for this week is from a studio I’ve shared with you fine folks before, Peter King Productions. An amateur studio shooting in hotels with women who aren’t well-known in the industry yet, this studio is one to pay attention to. I find that it’s the amateur stuff that really catches my attention. Big budget is nice, don’t get me wrong, but amateur feels more authentic—more attainable, perhaps. Either way, I love porn! I’m not in love with the title of my pick this week; Dirty Talking Ebony Slut Takes Hot Facial is certainly descriptive, but leaves a bit to be desired. But we don’t rub one out to the title, do we? So let’s find out why yours truly is so keen on this quickie flick, shall we?

Maya Farrell does sexy strip tease.

First of all, Maya Farrell is seriously beautiful. This lovely Latina opens the scene with a sexy striptease she performs on the bed. The music fades out just as Franco Styles steps into frame, kneeling on the bed and leaning in to kiss Maya’s pretty behind. Two seconds later he’s got his face buried between her cheeks, tonguing her pussy. This guy doesn’t waste any time! There some licking and rubbing to get that pussy nice and wet and then Maya is on the job! She kisses Franco’s swollen member through his boxers from base to tip, and then runs her tongue from tip to base, continuing up his abdomen to his chest. She ends her tongue trail with a kiss on the chest from her juicy lips before pulling down his boxers and working those DSLs on his cock. Maya is no stranger to dick, and proves that she’s a solid cock-sucker! She cups and massages his balls while she fucks her own face on his cock, pulling out just long enough to tell him it feels good in her mouth. With spit dripping from her chin, Maya sucks his balls and jerks his cock while Franco leans forward to finger her pussy.

Maya Farrell gets eaten out by Franco Styles.

When he finally dips inside her eager pussy, we’re treated to an up-close shot as he slides in doggy style. Maya urges him on, crooning with pleasure, telling him how good his cock feels deep inside her pussy and how wet he’s making her. I don’t know about you guys, but two people fucking silently does nothing for me. This clip is a virtual feast for the eyes and ears! Maya’s wet, slurping blowjob. Maya being plowed from behind by Franco, accompanied by the wet slapping sound their bodies make each time he thrust into her cunt. The intensely erotic “dirty” talk that Maya delivers in throaty, pleasure-laden sighs. It’s all just so delicious! They switch positions to cowgirl, and we watch in a beautiful close-up as her sopping wet pussy swallows every inch of Franco’s cock. She settles on his lap, his cock nestled deep inside her body, enjoying the fullness before she starts to bounce up and down. We’re treated to views of lovely Maya in cowgirl facing both ways; there’s awesome shots of Franco getting handfuls of her ass, and then she faces away from him so we get to watch her pretty tits bounce as she enjoys that dick. Franco eats her out again next, putting in some quality time with that pussy! Finally, it’s missionary for the win! It doesn’t take Franco long before he’s ready to pop. He tells Maya he’s about to cum and she practically begs him to shoot his load all over her face. Now this is a girl you want to keep around! She opens her mouth, closes her eyes, and leans up to catch every drop of hot jizz. Her face is splattered with Franco’s seed and Maya smiles in satisfaction and seductively murmurs, “Oh yeah, so much cum. You make me feel like a dirty whore with all that cum.” Holy shit, if you didn’t cum yet, that tasty little morsel with surely finish you off! Maya sucks Franco’s still-twitching cock once more and thanks him for his cum. When’s the last time a girl thanked you for your cum?! Take my advice and check this one out, guys, you won’t be disappointed!

Franco Styles pounds Maya Farrell in missionary position.

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Love Shovel: Do You Like Me?

One of the studios making some great adult films is Model Media. With them you get artistic production value, plot lines, and fantastic sex scenes. Having a story build up before the sex happens adds so such to the scene, making it more than just your everyday gonzo sex scene. They are turning out content that stands out against the rest, with Do You Like Me? being a great example of such.

Working in a small, community theater does not bring in a lot of money for Victoria Voxxx who collects a whole $7 in tips along with her $15-an-hour pay. Her trusty co-worker and friend Donny Sins seems to think the unlimited free popcorn is enough to satisfy their empty jobs.

Victoria gets dressed to fuck

Closing up one lonely night, Victoria leads Donny backstage where she raids the wardrobe stash and dons a sexy silk dress. She tells him to wait in one of the theater seats as she gets in full makeup. She graces the stage and sings a song that is so sultry Donny drops his popcorn. The friendship between these two is now well-established as one that is true and meaningful, and Donny is practically in a trance watching and listening to Victoria’s performance.

After her performance, they both sit on the floor, talking about their future in a low-paying industry. Victoria decides they need to lie down and meditate and take deep breaths. It’s this moment where Donny asks the title question, “Do You Like Me?” She does like him and they start making out, undressing, caressing and tasting each other, once again proving their on-set chemistry is one of a heated desire.

The sweet moments turn to hot sex as Victoria takes his cock in her mouth, pushing him to the edge of ecstasy. It doesn’t take her long to hop on top and ride his thick cock. She rides him in both cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl, stopping in between to suck his cock.

Victoria stands and gives Donny a chance to taste her delicious pussy juice, grinding into his face she is ready to get fucked from behind. Before they fuck standing missionary, Victoria takes another healthy swallow of Donny’s cock where he drives her good, blasting a nice, warm load all over her sweet pussy. I feel like they both got off and this has been some of the hottest sex I’ve seen in an adult movie in a long time.

“You got it all over the piano!” Victoria laughs. “This job sucks, but neither of us are trying to stand in the unemployment line,” Donny rationalizes. They both agree it is best to get the hell out of there, running out of the theater hand-in-hand, naked, and laughing as we fade to black.

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