Editor's Picks: September 2nd, 2022

Scarlet M. Divine: Tatted Tail

Hey guys! We’re coming up on a holiday weekend (Labor Day) which means you’ll likely have a little extra time to spend watching porn and treating your body like a plaything. Good for you! In our ever-so-eager mission to help you fill that spank bank with new filthy footage each week, here’s another edition of your trusty Editor’s Picks. We want nothing more than for you to enjoy yourself! Whether you’re with a partner or stroking solo, it’s all about treating yourself. And what better way to treat yourself than to get a little nasty with some of our favorite porn picks?! Enjoy the read before you jump into those dirty deeds, my friend!

My pick this week is a tasty morsel from Burning Angel Entertainment. A delectable romp featuring some of the industries most beautifully decorated artists, Tatted Tails is a visually stunning film for a couple reasons. Sure, the sex is good (it’s great!), and we’ll talk all about it, but the tattoo-covered bodies performing said sexual delights are so incredibly inked, their bodies are pieces of art. Bring together two sexy-ass pieces of art to perform extraordinarily erotic deeds upon one another and you’ve just created a masterpiece. Let’s take a look at Burning Angel’s most recent artistic endeavor.

Boxcover for Tatted Tails.

With no plot to get in the way, the film begins with sexy, dark-haired Gia Dimarco showing off her tatted body before Small Hands enters the room. With few decorations and only a sawhorse as furniture, the room’s stark appearance is in direct contrast to its inhabitants. Gia is gorgeous in her black leotard, which Hands immediately pulls down to reveal her tits. Her nipples are covered in two black taped X’s, and she wince as Hands pulls them off roughly and covers her mouth with them. That skillful, dirty talking mouth doesn’t stay covered long though! Hands rips off his shirt to reveal his beautifully tattoo covered upper body as he’s face fucking Gia. He eats her pussy and fucks her in missionary position on the sawhorse. Gia is bent over the sawhorse and fucked doggy style next, her full sleeve on display as she takes every inch of Hands’ cock. Gia’s nasty mouth enthralls as she urges Hands to fuck her harder, “Fuck me! I’ll be your dirty fucking whore!” I love a dirty-talking slut! There’s a lot more of all that, fucking and sucking galore, before Hands shoots a hot load directly onto Gia’s pretty back tat.

Gia Dimarco gets face fucked by Small Hands.

Bald head, stretched ears, pierced tits, and a tattoo-covered torso make Dylan Phoenix a wonderfully interesting woman to look at. Add a pretty face, great tits, and an appetite for sex and she’s the whole package! Paired with one of my favorite leading men, Tommy Pistol, this scene is one of my favs. Looking so silly in a crop top and white shorts (are these Dylan’s clothes, I wonder?!), holding some freshly made cotton candy, Tommy asks Dylan if she’d like some of his sweet treat. She declines, but says she’d love some cum on her tattoos! We would love to see that! Before long, Tommy dives into something else sweet, eating Dylan’s pussy with fervor. When she returns the favor, she swallows his cock on her first taste, deep throating him and making Tommy groan with pleasure. Just before Tommy slides into her from behind, he flips Dylan around and rims her asshole while he fingers her pussy. As he’s plowing her doggy style, her back is arched beautifully, and her tattoos are on full display. We get an awesome view of her chest tat when Dylan rides Tommy in cowgirl position, grinding her pussy down on his dick. I love love love this scene! Their chemistry is incredible and they’re so dirty – spitting in each other’s mouths, talking non-stop throughout the scene, and constantly switching it up to keep things exciting. They even have some fun with the flavored syrup for the cotton candy, with Dylan telling Tommy to drizzle it all over her. When he finally nuts, it’s on Dylan’s lovely tattoo covered chest. Dylan finishes up by sucking the last drop from Tommy’s still twitching cock. I guess she wanted his candy, after all!

Dylan Phoenix fucked doggy style by Tommy Pistol.

It’s a dark Christmas come early for Joanna Angel. Clad in bright-red bra and panties, her notoriously filthy mouth stuffed with a ball gag, this film’s director begins the next scene by posing provocatively and showing off her fully body of art. When Rob Piper enters the room in a dark suit and Santa hat, he gets down to business, whipping Joanna on her trim behind. But it’s Christmas, don’t forget, so Rob gives Joanna the gift of his tongue on her pussy, followed by his massive meat. He plows into her from behind as she groans through her gag, his cock only able to get about halfway in at this point. After removing the gag, getting a blowjob, and then dropping his Christmas plaything down onto his cock, Rob finally bottomed out in that pussy. Wet from tip to base, his cock slides balls deep into Joanna over and over, eliciting moans of pleasure from the tattooed tart. But we all know Joanna loves anal, and of course Rob is going to give her just what she desires! Stretching her tiny asshole around his massive cock was no easy feat, but Joanna is up for the challenge! Rob fucks her ass in several positions, giving us great up-close shots of her gaping ass. As his balls begin to tighten and he’s getting close to the end, Joanna encourages Rob, “I want you to cum on my tattoo. Give it to me, Santa!” But she’s such a little cum slut that Joanna sucks the cum right out of Rob’s cock and then spits it all over her tattoos! What a nasty little nympho!

Joanna Angel gagged and whipped by Rob Piper.

Lena Moon’s plump lips, pretty tits, and trim tattooed body start the final scene off right! Set in a dungeon-esque room, Lena arranges herself on the cross as Pierce Paris enters the scene. Pierce immediately spits on and fingers Lena’s ass, getting it ready for his cock. Lena drops to her knees to suck that cock, making it nice and wet with her hot mouth. Face fucking ensues before the pair get into 69 position and suck each other simultaneously. Pierce rims Lena’s ass next, licking her tight ass pussy eagerly before sliding into her bareback from behind. Pierce pops the head of his cock into that tight ass and pushes just a little. Spitting on Lena’s ass he leans his body in, slowing pushing deeper into her ass. When he’s finally balls deep, Lena urges him on, “Just fuck me!” she cries. Pierce begins to fuck her ass in long, deep strokes. He steps up on the ottoman she’s kneeling on, straddling her hips and getting a better angle so he can bury his cock even deeper in her ass. This position is incredible because it gives us an amazing view of Lena’s lovely asshole taking that dick balls deep, Pierce’s balls slapping Lena’s taint on each down stroke, Lena’s rigid cock bouncing with each thrust, and of course, Lena’s lovely thigh tats are on full display in this position! They switch up positions a few times throughout the scene, ending with Lena in the piledriver position as Pierce uses her hole. Lena begs for his cum, and when Pierce finally gives it to her, it’s all over those beautifully displayed thigh tattoos. Lena scoops the cum off her body work and into her mouth. Now that’s how you end a scene and a movie!

Lena Moon fucked by Pierce Paris.

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Love Shovel: Holiday Heat

As we enter September it is evident that fall days are just around the corner. The leaves will be turning color. The air will become less hot and humid as the fall breeze rolls in over the sounds of playoff baseball and American football. But for those of us still holding on, we can enjoy the heat of these lingering summer days and night, and Holiday Heat is the perfect movie to help with that lingering feeling while bringing some extra heat in its sexy scenes.


We start on a rainy day, and the perfect setup to get down and go down with Tindra Frost and Loveday who enjoy tasting each other. Tendra seems to enjoy Loveday using a toy to fuck her with. the windows aren’t the only thing getting pounding wet in this opening scene.


A pitched tent for camping is the perfect location for a sunny day, outside fuck. Nina Server is not big on the outdoor life and camping but they are put at ease when James Aphelia is patient and loving and the sex flows freely like wine on a picnic blanket, which is where they fuck.


“Where’s Your Head At?” is the title of this next scene, also set at a campground. Marcus Quillan is strumming away on his acoustic guitar when Lola Marie sets into her tent with oversized luggage. She may not be ready for the outdoor life but she is ready to take on Marcus and his cock. I’m assuming since they didn’t have time to apply proper sunblock they chose to fuck inside the tent, or maybe they’re not quite as voyeuristic as we’d like them to be?

Belle O’Hara is “Tied To Her Phone” even when she’s away on holiday. While soaking up some rays on a blanket she gets off on some hot pics her man Luke Hardy is sending her. Unbeknownst to her, he is lurking around the corner and enters just in time to bury his face inside her already wet pussy. The chemistry between these two really is hot and it shows in this scene.

Our last scene shows James and Loveday, whose character names are Lucille and Brett, back from their trips, feeling the changes that their time away let them explore and be free, and are now back to normal, boring life. After a shower, they are seen on the balcony where some hot blowjob action takes place. they decide the bed is the best place for passion and love. With a hot load to her stomach and some loving kisses to follow it proves that normal life can often be a good thing.

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